Newborn Baby Care Tips For Your Little One!

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 30, 2017
Child specialist in Delhi

A baby brings in great fervor and immeasurable happiness into a family. Whether you are becoming a parent for the first time or if you have had prior experience, the arrival of a delicate new member is nevertheless an overwhelming occasion.

While ushering in immense joy and excitement, the arrival of a baby also means the beginning of new tasks and responsibilities. A newborn baby needs constant care and nurture for healthy growth. The first six months of life require extra attention as the baby is very fragile at that time.

New born baby care can seem difficult especially to first timers, but with the deluge of healthcare advice and products available, it can be one of the most endearing tasks in your life.

A survey report published by Statistics stated that the world baby care product market is currently valued at a net worth of USD 10.3 billion. Moreover, the baby food and snack market in the US alone is worth USD 7.04 billion.

As per another report published in the Business Wire on 26 April 2016, the average amount spent per child in India is estimated to increase from INR 6917 in 2015 to INR 14079 in 2020.

Newborn baby care tips

Regardless of how experienced you are, you can never be enough prepared for the impact a baby can have in your life. So here’s a list of fundamental newborn baby care tips to enlighten new minds and refresh old ones.

  • Health Care

  • The first person you will be communicating with after your baby is born is the pediatrician. The consulting doctor at the hospital will methodically guide you through all the routine requirements of newborn baby care. He will be advising you on the feeding and sleeping of the baby as well as the prescribed medical care.

  • Nourishment

  • Solely breastfeeding is recommended until the baby is at least six months old. Eating frequencies vary with each newborn and it is completely okay if yours is feeding a little more than the average.

    It is mandatory to maintain proper hygiene while feeding especially if you are giving your child breast milk through pumping.

  • Sleep patterns

  • As stated by most pediatricians, newborn babies sleep anywhere between twelve to sixteen hours a day. Be it in short naps or long stretches; make sure that the baby is getting enough sleep.

    Sometimes a newborn may come by a lot of trouble falling asleep which will tend to worry the parents immensely.

    A change in the bedroom environment mostly solves the problem. A dark room usually helps the baby to calm down. While putting her to sleep, keep toys and distractions away from immediate sight. Always make sure that the baby is sleeping on his back.

  • Temperament

  • There may arrive occasions when the baby cries ceaselessly and feeding doesn’t seem to stop the tantrum. Newborns need to be soothed and calmed in order to restore a sense of safety.

    Sing a lullaby, swing her in your arms or the cradle, or play some peaceful music. Sometimes a short walk outside also does wonders.

    If the crying continues and starts to show a pattern, try to figure out what might be causing the problem. It is also advisable to consult the pediatrician.

  • Cleanliness

  • The pediatrician will give you rigid instructions on keeping the baby clean and healthy. Warm baths are usually recommended with mild soaps. Frequent oil massages are also good for the baby’s health as it helps in proper blood circulation as well as well being of the tissues.

  • Skincare

  • New born babies usually have extremely dry and sensitive skin, at least for the first month. The skin usually peels off on its own, but you can also consult your doctor for products that keep the baby’s skin hydrated. Newborn babies are also extremely prone to diaper rashes and baby acne.

    A variety of baby-friendly lotions and ointments are available in the market. Just make sure to check with the pediatrician before using as every baby tends to have different sensitive skin. Talk to a pediatrician rather than a friend for issues related to skin sensitivity related rashes.

  • Diaper duty

  • New born baby care tips

    Make sure that you keep changing diapers frequently. It is recommending to change a diaper every 2-2.5 hours. Soiled diapers can cause infections if kept on for a long time. Keep the diaper stock at home well supplied. Keep in mind to clean up your baby thoroughly after each diaper changing session.

  • Drop the alarm!

  • New parents tend to scare easily. A baby is a fragile being, but not as much as you think! Newborns are, as they say, built to survive new parents.

    Do not panic if you accidentally bumped your little one’s head on a toy or put him on the bed a tiny bit too hard. Their bodies grow very quickly, repairing any damage that may have occurred.

  • Prepare yourself

  • With a baby on the way or already at home, anxiety tends to build up really quickly among parents. Tough as it may seem, taking care of a newborn baby is actually quite the opposite.

    Talk to experienced parents about baby care and read books and other materials that you can find.

    When the baby finally comes, your natural parental instincts will unconsciously kick in and you’ll do a terrific job!