Top 10 Schools In Guwahati

By RimTim Staff Writer
June 15, 2016
Schools in Guwhati

Education is the greatest gift you can give to another human being. It helps mould one’s thoughts and ideas in a positive way and to sculpt a healthy outlook on life.

The endowment of knowledge

The journey towards developing an educated mind must be embarked upon at a young age. Schools are the seminaries of education for children. A good school can do more for a nation than an army of iron-bodied soldiers.

Education in India has a long historical background. In ancient India people used to send their children to religion and community-based schools like Gurukuls, Pathsalas, Tols, Maktabs, Satras, Namghars etc, where they would receive intellectual knowledge as well as life skill proficiency. On graduating from these schools the children became capable adults with sound judgment and steady character.

School education in today’s age has undergone a lot of reforms since those times. The division of students on the basis of caste, religion and gender has long been uplifted. Nevertheless, the essence of imparting quality education remains intact.

Schools in Guwahati

The largest and busiest city of Assam, Guwahati, hosts a multitude of schools throughout its expanse. Many of these have been running since before independence and still continue their legacy.

According to a Government of Assam survey report; there are 3606 schools in the entire Kamrup district. This number continues to increase steadily and has a positive impact on the literacy rate.

Vernacular mediums and school boards

The city has both English and vernacular medium schools. The number of English medium schools is slowly surpassing the vernacular ones, more so by contemporary demands.

English is one of the major languages used for communication in India as well as the world. A lack of knowledge in English has made many students unable to articulate their ideas at international spheres. So in the interest of their children’s future, parents prefer to send their children to English medium schools right from the beginning.

The education boards followed by most schools in Guwahati are Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Assam Secondary Board Education (SEBA).

A new face of schooling

Although the ratio of government and public schools v/s private schools is not very partial, it is seen that the most popular schools in Guwahati are the private schools. Their acknowledgment can be owed to the numerous facilities they provide in addition to academics.

To name a few-

  • Art
  • Music- both vocal and instrumental
  • Dance training – classical, contemporary and folk
  • Sports- swimming, track and field, basketball, football etc.

Another popular sport that many of these schools have started introducing is horseback riding. A very prominent attraction, the schools employ equipped trainers for this sport and many students have competed and won prizes in regional and national level competitions.

Comprehensive care and utility

Schools in Guwahati ensure all round development of the students. Students have achieved distinctions at respectable platforms both academically and non-academically.

Knowledge imparted at a tender age remains the entire life. There are hordes of pre-schools throughout the city, both local and chain based. The average enlisting age for kids is around two and half years where the children are entered in playgroups and pre-nursery groups. These institutions mainly focus on the basic literacy of the students like the alphabet and numbers. They also teach attributes like manners, behavior, morals, communication, etc. Nowadays parents prefer schools that offer such skills along with education. Most schools in Guwahati are co-educational.

Literacy Sketch

According to the Population census conducted by the Government in 2011, the literacy rate in Guwahati city is 91.5%. The literacy ratio between males and female states out to be at 95.27% (425,837) and 88.52% (371,776) out of a total of 797,613 reported people.

The literacy rate in the Kamrup metropolitan district is the highest in all of Assam. Although the number of literate females is lesser compared to males, gap is fast decreasing. The number of female children attending schools is high on Guwahati. This can be observed in the remark that more and more females are being successful in higher education and the job sector.

The Indian government has propounded free education for children up to fourteen years of age. This initiative has led to massive rise in the literacy rate. The government schools also offer mid-day meals for students. This is especially favorable for students from poorer backgrounds. Parents are also made aware of the importance of primary education.

School systems

The education pattern in Guwahati, as well as most parts of India, is divided into three categories-

  • Primary and pre-primary school
  • Middle school
  • High school

Although this is the bifurcation, most schools offer education for all three levels, i.e., from kindergarten to grade XII. This formation is especially helpful in urban areas. Most parents are working and therefore are remitted from the hassle of deciding and changing schools for their kids every few years.

Thus, schools in Guwahati offer holistic development of their students. Apart from bookish education, knowledge of several life skills such as public behavior, disaster management etc. are also imparted. With the coming of the digital era, students also get opportunities to communicate with renowned personalities through video conferences and other technologies.

All-round care and development of students is ensured. These budding young citizens of today are the future of tomorrow.

