IIT, GRE, GMAT, IAS, Law – Coaching Centre Industry In India

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 26, 2016
Coaching centre

There has been an extraordinary growth in the number of IIT, GRE, GMAT, IAS and LAW coaching centres in India. There is seemingly an insatiable demand for private coaching to get into some the top colleges in India and abroad among students in the country.

Coaching centre industry in India

Just the IIT-JEE coaching centre industry in India was estimated to be worth Rs. 10,000 crore in 2001. An ASSOCHAM survey in 2013 estimated just IIT-JEE coaching centre industry to be worth $23.7 billion in 2013 and projected it to grow up to $40 billion in 2015. CRISIL projected the coaching centre industry to be worth Rs. 75,629 crore in 2015.

A report by the Asian Development Bank titled, ‘Shadow Education: Private Supplementary Tutoring and Its Implications for Policy Makers in Asia,’ estimated the coaching centre industry in India to grow at over 15 percent each year. The Asian Development Bank also said in a 2012 report that an incredible 83 percent of high school students in India attended coaching classes.

The potential of India’s coaching centre industry has been recognized far and wide, with the South Korean coaching giant Etoos setting up coaching centres in Kota worth Rs. 30 crore, with a focus on e-learning and video lecturing.

Some people estimate the JEE-related coaching centre industry in India to be worth Rs. 150,000 crore, which means they are worth more than the IITs and NITs themselves. The JEE administration has been trying hard to diminish the role of private coaching in securing admission to the IIT, and one of the changes they made was to include class 12 marks to decide the IIT-JEE rank.

This doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference, as today coaching centres offer combined JEE and class 12 coaching. In fact, if anything, the recent move by JEE has made even more students join JEE coaching, according to a report by the Rajat Moona Committee.

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Are coaching centres an integral part?

All JEE coaching classes in India, whether they are for IITs, IIMs, Law, IAS, GRE or GMAT are thriving in India and the teachers in these institutions are earning incredible salaries largely because of the supply/demand mismatch in India.

Only 5 to 10 percent of the students who attend these coaching centres are likely to successful at gaining admission into an institution of their choice. Rest have to settle for other options that are just not good enough. Even so the rise of coaching centres in India appears to be unstoppable. It has become a vital part in a student’s life.

Sudhanshu Sinhal, Managing Director of Sinhal Classes says, “A change of perception towards coaching has fueled the growth.” Mr. Sinhal explains that in the past, one the weaker students were expected to attend coaching classes. There was a certain stigma attached to them. But now, they are an essential part of every student’s life.

Another thing that has changed is that coaching centres have transformed into a parallel academic system. All classes are held under one roof. As Aakash Chaudhry, Director, Aakash Educational Services Pvt. Ltd (AESPL) explains, “Earlier students would go to different private tutors after school. But getting trained in all subjects under one roof is the new mantra that parents recognised in the 90s.”

New trends in coaching centres

New ideas have been introduced in the coaching industry as such tablet labs or one-on-one interaction with faculty members, which would encourage students to open up freely about their problems, without fear of being judged by their classmates. Many institutions conduct stress management and motivation lectures in between Math, Physics and Chemistry classes.

The new trend in the coaching industry is the get the students at a younger age, when they are still in Class VIII. The idea is to give them a competitive edge over their peers by giving them an early start. Students in coaching centres learn complex topics such as calculus in Class IX and X itself, which they would have otherwise learned in Class XI and Class XII. This gives them a real advantage over the competition.

Younger students learn to compete not just for the IITs and Medical exams, but also for the Math and Physics Olympiads. Indian students have performed extremely well in the recently conducted Math and Physics Olympiads for this reason.

Coaching centres, whether the government and higher institutions like it or not, are here to stay in India. They are fast, flexible and nimble, and adapt very quickly to change, which makes them unbeatable.