INOX Or PVR? Who Is The Winner For Screen Presence In India?

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 28, 2016

Friday evening is the most exciting time of the week for a majority of Indians. Most Indians plan their Fridays well in advance, and that means going for movies. A majority of the section loves to go either to PVR Cinemas or INOX.

Multiplex industry in India

PVR and INOX dominate the picture screens in India. They are by far the two biggest multiplex chains in the country, with Cinepolis and Carnival keeping them on their heels. Indeed, the multiplex industry in India is a hugely competitive one.

It is easy to see what’s driving the growth for PVR and INOX and the other multiplex chains in the country. While the tier 1 cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are pretty much saturated, there has been a real increase in screen penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 cities such as Mysore, Nagpur, Pune, Kanpur, Surat and Bhopal.

India has a population of 1.29 billion, and most of them are crazy about movies. So there will always be a demand for movies in India, regardless of the state of the economy. With a rising middle class, the demand for quality multiplex cinemas has only increased.

The digitization of theaters and the availability of online booking has helped and made it easier for people to watch the latest box office hits. And it’s not just the Bollywood superstars – Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan – who are bringing people to the cinemas. The nationwide box office success of Telugu film Baahubali goes to show that there good films will get appreciated, regardless of where they come from.

Now, in the exciting race for screen presence in India, who is winning, PVR cinemas or INOX?

PVR Cinemas

Entrepreneur Ajay Bijli’s PVR Cinemas is the first multiplex in India and still the biggest. The first PVR theater was opened in Saket in South Delhi in 1997. Since then Bijli’s PVR went from success to success, opening multiplexes in all major cities in India. It even saw off a major challenge from established players in the industry such as Anil Ambani’s Reliance Media Works and DLF.

PVR revolutionized the multiplex industry in India, by introducing state of the art cinema screens, outstanding audio visual effects, luxurious and highly comfortable seating and thereby changed the perception of the Indian public about cinema theaters completely. It was PVR that made movie watching in an India an experience to be treasured by the whole family and as good as anything seen in the West.


INOX Multiplexes

INOX theaters typically serve a bouquet of the latest releases from Hollywood, Bollywood and regional language cinema, and offer a world class viewing experience. The food served at INOX is first-rate as well.

INOX Vs PVR: Ten Differences Between INOX and PVR Cinemas

When it comes to watching movies for Indians, a major chunk of people either prefer PVR Cinemas or INOX. However, often you must have heard some people saying that movie watching experience is much better in PVR Cinemas than INOX or Hollywood movies are best watched at INOX.

Well, the INOX Vs PVR talk will continue to make headlines until a major player like Carnival gives them a fierce competition. Until then, INOX and PVR will go on to dominate the picture screens across India. However, there’s a clear difference between the two multiplexes. Perhaps, you can easily point out differences between the two, when it comes to INOX Vs PVR.

Let’s take a look:
  1. The Multiplex Concept

    It was PVR Cinemas only that introduced the multiplex concept in India and brought a complete new paradigm shift to movie viewing experience whereas INOX only follows the suit like others in multiplex industry.
  2. Screens

    While PVR Cinemas are known for state of the art cinema screens, INOX picture screens are standard. Needless to say, PVR has much bigger screens than INOX multiplexes.
  3. Seating Comfort

    As far as leg space is concerned, PVR is known to have a comfortable seating system than INOX. Overall, the seats are also plush, comfortable and adjustable at PVR than INOX.
  4. Sound System

    Celebrated for its amazing audio visual quality, PVR offers you better surround sound while watching movies than INOX that unnecessarily gives out loud and noisy sounds.
  5. Picture Quality

    Not only bigger screens but incredible picture quality is also a major highlight of PVR Cinemas. On the other hand, INOX picture quality is just around the corner.
  6. Number of multiplexes & screens

    PVR Cinemas owns 113 multiplexes & 519 screens across 46 cities in India, whereas INOX boasts of 107 multiplexes & 420 screens across 57 cities across the country making former the biggest multiplex chain pan-India.
  7. Share of Hollywood & 3D Content

    While PVR Cinemas that receive a higher contribution from North & West India, higher share of Hollywood & 3D content ranks at top, INOX follows it with a small margin which it aspires to fill by adding newer screens in major locations. INOX offers not only 3D but traditional 2D movies experience as well.
  8. Cost

    Since PVR offers a much more advanced setup than INOX, the former is more expensive than latter. So, visiting PVR Cinemas for movies will make a bigger hole in your pocket than INOX, however it’s worth spending the money at PVR!
  9. Food

    Foods & Beverages are given a second priority at PVR after box office collection. And, needless to mention, the PVR food including gourmet popcorn is a big-hit amongst Indian crowds. On the other side, INOX food & beverages section lags behind PVR by a good percentage.
  10. Ancillary Activities

    While PVR offers a holistic cinema watching experience by adding food courts, games like bowling & more, INOX is more focused on parking and other necessary things after box office collection.
  11. PVR Cinemas vs. INOX Multiplexes

    PVR’s closest competition has been from INOX leisure, a subsidiary of Gujarat Fluoro chemicals. INOX is an ambitious player in the multiplex industry. INOX offers both the traditional 2D as well as 3D experience. As of May, 2016, PVR, which operates 113 multiplexes in India.

    Indeed, for a while, INOX had overtaken PVR in the battle for the most number of cinema screens in the country. But that dominance didn’t last too long as PVR struck by acquiring the Cinemax multiplex chain, which pushed up its capacity by a considerable margin.

    So while PVR is winning its battle with INOX, this is only the start of the battle and a lot can change as India’s growth story has just begun. The multiplex industry will be very much a part of the rising Indian economy. Neither PVR nor INOX can afford to relax as the competition in intense with new players such as Carnival showing a real desire to get to the top.

    Finally, which are the best multiplex theatres in India? If you are in Bangalore, you should visit the PVR Cinemas at Orion Mall in Rajajinagar and Forum Mall in Koramangala.

    INOX has great multiplexes at Garuda Mall in Magrath Road, Central Mall at J.P. Nagar and Mantri Square in Malleshwaram in Bangalore. If you are in Mumbai, you couldn’t go wrong with PVR Juhu and PVR Phoenix. They are two of the most comfortable theatres in Mumbai. INOX Santacruz is very good too, and offers great rates.

    As for New Delhi, do visit PVR Cinemas at Pacific Mall (Tagore Garden) or DT Cinemas, at the City Centre, at Shalimar Bagh.

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