From the Desk of Shauli Chaudhuri, CEO, RimTim

Shauli Chaudhuri

Shauli Chaudhuri, CEO Of RimTim

Product strategist, marketer, entrepreneur.

CEO of a data analytics company which brings the transformative power of predictive analytics to B2B sales and marketing operations, fraud prevention, and consumer behavior analysis; leveraging a patent-pending, machine-learning software platform to accelerate customer growth and success.

Known as a transformational marketing leader, I combine the art of data analytics with the science of marketing to accelerate market share and brand momentum (revenue automatically follows). With a combination of consumer and B2B marketing experience across category-defining, world class brands touching: mobile apps, web, social, retail, eCommerce, direct and partner sales. Proven business leader with deep management expertise across various technology areas – cloud and SaaS, MLaaS, big data (data mining, integration, and analytics), predictive modeling, consumer apps and svcs (mobile), wireless, security, semiconductor, and financial services. I’ve had the good fortune of leading teams in public companies as well as in startup operations – doing both in Silicon Valley’s dynamic and fast-paced ecosystem, as well as in Europe, Asia, and South America.