Hospitals In Bangalore: Healthcare System Improving In Leaps And Bounds

By RimTim Staff Writer
September 5, 2016

The medical scenario in India has fast been improving with cooperative partnership between the government and private sector. Hosting a population of more than 1.2 billion, the primary need of the hour is proper health care that is easily accessible for all.

Health industry of India

The health industry of India Is making promising headway at an accelerated rate. New hospitals, healthcare clinics, primary health centers, etc. are being launched every year by the government. The quality of medical education in the country is slowly becoming at par with international standards. More and more doctors and nurses are graduating every year. The new medical colleges and nursing schools have been designed to impart knowledge effectively on the latest techniques and developments in healthcare.

Even so, there is a long way to go. As per a report by the World Health Organization, the expenditure on public health in India was only 30% of total health industry expenditure in 2014, as compared to 26.2% in 1995.

The ratio of doctors to patients in the country is still very low. Youngsters are constantly being encouraged to pursue a career in medicine. The true strength of a country lies in the health of its citizens.

Healthcare and Bangalore

When it comes to health related issues, Bangalore is one of the most reputable places visited by the public.

The city is the technological centriole of the country and is a major commercial seat. Communication facilities to Bangalore are fairly easy from all corners of the country. Railway travel to the city is highly efficient with more than a hundred express trains commuting to and from each day. Bus transport services are also extremely good. Multiple daily flights are available to Bangalore every day from all major cities in the country.

Healthcare is a profitable industry in Bangalore that adds a wholesome amount to the GDP of the state of Karnataka. According to a research report published in the Indian Journal of Applied Research, Rs. 364,072 Lakhs was spent by the Karnataka state government on public health and family welfare in 2012-13.

Several major Indian and foreign brands have set up hospitals in the city. In addition to general hospitals and clinics, the city also hosts a large number of specialty and super specialty hospitals.

Hospitals in Bangalore

People from all over the country and abroad come to Bangalore for medical treatment. In addition to excellent quality of critical healthcare, the hospitals in Bangalore also provide post-treatment consultations and checkups for as long as is deemed required by the doctor.

Provisions for lodge facilities for family members accompanying the patient are available on request. This saves a lot of hassle for people who are new to the city. The costs of the rent of these living facilities are nominal.

There are several popular hospitals that provide superb healthcare, and rank amongst the top in the country. To name a few are the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Apollo Hospitals, Manipal hospitals, etc.In fact, many of the top tier medical institutes also have teaching and research facilities, thus ensuring constant upgradation of the presently existing facilities.

Facilities and services in hospitals in Bangalore

Many hospitals in Bangalore Have collaborations with other hospitals in different cities, setting up visits of their doctors in those places. This helps patients who cannot come to Bangalore themselves. Many a time, the hospitals also provide video conferencing facilities for patients to consult with their doctors. This is also a great way to help outstation patients.

Several preeminent hospitals sometimes set up free health checkup cum treatment camps, especially in the slum areas. Charity events such as these attract many rich investors willing to find a channel to serve the poor. In this way all parties in question are benefited.

Another antecedent towards the prosperous health sector of the city is the general awareness of the denizens. Bangalore is, at present, one of the most health conscious cities in India. People are extremely mindful of the necessity for regular medical checkups. They make sure to visit their doctors at least once a month. The in numerous parks and gyms are tell-tale of the fitness oriented mindset of the people.

The work culture in the city is intense, being such a major commercial hub. Work related stress as well burnouts among the city dwellers has led to the emergence of hundreds of psychiatry clinics and full fledged psychiatry wings in the hospitals.

Hospitals in Bangalore

Miscellaneous attractions in hospitals in Bangalore

In addition to the basic facilities, the hospitals also offer a lot of special services that serve as attraction for people from all over the country. Some of these include –

  • Executive health checkups on prior demand
  • Twenty-four hour dedicated health care as long as deemed necessary
  • Collaboration with banks for loan and insurance facilities, etc.

In addition to these there are also the regulars like –

  • 24 hours ambulance
  • Radiology and laboratory facilities, and also
  • Post-operative physiotherapy sessions for patients

Many luxury facilities like –

  • Deluxe suites complete with panoramic view
  • Complementary food
  • Priority assistance etc are offered by some establishments.

