Find The Best ICSE Schools In Chennai For Your Child !

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 5, 2017
ICSE schools for your child

Education is a basic right of every human being, and schools offer the principal platform for stepping into the world of knowledge. With a population of more than 1.23 billion, India has managed to competently offer opportunities for education to the majority of the children in the country.

The number of schools in India increases every year as the government and private groups zealously establish new ones in underdeveloped areas.

A survey report published by the British Council on the “Indian School Education System” stated that there were about 1306992 schools in India as per the 8th All India School Education Survey.

Another report released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, stated that the literacy rate in India has increased substantially from 61% in 2001 to 69.3% in 2011. The overall adult literacy rate was found to be 70.5% for the year 2014.

When it comes to getting a child enrolled in school, the biggest dilemma faced by parents is which examination board to choose. The higher education authorities across the globe recognize a number of education boards currently in operation in India.

The ICSE examination is considered to be one of the toughest secondary school examinations in the country. It is favored by many parents due to multiple advantages it offers over the others.

Why ICSE schools best?

The ICSE, or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, an examination is conducted in hundreds of schools across India as a qualifying degree for secondary school. It is maintained by the Council for Indian School Certification Examination (CISCE) and is an internationally recognized exam.

The curriculum for the ICSE is designed by certified experts and is also modified from time to time to suit contemporary educational requirements. One of the most popular hubs of ICSE schools in India is the southern city of Chennai.

ICSE schools in Chennai

A home to hundreds of institutes for both general as well as higher education, Chennai is known all over the world as a major destination for quality education. Although the city is most popular with the plethora of prestigious colleges and universities available there, the number and rankings of the schools is also extremely encouraging.

ICSE is a popularly followed examination board in the city and some of the best ICSE schools in Chennai have earned national acclaim for having achieved excellence in terms of student performance.

It entails a course structure that is considerably different from the other national and state boards. Although the standards and degree of knowledge imparted are comparable, the design of the syllabus brings about a wholly different system to teaching.

ICSE schools in Chennai

Advantages of ICSE schools in Chennai

  • Flexibility

    A student enrolled in the ICSE board exam can choose from a wide variety of subject combinations, as compared to the narrow range offered by many other school boards. This is immensely helpful for those children who harbor interest in a number of unconventional fields.

    Most of the ICSE schools in Chennai propose a large pool of subjects for the children to choose from. Some of them, like history, civics, etc. are cast as compulsory while a number of others are offered as electives.

    The layout of the curriculum is such that it makes sure each and every student is eligible for his or her choice of higher study.

  • Detail

    The ICSE examination is reputed for being extremely tough, and this can be attributed to the acute attention to detail throughout the preparation of the study material. The books are written by a number of experts in each subject with the aim of imparting in-depth information about each topic. The material is cross-examined by several committees before finally being released for publication and they are used in most of the ICSE schools in Chennai.

  • In addition to the quality of education, the best ICSE schools in Chennai are also known for their care and emphasis in extracurricular activities.

  • Sports

    Most of the schools have large playgrounds where they have volleyball and badminton courts, as well as facilities for football and cricket. Some schools have turfs for Equestrian sports, track and field, and swimming as well.

    The ICSE schools in Chennai also have adequate arrangements for indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom, and more. As per ministerial guidelines, qualified coaches are appointed to properly train the students in each sport.

  • Arts and crafts

    Drawing, painting and paper crafts are popular hobbies among many young students. They offer a creative medium for the kids through which they can express themselves. The students who show a keen interest in arts and crafts are properly guided by the teachers and encouraged to take part in national and international competitions.

  • Music and dance

    Many of the schools organize music and dance classes headed by professionals, either during or after school hours. A variety of genres belonging to Indian classical, contemporary and western styles are taught.

    All students are invited to learn and enjoy the arts since it is understood that such activities can act as stress relievers for young minds.

  • RimTimmers recommend the following ICSE schools in Chennai

    1. Primrose School

      Address: 1/367, ECR Main Road, Injambakkam, Chennai – 600115
      Phone No: +91-44-24530248
    2. Grove School

      Address: Eldams Road, Vannia Teynampet, Lubdhi Colony, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018
      Phone No: +91-44-24355592
    3. Sishya School

      Address: New No. 2, 2nd Street, Padmanabha Nagar, Chennai – 600020
      Phone No: +91-44-24912652
    4. Vaels International School

      Address: Pon Vidyashram Gardens Valmiki Street Injambakkam Chennai – 600115
      Phone No: +91-44-65652992
    5. Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam School

      Address: #20, Srinivasa Avenue Road, Ramakrishna Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai – 600028
      Phone No: +91-44-24615264
    6. Saint Patricks School

      Address: #11, 1st Crescent Park Road, Gandhi Nagar, Chennai – 600020
      Phone No: +91-44-64503646
    7. Krishnamurti Foundations (KFI) School

      Address: Damodar Gardens, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai – 600020
      Phone No: +91-44-24915845
    8. Holy Sai International Schoo

      Address: Jayalakshmi Nagar, Adhanoor, Chennai – 603202
      Phone No: +91-44-67455055
    9. St. Michael’s Academy

      Address: No. 2, III Canal Cross Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020
      Phone No: +91-44-24915331
    10. Good Earth School

      Address: No. 83, Naduveerapattu – Manimangalam Road, Naduveerapattu Village, Somangalam Post, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Chennai – 600069
      Phone No: +91-44-27178310
    11. St. Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

      Address: Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020
      Phone No: +91-44-24420209
    12. Manthan Vidyashram

      Address: 2/155, Natco Colony North Street, Kottivakkam, Chennai – 600041
      Phone No: +91-44-24485979
    13. Narayana Vidhyashram

      Address: 5th Street, AGS Colony, naryanapuram, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600100
      Phone No: +91-44-65666625
    14. Learning Tree

      Address: #7, 2nd Street, Venkateswara Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020
      Phone No: +91-44-24461470
    15. Ravindra Bharathi Global School

      Address: D.No: 41B, Keelkattalai, Medavakkam Main Road, Opposite to Mahatha Petroleum, Chennai – 600117
      Phone No: +91-44-64604370
    16. Christwood School

      Address: No. 23 Vengadamangalam Main Road, Ponmar, Chennai – 600048
      Phone No: +91-9952001234