Top 10 Benefits Of Orange Peel For Skin Care

By RimTim Staff Writer
April 25, 2017
Orange Skin benefits

Of all the fruits out there, the orange is one that has many uses when it comes to beauty and skin care. Since times immemorial, orange peels have been dried into powder form and used for various purposes such as skin whitening and removing acne.

Benefits of orange peel for skin care

With the summer upon us, it’s time to pay serious attention to your skincare. With the help of a few natural or herbal skin care tips, you can make your skin glow and feel younger. Some of the benefits of using orange peel as a natural skin care remedy are:

  1. Skin whitening

    Orange peels have special properties that actually lighten your skin. The acidic nature of the fruit peel allows the unwanted blemishes and darks spots on your face to fade away, even as you get lighter toned, supple skin.

    Use a mix of dried up orange peels with an equal amount of yogurt as a paste. Apply it to your face and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash it off when it dries completely to notice the amazing results.
  2. Bring out that glow

    Bring out your inner glow without much trouble at all. Orange peels can be mixed into regular, daily or special face packs to set your skin aglow. The powder you make from orange peels acts as natural bleach that not only brightens your face but also allows a subtle glow to set in.
  3. Cleanse those pores

    Cleaning your facial pores on a daily basis can become a chore. An easy way to take care of those pores is to use an “orange scrub”. It can be easily made at home and the results are astonishing.

    Use equal quantities of sugar and dried up orange peel powder and mix them well into a paste-like form. Scrub your face with this concoction two or three days a week to exfoliate your skin and properly cleanse your face.
  4. Lip care

    Orange peels are completely organic and therefore safe to use on your lips, one of the most sensitive parts of your face.

    An effective, yet easy way to look out for your lip care is using a homemade orange lip balm. Blend in equal amounts of sugar and orange peel powder with about 4-5 tablespoons of almond oil and you have your lip balm ready! Use this daily to get soft, supple and crack-free lips within a matter of days.
  5. Get rid of acne

    As you have seen, orange peels are great for cleansing pores. What’s more is that they can also be used to get rid of acne and sudden outbreaks. It is a natural astringent that helps to clean away the dirt and oil from your skin, unclogging all the pores.

    Make an exfoliating mask with a blend of rose water and orange peel. It works like magic and your acne will disappear in no time at all.
  6. Effectively remove scars

    Orange has natural bleaching powers. Application of dried up orange peel powder as a natural skin care treatment will allow you to lighten marks from previous or past scars and eventually make them almost invisible.

    Orange peel also has antibacterial properties which are especially useful for skincare and removal of scars or marks. Use it with a blend of honey to help your skin feel fresher.
  7. Anti-ageing benefits

    Orange is a fruit packed with anti-oxidants and thus has anti-aging properties. You could use it along with honey or a mix of orange powder and pomegranate peel powder to achieve amazing results.

    These concoctions not only lighten and brighten your skin, but they also help you to look younger and refreshed.
  8. Natural toner

    Dried orange peels act as a natural toner or astringent for your face and skin. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and thus helps to reduce sebum production.

    Apply orange peel powder mixed with a small amount of water to your face and let it stay for about 20-30 minutes. Wash the mask off and watch your skin tighten around the right places, making you look younger with every application.
  9. Anti-inflammatory properties

    Oranges are a storehouse of antioxidants. The application of orange peels soothes burns and irritation from scratches or an infection. The anti-bacterial properties of oranges especially help when it comes to irritation from infections.
  10. Stay fresh

    Daily activities and schedules can leave a person fatigued and absolutely drained.

    You could easily avoid the fatigued feeling by using some of the orange peel powder as an agent to freshen up. Just pour some powder into your bath water and feel its soothing effects on your body. The anti-oxidants in the orange peels leave you feeling fresh and lithe. Also, your body gets to have that fabulous glow that makes you feel even better than before.

The use of orange peels in dried up or natural form is manifold. You could also use orange peels for making hair masks or ingest it as juice or in another liquid form in order to cleanse your body inside and out.

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