Jiva Ayurveda: Pioneer of Indian Ayurvedic Healthcare

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 18, 2017
Jiva Ayurveda Clinics

The success of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda has led to a lot of interest in Ayurveda in India. A number of new companies have come up which offer high-quality Ayurveda healthcare. One company that has been a pioneer in ayurvedic healthcare and research since it was founded in 1992 is Jiva Ayurveda started by Dr. Partap Chauhan and his family.

Jiva Ayurveda clinic and healing

Allopathic medicines treat the symptoms of a problem. Ayurveda is considered different from allopathic medicine or western medicine because it is a more holistic treatment that targets the root cause of the health issue, and does not just consider the symptoms of the problem.

  • Herbal medicines -Ayurvedic medicines are considered much safer than allopathic medicines as they are made from herbs and minerals and other natural ingredients and are not known to have any sort of dangerous or negative side effects. Ayurveda treats the entire body as a holistic system rather than considering each disease as a separate problem by itself.
  • No of centres -Jiva Ayurveda is a leader in ayurdeva treatment in India. There are close to 60 Jiva ayurveda clinics in India, including an estimated 12 Jiva ayurveda clinics in Delhi, with more coming up soon. The company believes strongly in its goal of taking ayurveda to every home in the country through their clinics and the many Jiva ayurveda products.
  • Healing -Java offers ayurvedic healing for lifestyle and degenerative disorders such as joint pain, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, obesity and skin disorders. They have the biggest telemedicine center in the world, where they have a team of ayurveda doctors working round the clock to offer ayurvedic consultancy and treatment services to hundreds of thousands of people in over 1,500 cities and towns spread across the country.

Reference on Jiva Ayurveda

The Director of Jiva, Dr. Partap Chauhan spoke about his plans for the company at a recent public event. He said,“Jiva Ayurveda is dedicated to bringing high quality, affordable and authentic Ayurveda to people. It is with the same vision of Taking Ayurveda to every home.” Dr. Chauhan added, “Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Muzaffarnagar (UP) are some places where we are starting our clinics at the first stage. Then we will move to other parts of the country.”

Dr. Chauhan spoke at length about the importance of Ayurveda: “Ayurveda is the world’s oldest known system of medicine. Ayurveda strives to maintain a balance between the body, mind, senses and the soul of an individual to reach a state of health. Ayurveda is highly beneficial for us as it provides us with natural, non-invasive solutions to medical issues. Ayurvedic healing encompasses the use of diet, herbs, colors, aromas, yoga, mind and breathing exercises, mantras, massage oils, therapeutic treatments, and lifestyle modifications as different organs of treatment with no side effects, no long-term drugs, no invasive procedures.”

Ayurvedic Centre

Importance of Jiva Ayurvedic centres

Jiva Clinics are a part of the medical tourism industry, which is such a big revenue earner for the country. The company treats patients from over 100 countries through its clinics. The Jiva clinics are staffed by highly qualified Ayurveda doctors who provide the highest quality of personalized health care and a holistic healing experience.

  • Modes of treatment -The treatments provided at the Jiva Ayurvedic centres include therapeutic massages, herbal remedies and various types of oil treatments. Jiva ayurveda products are available in ayurveda stores across the country. They treat a number of different chronic diseases
    Dr. Chauhan revealed in an interview with the India Today magazine that his company had as many as 400 Ayurvedic doctors working for them across the country. They are one of the leading companies in India that provide ayurvedic treatment services, education and wellness
  • Statistics -Over one million people from India and abroad have undergone treatment at the Jiva clinics. Jiva Ayurveda clinics in Delhi and elsewhere in India address the massive healthcare gap in India, where there are only 0.6 doctors for over 1,000 people. There is a serious shortage of medical professionals in India, especially in the hinterlands of the country.
  • Quality treatment -Jiva has sought to address that by starting clinics in many parts of the country, taking quality ayurveda treatment to the people, wherever they are in India. Their ayurvedic telemedicine service has been well received and has made quality healthcare accessible to even those from the underprivileged sections of the society who would have otherwise gone untreated.

The company treats over 5,000 patients daily through the Jiva Ayurveda clinics in Delhi and elsewhere in India. All consultations provided by Jiva Ayurveda are free of cost. The company only charges patients for medication. The focus is on providing high-quality Ayurveda healthcare at affordable costs to one and all in India.

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