Lalan’s Coaching Classes- Most Trusted NEET & IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Guwahati

By RimTim Staff Writer
September 6, 2018
Lalan's coaching classes in Guwahati for IIT-JEE NEET

A push in the right direction at the right time can change a person’s life. Lalan’s Coaching Classes, one of the most popular centres for coaching classes in Guwahati, thrives to do just that, producing more than a hundred successful entrance examination qualifiers every year. Popularly known by the teachers and students as LCC in Guwahati, it has managed to establish itself as a respected institute in a very short span of time.

NEET & IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Guwahati – Lalan’s Coaching Classes

Competitive examination coaching in Guwahati has grown in demand immensely over the years. LCC is a brand that guardians have come to trust, based on the excellent results produced year in and out. Most people know LCC in Zoo Road, Guwahati as a centre for the best IIT coaching in Guwahati. The institute has a dedicated and knowledgeable team of teachers that guide and motivate the students in their endeavour to qualify the toughest examinations held in the country – NEET and IIT JEE. With multiple students securing all-India ranks below 700 in JEE, Lalan’s Coaching Centre is one of the best places to be at if you have IIT as your goal.

IIT JEE Coaching Institutes In Guwahati

Lalan’s Coaching Classes in R.G. Baruah Road is also popular for NEET coaching in Guwahati. Testimonials by students qualifying in both national and state level medical entrance exams stand as strengths of the institution. Medical and engineering being two extremely prestigious career choices, LCC takes utmost care to bring out the best candidates for the respective paths.

Interview highlights with Lalan Coaching Institute In Guwahati

An interview with founder Mr. Lalan Kumar takes us through the vision of the institute and its offerings to its students.

Lalan sir Interview Ques: Lalan’s coaching is a popular name in Guwahati for medical and engineering coaching. What sets you apart from others? What is the secret of your success?

Ans: The primary forte of the coaching imparted at LCC is the personal attention given to each and every student. We proudly claim to offer the best IIT-JEE coaching in Guwahati because the faculty is consistently gauging the needs of each and every student and caters diligently to the same.

Attendance in classes in strictly monitored and home work copies are checked every day. The progress of each student is followed by the HODs and are regularly reported to parents.

In most centres of IIT JEE and NEET coaching in Guwahati, the faculties keep on changing, and, in turn, a lot of time is wasted in adjustment of the students with the teacher. At LCC, we have a stable set of faculties to assess, understand and coach students based on their strengths and weaknesses. Little to no time is used up in adjustment of pace between the two parties, leaving ample space for productive learning.

Students that are weak in a particular subject are given extra help when and if required. Also, LCC offers regular doubt clearing classes across the span of the course.

Ques: How did you come up with the idea of starting your institute?

Ans: My motivation to start LCC took root back in my student life. I was an IITian, but I had to face a lot of difficulties while I was preparing for the entrance exam. Back in those days, I could not find adequate help as an average student that was struggling in multiple subjects. There was no institute to guide students like me with extra attention and care. Looking back at my own life as an example, I knew that an average student can crack tough entrance examinations when properly guided. This thought pushed me to start LCC. If I would have joined a company after my graduation, this dream would never have come true. The struggle of the past several years has led LCC to become a good name as a center for IIT JEE coaching in Guwahati.

Ques:What/who was your biggest inspiration while starting out on this endeavor?

Ans: My biggest inspiration for starting LCC is R.K. Verma, the director of “Resonance”, one of the top coaching institutes in India. He is my guru, and much that I am today is due to his guidance.

The teachers and professors that I have met in my life as a student also have a lot of stake in the success of LCC today as one of the best coaching institutes for medical and engineering entrance exams.

I have also been extremely lucky to have a very supportive family that has stood with me at every step of the journey. My brother has motivated me immensely to push myself relentlessly towards the realization of my dreams.

IIT coaching classes In Guwahati Ques:Year upon year of success can be traced to an excellent team supporting the organization. Could you tell us something about your faculty and staff?

Ans: The faculty team at LCC is extremely hard-working and motivated. The teachers are approachable and friendly, making it easy for even the shyest of students to be asking questions comfortably. Moreover, they are easily available for doubt clearance after the scheduled classes.

