Hair Loss – Social And Mental Issues Faced By Both Men And Women

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 23, 2016
Hair loss in women

Given a choice, no one would want to lose their hair. Hair loss can be emotionally devastating for both men and women – especially for women. Historically, in India, people have had a negative attitude towards baldness. Living with baldness is very difficult, especially in a culture where good and healthy hair is seen as a sign of youth and virility.

Hair loss is indeed a serious medical problem and it is so easy to ignore the distress caused to those who suffer from it. Our goal is to offer a better understanding of hair loss and offer suggestions on the best hair loss treatments.

So, what are your biggest fears about losing your hair? What are the social and psychological issues faced by men and women suffering from hair loss? Concerns over losing your youth – Indeed, the biggest fear that most men and women have about hair loss is that it makes them look a lot older than they are. Hair loss, for many, signals the end of their youthfulness, desirability and vitality. It is linked very closely to aging. And nobody likes to be considered older than they are.

Concerns over appearance

Losing hair can really hurt a person’s appearance. It changes your looks because losing your hairline would shift the balance of the face to the forehead, which would make you appear so much older. There are many studies that show that people who suffer from hair loss are more concerned about their looks than those who don’t. It makes one look older.

Impact on women

Younger people are especially distressed at losing hair. As are women. A study published in the 1992 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that compared the psychological impact of baldness on men and women found that women who suffered from baldness had a more negative body image than men who suffered the same fate and were less able to adapt to the condition.

Women are more insecure about their looks than women and worry about being accepted by society following the loss of hair. They worry about never finding a romantic interest again and about the impact of a losing hairline on a long-term relationship. Hair loss can stigmatize women and make them feel especially vulnerable.

Low self-esteem

Like it or not, the Indian society places a premium on youthful appearance and attractiveness. For most people, men as well as women, their self-esteem is dictated by their looks, or physical beauty. Their self-worth drops by quite a lot the moment they start losing hair.

Loss of attractiveness

Bald men and women have a real fear that they may not appear attractive to the opposite sex. This makes them less willing to make a move for an attractive woman (or man) in a bar, and makes them want to get out of the dating game, because of a feeling of inadequacy. This makes them feel less confident, shy and embarrassed about themselves and completely incapable of dealing with the opposite sex, for fear of being judged.

Hair loss

Dealing with teasing and humiliation

The Indian society can be a brutal one and most bald people, especially those who are still in their 20s and 30s, get teased relentlessly about their condition. This can be deeply humiliating for most people and lead to depression and isolation from the society.

Dealing with depression

Bald men and women suffer from higher levels of anxiety and depression. They are socially isolated and are hesitant about making friends. They are always worried about being judged and fear being subjected to insults and humiliation. They also feel jealous and envious of those with healthy heads of hair, which makes them feel so much worse about themselves. Their social life suffers as a consequence.

Best hair loss treatments in India

  • Medicines such as Minoxidil are among the most popular hair loss treatments in India. Minoxidil should be massaged deep into the scalp, twice a day. It is believed to lead to new hair growth.
  • Propecia is another popular drug for hair loss. It prevents the formation of DHT, which shortens the growth phase and increases the rest phase of hormone sensitive follicles.
  • Hair transplants are very popular treatments as well. They involve transplanting hair follicles from the back and side of the head to the top of the head. It offers a more natural look.