Many of the hospitals also have international tie ups so that patients visiting from abroad can check in for future consultations with the designated hospital in their own country. These tie ups also serve the fact that doctors may also visit from those countries on requirement, and medicinal consultations can be made upon demand.

In keeping with the theme of technological center, the medical technology industry is also becoming more and more advanced in the city. Several hospitals in Bangalore have fully functional robotic surgery units that effect extremely accurate operations with little to no tissue damage. The results of these endeavors have been brilliant, and all post-operative patients speak in good will.

In lieu of the success in the field, The Indian Medical Device 2017 which is a medical fair cum conference is going to be held in January 2017 in Bangalore. The event is supposed to attract a lot of beneficial additions and investments in the medical technology sector and be a positive impact on the country.

Fortis Hospital in Bangalore

Some of the top hospitals in Bangalore are:

  • Fortis Hospital

    There are 5 Fortis hospitals in Bannerghatta Road, Rajajinagar, Nagarbhavi, Seshadripuram and Cunningham Road in Bangalore. The clinical specialties in Fortis are mental health and behavioural sciences, liver transplant, bariatric & metabolic surgery, cardiology, obstetrics & gynaecology, neurology and orthopedics & joint replacement. The doctors in Fortis hospital Bangalore are experienced and renowned in the healthcare industry. The Fortis hospitals have a minimum of 400 beds in each of their branches throughout Bangalore. Fortis Hospital was designed in consultation with Harvard Medical International (HMI), the global arm of Harvard Medical School.
  • Manipal Hospitals

    Manipal hospitals play an important role in the lives of the people of Bangalore and also the South India. Patient centricity is a key tenet that they follow and which has won the goodwill and trust of patients over the years. Manipal hospitals successfully operates and manages 4,900 beds and caters to around 2 million customers from Indian and overseas every year. Manipal hospital Bangalore was inaugurated in the 1990 with a 600 bed care unit. It provides care for 60 specialties under one roof. Manipal Northside hospital Bangalore was set up in 1993 which has 83 beds and departments include Intensive Care, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and General Medicine.
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH)

    Narayana Hrudayalaya, is headquartered in Hosur road Bangalore.NH consists of a 1000-bed cardiac care hospital and a 1400-bed multi-specialty hospital, which has one of Asia’s most advanced cancer care facility and India’s largest bone marrow transplant unit. A total of 15,000 coronary bypass grafting operations have been performed in the Bangalore hospital. The Bangalore cardiac unit (now Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences) is one of the world’s largest heart hospitals. The hospital also receives patients from outside India, and has created a record of performing nearly 15,000 surgeries on patients from 25 foreign countries.
  • St John Medical College Hospital

    St John medical college hospital unit was established in 1975 in Bangalore. The number of beds in the hospital is 1350. The number of specialty and super specialty services is 15 and 20 respectively. The specialty services include – anaesthesiology, clinical nutrition, clinical psychology, dental surgery, dermatology, emergency medicine, general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), paediatrics, physical medicine & rehabilitation and psychiatry. And the super specialty services include – cardiology, chest medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, diabetes & endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynaecologic oncology, surgical oncology, nephrology, neurology, neuro surgery, paediatric surgery, pain and palliative care unit, plastic reconstructive surgery & burns, urology including endourology, renal transplantation and treatment of erectile dysfunction. St. John’s offer a range of counseling services, public education and awareness to help everyone lead a better life.
  • Apollo Hospital

    Apollo Hospitals Group is one of the largest healthcare groups in Asia. Main branch of Apollo hospitals in Bangalore is located in Bannerghatta road. It started in Bangalore in the year 2007 with 250 bedded facilities. Apollo has over 100 renowned and experienced consultants. The Apollo hospital in Jayanagar offers specialty clinic services in pain management, bone health, uro-nephro care, general surgery and general medicine. The Emergency rooms specialize in handling Cardiac emergencies, Stroke, Road accidents & trauma.
  • Mallya Hospital

    Mallya hospital is located in the heart of Bangalore in Vittal Mallya Road. Mallya hospital is the first multispecialty hospital in India to received the coveted ISO-9002 certification award which has been upgraded to ISO 9001:2008. Mallya Hospital offers a full range of routine and specialized diagnostic services to achieve better health care outcomes. The cardiology center at Mallya hospital annually performs over 300 angioplasties and over 2500 diagnostic cauterization procedures.

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