Top International Schools In Hyderabad For The Future Generations

By RimTim Staff Writer

January 24, 2017
International school

Of thousands of years of civilization, knowledge, and learning remains the greatest treasures of humankind. A school is the first step towards formal education and one of the most important institutions in any community. Lawfully, every human being has a right to enroll in a school irrespective of gender, age and caste. Thus, one of the first lessons a child learns in a school is that of equality and respect for all living beings.

Statistics on International Schools in India

Since independence, the government has implemented hundreds of policies that have resulted in a continuously improving literacy rate. According to a report published in The Hindu on March 31, 2011, the literacy rate in India as surveyed in the 2011 census increased by 9.21% from 64.83% in 2001 to 74.04% in 2011. The improvement continues through the decade, promising a high pay off.

Another survey published by Unicef reports the literacy rate for youth aged 15-24 years, stating that the literacy rate was 88.4% for males and 74.4% for females. It also reported participation and attendance in secondary school at 58.5% for males and 49.7% for females on average nationally.

International Schools in Hyderabad

Modern day societal trends are visualizing not only a growing awareness of the value of education but also the need for the best possible quality of the same. Parents and guardians are constantly involved in a hunt for the best higher education and career opportunities for their children.

Apart from the conventional education imparted in private and government schools, parents are also becoming increasingly interested in procuring for their children a chance at alternative courses. Children as young as ten years old are being enrolled in Abacus and brain mapping courses, helping them explore more than an average education would.

In keeping with this demand for all around development, the au courant tenor in the field of education in India is international schools. These schools are the new age super heroes in the education sector, providing significantly more choices and opportunities for students than ever before.

International schools in Hyderabad

International Schools in Hyderabad and their Working Parameters

Hyderabad has been one of the most famous cities in India firstly for its rich ancestry and heritage, and now for its numerous top quality international schools. There are more than a hundred and fifty schools in Hyderabad, out of which a considerable chunk is international.

The partiality for international schools in Hyderabad can be attributed to several reasons.

  • Courses: Most international schools follow a study curriculum set by experts from both India and overseas. The courses are designed after rigorous discussions and research, ensuring thorough effectiveness.
  • Staffs: The teaching staff in many of these schools in Hyderabad is a mix of both Indian and foreign citizens. The teachers are appointed after stringent examinations and interviews to ensure that only the best candidates are chosen for the job.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Apart from subjects included in the regular curriculum, the schools also offer a myriad of extra-curricular activities to take up. These include sports, music, painting, instrument courses, craft, dance, and more. Participating in such exercises helps to develop a healthy demeanor in students as well as to open profitable future prospects.

Life and Quality in International Schools

  • Facilities: Most international schools in Hyderabad offer options for both day schooling as well as residential facilities. There are hostels for the students to live in, separate for boys and girls. The hygiene and food standards in these hostels are maintained strictly according to government regulations. Regular inspections are conducted both by the ministry as well as the institutional body in charge.
  • Residential quarters: The residential quarters also have qualified nutritionists on duty that take care of the quality of food provided to the students. This ensures that the children receive appropriate food in keeping with their age, gender and activity levels.
  • Rules and medical aids: The schools, as per mandatory government directions, also have fully equipped medical wings catering to first aid and common ailments. In addition, several of the schools also have a qualified counselor for the students and staff to approach whenever a need arises.
  • Personal development: One of the most noteworthy virtues manifesting in international schools is their emphasis on skill and personality development. They adopt teaching methods that foster not only sound theoretical conceptions but also a progressive mindset that will aid students in achieving outstanding summits in the future.

The ambiance of education in a country is a strong marker of the quality of development that persists in it. India, historically being a nation rich in heritage and traditions, is also fortunate enough to have consistently had a splendid enterprise in the field of education.

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