There are not many reputed medical coaching institutes in Guwahati, and Lalan’s Coaching Center takes pride in offering quality education for the same. However, it is the toil and the dedication of the students and teachers alike that has lifted it to its current position.

Ques: What are some of the values that you follow at Lalan’s coaching center that you think has helped you throughout your journey?

Ans: At LCC, we understand that motivation is the primary factor that drives a person towards a goal. We make sure that a positive atmosphere presides over the learning sessions, helping students make the best out their capacities.

Honesty, dedication and discipline are revered principles at LCC. Both students and teachers thrive by these values at all times. We encourage students to have faith in themselves and their capacity, and teachers to have faith upon their students.

Ques: Could you throw some light on any innovative future projects/courses that you are planning to introduce at your coaching center?

Ans: We have already started and are planning to expand the integrated course for class XII boards as well as entrance exams. Also, for students not residing in the city, we are planning to start online classes so that they too can gain the same examination coaching as offered in the classroom programs of centers for IIT JEE coaching in Guwahati.

LCC also has a special project wherein we conduct educational seminars in different cities in Assam. Till now, we have been in places like Mangaldoi, Tezpur, Nagaon, etc.

Ques: Were there any setbacks/failures that you faced during the journey of the institute that you overcame, and took inspiration from to keep working harder? What gave you motivation to go on?

Ans: Just like any other institute of repute, LCC also faced a lot of obstacles in its foundation years. But getting up and moving on despite setbacks is what builds up our identity and path to success. I am a follower of Swami Vivekananda and his teachings and encourage my students to follow the same.

Ques: According to you what is the best time to start coaching to crack IIT/JEE, NEET or any such competitive exam?

Ans: A solid foundation for success in IIT JEE needs to be built from as early as VII standard. Much of the complicated concepts in science are taught during the early years, and proper guidance during this time helps students in their studies during standards XI and XII.

Following the same, Lalan’s Coaching Center offers pre-foundation courses for students in classes VIII, IX and X, in which they are gently guided towards a scientific path of thinking. The class plan also includes the syllabus taught at school as well coaching for science and math Olympiads, NTSC, etc.

LCC offers to students all the coaching material that is required for preparation for the entrance examinations as well as solved sets of questions for practice.

Ques: Do you have a culture of taking feedback from students regarding your professors or the classes you are conducting?

Ans: Yes, we take regular feedback from the students regarding their learning experience at LCC. Corrections are made immediately if any student or teacher is found to be missing a target.

Ques: What kind of preparation does a student need before attending an entrance examination coaching class at a professional institute?

Ans: Self-study is extremely important for aspiring medical and engineering examination candidates. After classes at the institute, students must revise whatever had been taught by the teacher and solve problems printed in the textbooks.

Students must be confident in the examination hall and recollect coolly everything that they have learnt in the classrooms. A calm temperament can add more to the answer sheet than one can fathom.

Faculty and staff at Lalan coaching classes in Guwahati

  • Lalan Kumar

    HOD Chemistry Engg.) From IIT Guwahati 12 Years Of Expereince
  • Aman Kumar

    HOD Mathematics EX.Faculty of Brilliant Tutorials 14 Years Of Experience
  • Prabhat Kumar

    HOD Physics B.Tech from BIT Mesra. Ex.Faculty of Bansal Classes(kota) 11 Years of experience.
  • M. Deka

    HOD Zoology Ph.D (G.U) 7 Years of experience.
  • J. Talukdar

    HOD Botany M.Sc, M.Phill(G.U) Presently persuing Ph.D (G.U) 7 Years of experience.
  • Ravi Sir

    Physics PDGM, IIM Bangalore B.Tech, NIT Patna 10 Years of experience.
  • Abhinav Sir

    Mathematics Ex- Centre Head, Resonance (Kolkata) Mentor of Rohan Das (AIR-51, JEE-ADV ,2013) 10 Years of experience.
  • S. Usharani Devi

    Botany Ex- Faculty , Akash 9 Years of experience.

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