Schools in Guwahati

Rimtimmers recommend the following top English medium schools in Guwahati

  1. Don Bosco School, Guwahati

    Address: Panbazar, Guwahati – 781001
    Phone No: +91-361-2540583

    • First school in North-East India to have computer labs, auditorium, sports complex and a meteorological observatory center
    • The school formally started in 1948
    • Don Bosco had the first batch of students to write HSLC exams under SEBA in Assam
    • Don Bosco converted to CBSE in 2006
    • They have classes from KG to XII
    • The science stream in the school is well equipped with modern instruments
    • In 2016, Don Bosco had state topper from science and commerce stream for XII board exams
    • Every year for X and XII board exams, Don Bosco has a record of more than 80 pass percentage
    • Well stocked AC library
    • Table Tennis and cricket are the most active sports and the school teams in these sports are the best in the entire city
    • Don Bosco is the only school in Guwahati to have facility for Roller Skating
    • The only school in Guwahati to be adopted by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in 1987. Since then, the school has provided SAI scholarships and coaching to students for various games
    • Coaches were delegated by the Sports Authority of India to offer coaching in table tennis, swimming, basketball and badminton to students in Dos Bosco
    • Every class has one period of games and one period of physical training
    • Red Cross team and the theater club of Don Bosco are very active
    • The school believes in overall development of students
    • Don Bosco has many renowned doctors and engineers to its’ list of alumni spread across the country and abroad as well.
  2. St Marrys English High School

    Address: Chenikuthi, Mc Road, Assam Engineering Institute, Guwahati – 781003
    Phone No: +91-361-2664997
    More Details: St Marrys English High School

    • One of the prestigious schools in the entire north east
    • Started in 1924 with 6 students and formally opened in 1965
    • In 2008, they extended their infrastructure and started with class XI and XII
    • It is an all girls school from class nursery to class XII
    • The highest number of state positions in the HSLC have been recorded in this school
    • The school converted to CBSE in April 2011
    • Theatres, debates, creative writing, elocution, drawing, quiz sessions are regular activities amongst the girls
    • The total no. of books in the school library is 4000
    • They have 60 girls per class
  3. Maria’s Public School (MPS)

    Address: Narangi, Narangi Road, Noonmati, Guwahati – 781020
    Phone No: +91-361-2647880

    • It is one of the cities fastest growing co-educational institutes
    • Main vision of MPS is – ‘learning beyond classrooms’
    • The school is planning to start student exchange programs with State University of New York, Oswego and Malta.
    • The British Council recently conferred the International School Award for the period 2015-17 to MPS
    • Believes in holistic education
    • They have classes from I to XII under CBSE board
    • Quiz, literary, MUN, science and eco-clubs, music, dance and drama classes are most active in the school
    • MPS has parents teachers (PT) meetings every quarter
    • The school organizes field trips and excursions to places of interest annually
    • MPS has a well-designated school cabinet (students governing body)
    • Marians have participated several times in the annual conferences organized by United Nations International School at the UN General Assembly Hall New York.
    • Recent Femina Miss India 2016 Priyadarshini Chatterjee was a student of MPS
  4. Faculty Higher Secondary School

    Address: North Guwahati, Guwahati – 781039
    Phone No: +91-2907046128

    • Opened in 1980 and now the school has around 3000 students from class I to XII.
    • It was the first school in Assam to be affiliated under C.B.S.E and to follow the C.B.S.E prescribed syllabus.
    • FHS is famous for science stream for Class XI and XII
    • Have international students and hostel accommodation for 30 girls and 20 boys on first cum first serve basis
    • FHS has sports facilities for games like football, cricket, table tennis, basketball and volleyball
    • FHS has excellently trained counselor to handle various problems of the students with sensitivity and understanding
    • Students throughout the year work hard for the most prestigious award – ‘All Rounder Best Student of the Year’
    • FHS has an annual magazine (Tapasya), newsletters and student’s blogs.
    • FHS have active clubs like – literary club, environmental club, dance club etc.
  5. Army Public School, Narangi

    Address: Maneckshaw Marg, Narangi, Kamrup, Guwahati – 781171
    Phone No: +91-361-2642299

    • Discipline, principle and punctuality are the fundamentals of Army Public School
    • The school is under CBSE
    • Most reputed and preferred school for higher secondary studies across the state, esp for commerce and arts stream.
    • The school has good lab facilities and has separate lab for chemistry, biology, physics, biotechnology and computer science
    • Total number of teachers is 93
    • School Magazine “TRIVENT” is published annually by the student’s editorial board under the guidance of the Chief Editor
    • The school provides a good bus facility to almost all the main stoppages of Guwahati and provides army buses for the military children who stay inside as well as near the army camp
    • For civilians, admission fee cost around Rs. 22,000
  6. Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School

