Top CBSE Schools In Chennai To Send Your Child To!

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 9, 2016
Schools in Chennai

Chennai is home to many educational and research institutions. There are quite a few CBSE schools in Chennai that are being recognized among the top schools in the nation. Chennai ranks second for Indian metropolitan city center literacy with a 90.33 percent literacy rate.

Schools in Chennai are also known to have the highest pass percentage and toppers in the All-India board examination. This is mostly due to the intensive care provided by the institutions.

So, as a parent, you are indeed lucky to be residing in Chennai, a city that fosters holistic education like no other. Here’s our take on the best CBSE schools in Chennai and what’s in them for your child.

Role of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) in India

Education in India is provided by the public sector as well as the private sector with control and funding coming from central, state and the local levels. CBSE is the apex board of education in India with thousands of institutions under its wing across the country, and with nearly 141 affiliated schools spanning 21 countries.

It is the most popular school board opted by the parents. The Central Board of Secondary Education is an educational enterprise of the Indian government. The courses are planned by highly qualified and competent authorities. Being a centralized course applicable all over the country, students studying in schools affiliated to CBSE tend to be at par with their peers around the nation.

Schools in Chennai

Schools affiliated to CBSE have the additional advantage of engaging in national organized meets. Chennai schools have by far shown excellence in co-curricular activities as well. The rich culture of the state has been preserved well and passed down to the younger generations. The schools have facilities for teaching traditional dances, artwork and music to the students. Thus, in addition to academics, the students have a profound knowledge of other activities as well.

Sports and games are also a major factor to be considered while choosing a school for a child. Many schools in Chennai have association with local stadiums and sports associations. The students are taught and trained by talented athletes and encouraged to participate in large and small scale events. The added benefit of national CBSE meets helps to showcase the abilities of able students lift them on to higher grounds.

Affordability of schools in Chennai

Although education is inexpensive in India, there are several elite schools in Chennai that are institutions of excellence. The fee is high, but student treatment and facilities are at par with international standards. In addition to bookish knowledge, the elite schools also offer a multitude of extra courses that help in shaping innovative minds.

Many schools in Chennai also offer scholarships to needy students. This is done strictly on the basis of merit cum means, ensuring that all children get a chance at education, irrespective of the financial situation of their guardians. Sometimes, there are national scholarships available for the students that help them as long as their study career continues.

How to Choose the Best CBSE Affiliated School in Chennai?

In the age of competitive exams, CBSE is your best bet to materialize your child’s dreams. Chennai has quite a good number of CBSE schools, some of which are more than 40-45 years old. The under mentioned list of top CBSE schools in Chennai is best devised using parameters like the performance of its students on a year to year basis, facilities offered, teaching modules, research opportunities, and other factors conducive to learning.

Most schools in Chennai have bus facilities for the students. In additions, some of them also offer after school day-care services. This is a great benefit for working parents and guardians.

Go for the school that suits you in terms of accessibility and travel options as well. You would not like your kid to go through grueling hours of traffic after a long day at school – right?This list of CBSE schools in Chennai has no particular ranking and is set in random order.

  1. DAV Boys Senior Secondary School, Mogappair

    Address: R 45, 120 Feet Road, Mogappair, Chennai
    – One of the top schools in Chennai, this school is for boys only. Currently, there are about 2750 students on its rolls. The high standard of education offered at this school is justified by the board exam results which have always been 100% pass with high averages in all subjects and with a very large number of students achieving distinction.

    CBSE Schools in Chennai
  2. DAV Girls Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram

    Address: 182 Lloyds Road, Avvai Shanmugam Salai, Gopalapuram, Chennai.
    – Part of the DAV group of schools, this school has a strength of 3000 students.Apart from academic brilliance, it also lays emphasis on the holistic development of its students.
  3. National Public School, Gopalapuram

    Address: 228 Avvai Shanmugam Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai.
    – Located in the heart of the city, NPS is one of the best educational institutes in Chennai. Its success has been its creditable record in academics and personality development which makes all students confident and ready to face the challenges of the world.
  4. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gill Nagar

    Address: Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gill Nagar, Chennai
    – All KVs are Government registered schools. In these schools, students maintain a steady record of notable achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities under the guidance of eminent faculty and management, right from the beginning.
  5. The Schram School, Maduravoyal

    Address: One Schram Avenue, Maduravoyal, Chennai

Ranking on the top of CBSE schools in Chennai list, the school offers a modern educational approach with balanced classroom and co-curricular activities. They also get visiting international faculty and have incubated a healthy environment to facilitate interpersonal interaction.

How would you like to through the list of the best CBSE schools in Chennai and filter them through the frames of your own detriments? Begin now!

Happy hunting!

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