Know About The Benefits Of Applying Egg For Hair!

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 1, 2017
Benefits of applying Egg on Hair

There are certain foods that have undeniable benefits. Obviously, these are healthy foods that make you stronger and healthier. In this category are eggs which not only taste good but have numerous benefits. Eggs not only aid in weight management and eye care, but they can also strengthen, protects and improves the health of your hair.

Natural benefits of using eggs for hair

Most people have heard a friend say that applying eggs on your hair makes it soft and silky and the best natural way to cure hair problems. Well, there’s actually more to it than that. Eggs contain valuable keratin proteins that your hair needs for growth. They also contain fatty acids which take care of the scalp, preventing dandruff and dry, flaky skin, which is most commonly experienced in humid regions.

  • Vitamins : Eggs are storehouses of vitamins including A, B, B7, D, and E, to name a few. These vitamins protect and nourish your hair. The presence of vitamins in the egg yolk in particular prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.
  • Minerals : You can also find a large number of precious minerals like zinc, sulphur, iodine and magnesium in eggs. All of these elements can help to prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair, making it strong and beautiful.
  • Natural treatment : Eggs are readily available in most household refrigerators. Eggs can provide a natural treatment option for a variety of hair problems including hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp, rough or dull hair, and more, in an efficient and cost-effective way. Using egg for hair is a powerful tool in the hands of those who want fabulous hair.
  • Proteins : Egg yolks and egg whites are both equally beneficial for your hair. Egg whites contain a lot of proteins that enhance hair growth and reduces hair loss. They also contain essential vitamins for smooth and tangle-free hair.
  • Procedures for applying eggs for hair growth

  • Procedures for applying eggs for hair growthMeasures : Applying eggs to your hair is pretty easy. Just break 2-3 eggs (or more, depending on your hair length), beat them in a bowl and apply the beaten eggs directly on to your hair. Leave the DIY hair mask on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water as it will mix with the eggs and form a sticky residue. Washing your hair with a shampoo after rinsing out the eggs will not only get rid of the stinky smell of eggs, but it will also make your hair glossy.
  • Remedies : Eggs can be used directly on your hair or you can mix them with some ingredients to tackle a particular hair problem. You can mix eggs with countless other edible ingredients that will help your hair in many ways.
  • Benefits Of Applying Egg For Hair Mixing :You can mix eggs with olive oil, almond oil, neem oil, mayonnaise, lemon juice, aloe vera, honey or a variety of other natural ingredients to address your particular needs. Eggs provide so many benefits for your hair. They can even help in getting rid of lice, dandruff, frizzy and dry hair while promoting a shiny, strong mane.
  • Once a week : To pursue the hair of your dreams, you should use an egg mask at least once a week for healthy and shiny hair. Studies have shown that using eggs on your hair consistently for four weeks straight have led to soft, shiny and dandruff-free locks. Even using an egg treatment once can make hair noticeably soft and smooth.

Eggs can be used as hair masks for all types of hair. An egg mask of only egg whites works best for people with oily hair. The whites remove the excess oil from your hair and scalp easily. They also provide your hair with a boost of keratin, which is essential for hair growth. An egg yolk hair mask is loaded with proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids that will nourish your hair and help in solving most of your hair concerns.

 Benefits of Egg for Hair

Why eggs are your hair’s best friend?

  • Egg yolks: Can help to prevent hair loss simply because they nourish your hair deeply with the presence of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids.
  • Enriches: Egg yolk helps in making your lifeless and dull hair shiny and bouncy.
  • Egg whites: Contain great portions of proteins that protect your hair from damage.
  • Raw egg: Can be used to address most hair problems.
  • Other ingredients: If you mix eggs with other ingredients, like olive oil, almond oil, neem oil, mayonnaise, lemon juice, aloe vera, or honey, the mask will be further enhanced to make your hair even more beautiful and healthy.
  • As medicine: Even lice can be cured by eggs. Mix the eggs with lemon juice and witness the magic!

Now that you know the many benefits of eggs for your hair, the new mantra should be, “An egg a week keeps hair problems away!” Eggs are much better than costly artificial hair treatments that can sometimes even cause permanent damage to your hair. DIY egg-based hair masks will help you attain beautiful and healthy hair in a natural, affordable way. So, ditch the unnatural products and go natural by using eggs for the hair you dream of!

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