Jaipur Marathon 2018 – Take Initiatives To Join Marathons

By RimTim Staff Writer
February 1, 2018

For all the runners and fitness fanatics out there, the wait is over; the Au Bank Jaipur Marathon is finally here! It is one of the biggest events in the country’s health and recreation realm.

The marathon will commence at Albert Hall South Gate, JLN, Jaipur on February 4th, 2018. This year is the ninth annual race in India, and organizers are expecting large and active participation mirroring years past.

Marathon running has emerged as a popular community activity in India over the last few years. An article published in the Hindustan Times stated that the number of recorded races in the country annually is close to 900, and is increasing. 225 of these are held in North India and 120 in and around the capital city.

A research study published by RunRepeat on “Marathon Performance across Nations” states that Spain ranks as the world’s fastest marathon nation with a finish time of 3:55:35. The study also revealed that the growth of the popularity of marathons across the world from 2009 to 2014 was 13.25% with the proportion of female participants being 29.76%.

Jaipur Marathon 2018

The highly anticipated event is going to comprise of several race categories and registration has already begun. All the details about the entry process, modes of participation, registration fees and race schedules are available on the official website. The minimum age requirement for all races longer than 10 kilometers is 18-years-old.

The following list contains a basic outline of all the races that will be a part of this year’s Au Bank Jaipur Marathon event.

Jaipur Marathon 2018 categories and registration

Sr.No. Race Category Distance Time Minium Age(Yrs)
1 Jaipur International Full Marathon (Elite) 42.195 km. 2 hrs 55 Mins (For Male), 3hrs 45 Mins (For Female) 18
2 Jaipur International Full Marathon (Open) 42.195 km. 18
3 Jaipur International Half Marathon (Elite) 21.097 km. 1 hrs 25 Mins (For Male), 2hrs (For Female) 18
4 Jaipur International Half Marathon (Open) 21.097 km. 18
5 10K Timed Run 10 km. 15
6 Joy Run 6 km. 12
7 Dream Run 6 km. 12
8 Youth Run 6 km. 12
9 Beti Bojh Nahi Hai Run 2 km. Girl Age (2-10 years) with Father/Mother
10 Senior Citizen Run 3 km. 60 Years and above
11 Wheel Chair Run 6 km. 12 years and above

  • Jaipur International Full Marathon (Elite) – At a staggering 42.195 km, this race is not for the faint-of-heart! One of the longest and most difficult races of the event, the Full Marathon (Elite) stands at a record of 2 hours 55 minutes for male participants and 3 hours 45 minutes for female participants. The fees for this category is INR 1600.
  • Jaipur International Full Marathon (Open) – The record length of this race is 42.195 kilometers and the minimum age of participation is 18 years of age. The fees for this category is INR 1400.
  • Jaipur International Half Marathon (Elite) – This race has a record length of 21.097 kilometers with record times standing at 1 hour 25 minutes for males and 2 hours for females. The fees for this category is INR 1400.
  • Jaipur International Half Marathon (Open) – The open half marathon has a record of 21.097 kilometers with minimum age of participation at 18-years-old. The fees for this category is INR 1200.
  • 10K Timed Run – This is the classic 10 kilometers timed run and is one of the most popular categories in the event. The lower age limit for joining in the race is 15-years-old. The fees for this category is INR 600.
  • Joy Run – Marked at a distance of 6 kilometers, the Joy Run has a lower age limit of participation at 12-years-old. With the course length presenting runners with just the right amount of challenge, this race is a wonderful opportunity for first-timers making an entry into the world of marathon running. The fees for this category is INR 100.
  • Dream Run – This race stands at a length of 6 kilometers and minimum age of participation is 12 years of age. The fees for this category is INR 300.
  • Youth Run – The length of the course is 6 kilometers and the minimum age of participation is 12-years-old. The fees for this category is INR 150.
  • Beti Bojh Nahi Hai Run – This is a special race organized with the aim to empower young girls and has a length of 2 kilometers. It is a daughter-parent race for a child between the age of 2- to 12-years-old to be accompanied by her mother or father. The fees for this category is for FREE.
  • Senior Citizen Run – This 3-kilometer race is only for citizens aged 60 years and above and is organized with the motive of promoting health awareness among seniors. The fees for this category is for FREE.
  • Wheel Chair Run – This is a 6 kilometer run for participants in a wheelchair. The lower age limit for taking part in the race is 12 years of age. The fees for this category is for FREE.
Jaipur Marathon

Preparing for the Jaipur Marathon 2018

Date: Sunday of 4th February 2018
Primary sponsor: Au Financiers

If you have already registered for the Jaipur Marathon 2018, or are planning to do so, then you must start training for the run as early as possible. For seasoned runners, charging up to full intensity tends to be a bit easier than for beginners. Compiled below is a list of easy ways you can boost your physical fitness before the big day.

  • Jogging – The easiest way to habituate your body to running long distances is to jog and the best time to jog or run is in the morning. You can start with half-hour to 45-minute jogging sessions daily. Since the race is going to be held early in the morning, it is much more useful to practice running at that time of day to get your body acclimated to the environment.
    In order to improve your abilities, make sure to keep challenging your limits by gradually increasing your speed and course length.
  • Workout – In addition to jogging, you can also opt for a couple of functional training sessions. These are incredibly helpful in increasing muscular flexibility and strength, important factors that help the body to keep running for a longer duration of time. One of the most effective ways of practicing functional training is to join a CrossFit or martial arts class.
  • Nutrition – In order for your body to function efficiently during the race, it is extremely important for it to be well nourished. For a vigorous physical activity to be effective in increasing your strength and stamina, it has to be accompanied by a balanced diet.
    Add fruit, salads and a healthy amount of protein to your daily diet and cut back on artificial sugar. Chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds and coconut oil are great additions to your nutritional plan.

Jaipur Marathon memories

A marathon, irrespective of the length of the run you participate in, is a huge feat and you will definitely want to carry back as many memories as possible.

A phone-cum-camera pouch is one of the best investments you can make for the marathon. Carrying your cell phone in your pocket during the run basically makes it a jiggling, the loose weight which tends to be extremely uncomfortable, and an arm or waist carrier is much more practical. You can also buy a lightweight water bottle bag to carry on your back.

Beyond all physical preparation, the primary factor that keeps you going during a marathon is your determination. Keep reminding yourself why you chose to run in the race. Be it fitness, life goals or something else, your purpose is personal and important to you. Trust your determination to get you through to the finish line.

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Gear up and go!