INOX or PVR? Which Movie Halls In Mumbai Would You Prefer?

By RimTim Staff Writer
December 2, 2017

The movie industry has flourished in recent years, which is why multiplexes are cropping up everywhere. This has led to the emergence of a razor-sharp competition between two such brands that have emerged on top – INOX and PVR.

Drawing a few differences between the two movie hall brands will definitely reveal why they dominate the best cinema hall in Mumbai, but first a little history lesson of these two giant multiplexes in Mumbai.

PVR in India

PVR was founded by Ajay Bijli in 1997, which changed the multiplex scene in India. Its headquarters might be in Gurugram but it has quite the influence in Mumbai. This was the first multiplex brand that has reshaped the movie-going experience in India.

INOX in India

INOX was founded in 1999, just two years after PVR. Unlike PVR, INOX wasn’t founded by a specific person but belongs to a company. The headquarters of INOX are right in Mumbai, and the brand offers an array of movies directly from Bollywood to Hollywood.

PVR in Mumbai Vs INOX in Mumbai

  • The number of theaters

    When you go for movie halls in Mumbai, PVR Cinema Group has 12 theaters across Mumbai. INOX in Mumbai, on the other hand, dominates PVR Cinemas by a slight margin. There are 13 theaters across Mumbai that are run by INOX. PVR in Mumbai may be just a digit behind INOX in number of theaters, but the brand dominates over the latter in other areas.

  • “The early bird gets the worm”

    PVR changed the movie viewing experience in India by filling in the gaps of what was missing in other movie theaters in India. INOX, however, did not do much in terms of innovation. The brand simply improved upon what had already been established by PVR and other theaters.

  • The seating

    You want to be comfortable while watching a movie on-screen, and both multiplexes offer comfortable seating, but with a slight difference between the two. PVR scores just a notch higher than INOX in the seating category. Be it the ample leg space, the ability to adjust the seats to your liking or the overall comfort level of the seats themselves, PVR in Mumbai emerges on top.

  • Eatables

    For moviegoers the cinema viewing experience in a theatre is incomplete without food, especially popcorn. PVR in Mumbai performs better in the food and beverage department. INOX in Mumbai does not seem to give as much importance to providing quality refreshments as PVR. There is no room for doubt once you directly compare one with the other. The big tub of popcorn from PVR Cinemas outshines it’s close competitor.

  • The cost

    PVR is heavy in the pocket because it aims to offer first-class entertainment, not that INOX in Mumbai is lacking in class or services. INOX fares average in comparison. What it fails to deliver is offered by PVR. The disparity in services offered is understandable in light of the cost difference between the two cinemas.

  • Movie_Halls_In_Mumbai
  • Sound effects

    PVR scores high here. Its sound system is unparalleled and leaves a lasting impression on the movie-goer. It’s not that INOX in Mumbai is far behind in this area, but quality wins and PVR Cinemas unfailingly deliver high-quality sound effects.

  • The main attraction

    The big screen is the main attraction at any movie theatre. It is a given which multiplex will bag the trophy here after considering the fact that PVR in Mumbai is far costlier than INOX in Mumbai. It’s no surprise that the screens at PVR are bigger and better than those found in INOX multiplexes.

  • Where quality is concerned

    PVR Cinema is the obvious winner. Costs are higher at PVR than at INOX because they offer better picture quality, bigger screens, more comfortable seating and of course delicious refreshments along with added entertainment in addition to the film. PVR in Mumbai will amaze you with their quality but can be a bit harsh on the pocket if you have tight budget.

  • Parking and other services

    INOX provides ample parking, while PVR focuses on its lounge rooms, entertainment and food. Overall, the competition between INOX and PVR is heated, with each brand trying to outdo the other. In a way, the rivalry is beneficial for the country as it adds to the growing GDP, being two of the major contributors towards the Indian economy. INOX will continue to be popular because of its affordable rates. The movie-going crowd is mostly comprised of students and young people who belong to the rising middle class, which is why INOX will always be there to give competition to PVR.

    Movie halls in Mumbai are dominated by PVR and INOX. Not only in Mumbai but the scenario is same in many other cities across India as well. Whichever theater you decide to visit will deliver what they promise, and will make for an enjoyable experience.

RimTimmers recommend the following movie halls in Mumbai

  1. Big Cinemas-Kanjurmarg West

    Address: Huma Mall, L B S Marg, Kanjurmarg West, Mumbai – 400078
    Phone: +91-22-38558089
  2. Carnival Cinemas

    Address: Annex Mall, Western Express Highway, Near Prithvi Enclave, Borivali East, Mumbai – 400066
    Phone: +91-22-67886209
  3. Glamour Cinema

    Address: Road No.30, S V Road, Western Suburbs, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050
    Phone: +91-22-26426963
  4. K Movie Star Multiplex

    Address: Agarwal Complex, Bhabola Chulna Road, Near Saibaba Mandir, Kaul Heritage City, Vasai West, Thane – 401202
    Phone: +91-250-6293777
  5. Maratha Mandir

    Address: #22, M M Marg, RBI Staff Colony, Agripada, Mumbai – 400008
    Phone: +91-22-23070119
  6. Metro INOX Cinemas

    Address: M.G.Road, Dhobitalao Junction, Mumbai – 400020
    Phone: +91-8080211111
  7. PVR Premiere in Juhu

    Address: Dynamix Mall, 5th floor, Above Shoppers stop, Parulekar Road, Juhu, Mumbai – 400049
    Phone: +91-8800900009
  8. Regal Cinema

    Address: Old Custom House Rd, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005
    Phone: +91-22-22021017
  9. Sterling Cineplex

    Address: #65, Murzban Road, Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai – 400001
    Phone: +91-22-66220016
  10. Samuel Cinema

    Address: Ground Floor, Samuel’s Mall, Shanti Nagar, Khopoli, Mumbai – 410203
    Phone: +91-7768097447
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