Beauty Parlour In Noida For Your Personal Grooming

By RimTim Staff Writer
July 16, 2017
Beauty Parlour

A well-groomed appearance says a lot about how the holder perceives themselves. It showcases confidence and a love for one’s own self.

There is unanimous agreement on the fact that people who are nicely dressed and look neat are more often identified as successful. This is directly connected to several psychological factors related to human judgment patterns. A person who looks after themselves and consistently put forth the best version of themselves will obviously have a similar work ethic.

Personal grooming, be it at a beauty salon or at home is a major form of self-care and relaxation. A survey conducted in 2013 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor stated that 83.9% of women and 80.9% of men engage in some form of grooming each day.

The market catering to self-care and grooming handles a host of products and facilities that aim to deliver the “Feel good” spirit to the customers. A report published by Assocham in July 2016 mentioned that the beauty, grooming and cosmetic industry in India is estimated to be valued at $ 25 billion by 2015.

Beauty salons in Noida

Noida in the NCR, Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in India. A growth motivated by development and productivity, Noida has a large population comprising of working age individuals. The city can also be referred to as a goldmine for those seeking success and financial stability and is a major corporate center.

The work progression in Noida has also resulted in a number of large and small scale beauty salons opening up in different parts. Be stress relief or for attending some social event, the beauty Parlours in Noida are booming with business every day.

Facilities offered by beauty parlours at Noida

The hundreds of beauty salons in Noida offer a multitude of facilities to their customers. In addition to the all the generic offers, the service menus are updated every six months or so to keep up with new developments in the world of beauty.

  • Hair care

    For the majority of customers, beauty parlours primarily serve the purpose of hair care.

    Beauty salons in Noida offer the latest and the trendiest of hair cutting and coloring styles. Hot oil therapy for the hair is also very popular and most customers usually prefer it after getting their hair cut.

  • Grooming

    Manicures and pedicures are the next big hits at the beauty parlours in Noida. Several salons have entire sections and a set of employees dedicated exclusively to these services.
    Well groomed nails hold a special place in our hearts. They bespeak our attention to detail as well as the desire to find happiness in small things.

    For those who have had previous experienced, pedicures are a ticket to a paradise of soft and relaxed feet and the well-trained staff at the beauty salons will make sure you happily reach your destination!

  • Body care

    Body and hair massages are absolute favorites at most beauty salons. In addition to loosening the stiff muscles and joints, massages also help to improve the circulation of blood.

    Full body massages are especially useful for people who spend a lot of hours sitting at work. The lower half of the body regains strength and stability and all kinds of muscular pain are alleviated.

Does beauty parlours at Noida meet the requirements?

The need of the hour is to acquire a ton of different services under one roof and the beauty salons in Noida have managed to keep up with this requirement. There are several wellness centers in and around Noida that offer many services like beauty, spa, nails, massages, exercise and slimming therapy.

For people who are extremely busy at work, it can be difficult at times to travel around the city making appointments at multiple beauty salons. The integrated wellness and beauty centers cater to all your needs in one single location, making sure you have a hassle-free experience. Hair and body spas are highly sought after at the wellness centers. These integrated salons are usually large projects and employ well-trained employees from every niche.

Ayurveda based treatments are also been gaining immense popularity amongst the customers. These ancient herbal techniques are proven procedures for getting rid of stress and pain and rearing good health in general.

Beauty Parlour in Noida

Customer graphic of beauty parlours at Noida

  • Corporate

    Needless to mention, the gray flannels comprise the largest percentage of customers of the beauty salons in Noida.

    Whether it is relaxing after a long week or looking neat and classy for an upcoming business ordeal, the beauty industry is a major requisite for corporate workers irrespective of gender.

  • College crowd

    Noida is known for its multitude of universities and colleges and the students swarm into the beauty salons during the weekends for full-blast grooming sessions.

    Working hard every day in academic and related projects, college students use the weekends to relax, have a little fun and take care of themselves. Personal grooming is a great way to recharge and get ready for the coming week.

  • Middle aged women

    The middle aged women are the consistent customers to beauty parlours at Noida. Wives of the elite businessmen or the corporate sectors, middle aged women ensure to keep themselves have regular visits to the beauty salon at Noida. Be it on weekdays or weekends, these women visit the parlours for various treatments ranging from hair cut, pedicure, manicure, facial, spa etc.

Rimtimmers recommend the following beauty parlours at Noida:

  1. Waves Unisex Designer Salon

    Address: G-60, Opposite Mcdonald’s, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-4354554
  2. Pooja Beauty Parlour

    Address: #C4, Sector 51, Near KendriyaVihar Gate No.2, Noida – 201307
    Phone No: +91-9910691460
  3. Lmntrix Salon & Makeup Studio

    Address: Shop No-24, Sector-50, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9899172942
  4. Mint The Beauty Cafe

    Address: F-20, First Floor, Sector 18, Next ToKalyanJewellers, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Phone No: +91-9818255999
  5. Vanity Studio

    Address: GF-5, Pal-G Place, Jagat Farm, Street No. 9, Block E, Chandila, Gamma 1, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308
    Phone No: +91-9582838936
  6. Kyros

    Address: P-17, Main Market, Sector 18, Near Jip Mall, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Phone No: +91-9971943710
  7. Kaplis Salon

    Address: Lower Ground Floor, Hypercity, Garden Galleria Mall, Plot No.A2, Sector 38A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-2428205
  8. Kashish Beauty Parlour

    Address: Shop no. 9, D Block Market, Sector 20, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 Phone No: +91-9810913094
  9. Glam Studios

    Address: Pinnacle Tower, 802, Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Phone No: +91-8010000444
  10. Beauty & Glow Mantra

    Address: Sarfabad, Sector 73, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307
    Phone No: +91-7838943312