    Address: Pub-Geetanagar, Mother Teresa Road, Guwahati – 781020
    Phone No: +91-361-2131416
    More Details: Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School

    • Established in 1993 by Dr. Basanta Kumar Bhuyan, the school is affiliated to CBSE
    • They have classes from I to XII
    • Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary section of the school has all the three streams- Humanities, Science and Commerce
    • Punctuality is the main motto. Students who reaches late are not allowed to attend classes for the day
    • Attendance is a strict rule:
      • Students must have an attendance of at least 85% of the total classes held in a year
      • Students having less than 75 % are not allowed to appear in the examinations
    • Students are not allowed to bring mobiles, CD’s, comics, magazines or any other materials to school.
    • Alumni after XII has got into:
      • Arka Prabha Dhar, studying B. Tech. in MIT, USA
      • Rahul Moral, studying B.Sc. in Astrophysics in London
      • Ritu Raj Bramha, studying in IIT Chennai.
  7. Holy Child School

    Address: Krsihnanagar, Kamprup (M), Guwahati – 781003
    Phone No: +91-361-2650044

    • Established in 1972, it is a catholic educational all girls institution
    • Has more than 1500 students
    • They have classes from I to XII
    • The school has arts and science stream for higher secondary (XI and XII)
    • In 2012 HCS got converted to CBSE from SEBA
    • HCS has a big library with a collection of more than 7500 books on various topic.
    • HCS has been well equipped with Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics lab
    • Alumni association – The ‘Holy Child Past Pupils Association’ was formed to reach out to the poor and the needy with the mission to create value in the society
    • Tarumitra club of the school is very active. They:
      • Equip its members with skills in handling local environmental problems
      • Organize campaigns for the preservation of biodiversity in Guwahati city
      • Plant tress around the city
  8. Kendriya Vidyalaya – Narangi

    Address: Narangi Cantt., Satgaon, Guwahati – 781027
    Phone No: +91-361-2640046

    • Mission – to develop the spirit of national integration & create a sense of “True -Indians” among children.
    • They have classes from I to XII
    • KV Narangi reserves 15% seats for scheduled caste, 7.5% seats for scheduled tribes and 3% seats of total available seats for the physically challenged candidates
    • Admission to Class XII in streams of Humanities, Commerce and Science is based on merit list prepared as the CGPA obtained by student in Class X.
    • Class strength is reserved at 40 per stream
    • Physical training is a must for every student in KV Narangi
    • The basket ball and football teams of the school are very active and they win laurels in inter school sports competition almost every year
    • The school library has a collection of more than 5000 books
    • KV has 3 networked computer labs with 57 computers
  9. Delhi Public School – Guwahati

    Address: Ahom Gaon, Opp. Tirupathi Balaji Temple, NH-37
    Phone No: +91-361-2270202

    • DPSG is a CBSE co-educational school which had its first batch of students on 21st April 2003 in Guwahati (Class I to XII)
    • Total strength of students is 3744
    • DPSG has boarding facilities with two separate blocks for boys and girls and has the capacity of housing 300 students
    • Well stacked libraries, laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, home science, computer and book store, canteen,
    • activity rooms, music rooms, flood lit ground and tennis court are some of the features of the school
    • They have AC laboratories, AC activity rooms and AC buses
    • Each bus is equipped with a mobile phone with the bus conductor for safety of students
    • DPSG is one of the schools in Guwahati with dedicated yoga and meditation facilities
    • The school provides a wide range of choices to students in dance and music – both Indian and Western
    • The school is equipped with a ‘Language Lab’ which helps in improving the listening and spoken skills of the students
    • DPSG organized an educational trip to France and Switzerland from 4th to 15th July 2015. 14 students and two teachers participated in the tour.
  10. Little Flower School

    Address: Hatigaon Main Road, Hatigaon, Guwahati
    Phone No: +91-361-2261648

    • LFS is a co-educational institution established in 1988 and affiliated to CBSE
    • They have classes from Nursery to Class XII
    • LFS has free regular health check ups for all students
    • LFS has equipped library and science labs
    • The school has a prayer room to enrich one’s spiritual wisdom
    • LFS has a huge auditorium with an effective sound, light and music system providing a smooth environment for various functions and events
    • The school has a gigantic playground with indoor and outdoor games facility
    • Cricket, football, basketball, badminton are the main sports for the students and gives importance to physical education
    • The Junior Red Cross wing of the school organizes programs to undertake cleaning tasks inside and outside the school campus.