Are You Looking For Government Hospitals In Noida?

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 2, 2017
Government Hospitals in Noida

No matter where in the world you go, you hope to find adequate resources and a solid infrastructure for those who reside there. However, important resources, like hospitals, are often lacking in many cities. Noida, a metropolitan city, is a highly populated with diverse area.

Hospitals in Noida

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the hospitals in Noida is the cost. In many other places, there is an abundance of private hospitals that are so expensive that they are unaffordable even to a middle-class person.

Nevertheless, health care is an important resource that cannot be neglected by you and your family. Government hospitals in Noida provide the solution in many ways. Not only are they affordable but, government hospitals in Noida can often provide better services than other classified hospitals.

Government hospitals in Noida

Being a bustling city, Noida has 24/7 working hours and an active, diverse crowd around the city. As a result, there is a constant need for healthcare by the populace. There are many government hospitals in the city that constantly cater to the healthcare needs of the population.

A large number of the city’s residents live in slum areas where one can easily contract various diseases. In such cases, residents often rush to a nearby government hospital where they can receive medical treatment for free or at nominal price.

Facilities of government hospitals in Noida

The government hospitals in Noida offer all the necessary medical facilities. The amenities available may vary from hospital to hospital, and certainly the treatment provided varies from person to person depending upon their needs. From first aid to minor surgeries and complications to special surgical treatments, hospitals in Noida offer a wide variety of treatment options.

  • Care : Things to consider when judging a hospital’s facilities include how a patient is treated while in the care of hospital staff, and what kind of diet is provided to the patient during their stay.
  • Hygiene : The cleanliness of the hospital should also never be compromised. From the medication administered to post-treatment follow-up care, hospitals should always be at your service with your best interests in mind.
  • Affordability : The main reason for choosing to receive care at a government hospital is affordability. A lot of people select government hospitals in Noida because these hospitals are less expensive yet provide the best quality of care.
  • Nominal prices don’t mean the quality of the treatment is comprised. In fact, you can get receive expensive testing and medications at a much lower price here. The quality of the medication offered is always tested and assured. Care provided at the government hospitals in Noida is of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost to the patient.

  • 24/7 services : Hospitals in Noida provide 24-hour ambulance services. Once at the hospital, tests that would normally be expensive are offered at a reduced rate, or sometimes even free of charge. Many government medical institutes collaborate with laboratories that conduct all the tests for free, especially for the minor sections of the city. This allows low-income residents to have access to excellent medical facilities and healthcare.
  • Health profile : Government hospitals store their patients’ health profile, containing a patient’s personal information and medical history. This profile includes every single detail of the patient in regards to their healthcare treatment received at the hospital.
  • Free health camps : The government hospitals in Noida organize free health camps every now and then. These camps aim to help spread awareness about various diseases and the viruses that are spread seasonal like dengue fever etc.

Such activities provide opportunities for you to learn more about the hospital and its services.

Government hospitals in Noida

Government hospitals in Noida for all

The government hospitals in Noida are open to all. A person’s economic status is never a priority at these hospitals. All the funds for care are provided by the government. The government hospitals in Noida are the best option for your health care.

  • Non-refusal : In case of a serious illness or injury, care cannot be refused because government hospitals are funded by the government and can’t refuse care due to a patient’s lack of insurance coverage.
  • Best services : Government hospitals in Noida provide you with the best care including well-equipped facilities, excellent services and expert doctors.

The best thing about the hospitals in Noida is that they are open to all, regardless of economic status. For this reason, patients often receive better treatment by government doctors because money is never an issue, as funding is provided by the government.

Choose a hospital wisely, as you don’t want to find yourself in the wrong place in your time of need.

Rimtimmers recommends the following government hospitals in Noida

  1. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Multispeciality Hospital

    Address: Ashok Marg, Near Delhi Public School, Sector 30, Noida – 201303
    Phone No: +91-120-2450254
  2. ESIC Hospital

    Address: A-3, Sector-24, Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: 1800-11-3839
  3. Super Specialty Pediatric Hospital

    Address: Sector 30, Noida – 201303
    Phone No: +91-120-2455552
  4. Samvedana Multi Specialty Hospital

    Address: B 206A, Sector 48, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-8882124848
  5. Metro Hospital & Heart Institute

    Address: Block X-1, Vyapar Marg, Sector 12, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-4366666
  6. Metro Multispeciality Hospital

    Address: L – 94, Sector – 11, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-2442666
  7. Sumitra Hospital

    Address: 119A, Block A, Sector 35, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-2507625
  8. Sharda Hospital

    Address: Plot No.32-34, Knowledge Park-III, Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida – 201306
    Phone No: +91-120-2333999
  9. City Hospital

    Address: Y- 285, Sector- 12, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-2445500
  10. Vinayak Hospital

    Address: NH 1, Sector 27, Atta, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-4504400

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