Boarding Schools in Kolkata: Elite Option for Your Kids!

By RimTim Staff Writer
April 5, 2018
Boarding school in India

Childhood education encompasses one of the best phases in life, if done right. Those fun-filled breaks, notes-laden classes, that last-minute cramming an anxious wait for the big grade! Most memorable are the days of boarding where friends shared every secret and aspiration. Boarding schools are often some of the most memorable schools to attend. Once a boarder, always a boarder! Your educational experience changes your life forever, and if done boarding style it is a whole new ballgame. Some of our country’s most prominent and successful leaders have come from the finest of boarding schools across the world. A boarding school fosters many qualities in a child that serve them well in the course of life. The child experiences working on a team from the very beginning of their boarding school education. Boarding school students also often have more opportunities to learn how to adjust and adapt according to the situation at hand.

Boarding schools in Kolkata

Parents want what is best for their kids. In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to provide the utmost opportunities to their children in order for them to grow to their full potential. Boarding schools are a preferable option when both parents are working to ensure that their children get the attention and resources needed to be successful. After Dehradun, boarding schools in Kolkata are becoming quite popular. With the expansion of the modern economy, most parents are working, making it difficult to give their full attention to their child. Boarding schools in Kolkata have come to their rescue. These boarding schools are equipped with the latest technology and experienced professionals. The staff of boarding schools in Kolkata knows what is best for their students.

Why prefer boarding schools in Kolkata?

  • Professional staff

    The experienced staff understand children. They make sure they gain an understanding of any problem the child might be going through and do their best to sort it out amicably. The teachers interact with the students, assessing each child’s potential in various subjects and encouraging them to flourish in the area they are best at. Boarding schools in Kolkata not only focus on education but also on extracurricular and vocational activities as well. In present times it is not enough if your child is gifted academically. It is eminent for a child to be well-versed in extracurricular as well as vocational abilities in order to one day get a job or admission to pursue higher education.

  • Boarding school in Kolkata
  • Extracurricular activities

    Children are encouraged to pursue any extracurricular activity that they are interested in or are good at. Students who have an inclination towards sports are coached by professionals in order for them to gain training toward a potential career in sports. Vocational training is also imbibed with the general curriculum so that children can get a sense of how practical life is different from theory in order to prepare them for the future ahead.

  • Counseling sessions, educational trips and many more

    Students can pursue their passions without hindering their daily education in these boarding schools. After the child is done with high school, he can engage in counseling sessions to explore what to pursue next in terms of their education or career. The schools also manage the student’s trips to education fairs where they can learn about different career options and explore for themselves what they may want to be or go into. The schools make sure that from time to time they host guest lectures given by people from different fields or walks of life who can share their professional and personal journey with the students. This helps students to understand how professionals in the real world work.

Kolkata boarding schools: from the pre-independence era

Traditionally, boarding schools have been popular in the hill towns of north India. But with the expansion of the population and the economy, these schools are coming up in several major cities across the country. Kolkata has once again grown as the regional hub of east India. A number of prestigious boarding schools in Kolkata were already there from the pre-independence era, but with recent developments several new boarding schools have also come up in the region.

Kolkata is one of the historical towns of India. When the British first settled in India they set up Kolkata as their first capital. This city was already a hub of education and modern thought. It further grew with the opening of a large number of schools and colleges providing modern education. Due to its profound educational system, the city played an important role in India’s freedom struggle as well. Several intellectuals and modern leaders who contributed immensely to the country’s freedom and growth came from the schools and colleges of Kolkata. Continuing with tradition, the boarding schools in Kolkata continue to be the finest of the temples of education in the country. If you are looking to provide the best opportunity for your child, the boarding schools in Kolkata are one of the best options for you.

RimTimmers recommend the following boarding schools in Kolkata

  1. Astha Educational Academy

    Address: 6A, Circus Avenue, Main Road, Kolkata – 700017
    Phone: +91-33-22871387
    More Details: Astha Educational Academy
  2. Mother & Child

    Address: #564, J R Ghosh Garden, Kolkata – 700153
    Phone: +91-33-32968099
  3. Mridha Kinder Garden

    Address: Santosh Pally, Kolkata – 700159
    Phone: +91-9339282442
  4. North Point Day School in Motijhil

    Address: #25, Hanuman Mandir Campus, Dum Dum Road, Motijhil, Kolkata – 700074
    Phone: +91-33-25483045
  5. Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy

    Address: #134, PK Guha Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700028
  6. Ramakrishna Mission Boys Home High School

    Address: R N Avenue, Kolkata, West Bengal 700112
    Phone: +91-33-25682850
    More Details: Ramakrishna Mission Boys Home High School
  7. Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boy

    Address: Nsc Bose Road, Narendrapur, Kolkata – 700103
    Phone: +91-33-24772201
  8. St. Pauls Boarding And Day School

    Address: #68, Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore, Kolkata – 700023
    Phone: +91-33-24497185
  9. The Vedanta Academy

    Address: #60, Block C, Jessore Road, Bangur Avenue, Kolkata – 700055
    Phone: +91-33-65011033
  10. Vivekananda Missionary Institution

    Address: 8/B, Dum Dum Road, Kolkata – 700030
    Phone: +91-33-32453056

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