Yoga Classes in Kolkata – to Balance Your Physical and Mental Health!

By RimTim Staff Writer
September 11, 2018
Yoga classes in Kolkata

There is a famous proverb, “Sound mind is in a sound body,” which focuses on the fact that both the mind and body should be fit. A sound mind means a mind with lots of positivity, having the capability of thinking clearly and promptly in any situation, whereas a sound body refers to a body that is healthy and free from any disease. A healthy mind supports the body to be healthy in the same way. If we are physically fit our mind will automatically be full of positivity and energy. To find the perfect balance between physical and mental health, participate in yoga classes in Kolkata. The yoga centers in Kolkata can teach you the perfect yoga asanas according to your health requirements which you will not easily find in any yoga book or yoga videos.

Yoga- from the time of Vedas

From ancient times, yoga has proven its benefits and now, once again, people are inclined more towards yoga than to running or going to the gym. Yoga not only helps to keep us physically fit but also helps to relax our minds and give us some mental peace.

Health benefits of yoga asanas

Here are some proven benefits of yoga that will surely prompt you to join a yoga course in Kolkata:
  • Helps in decreasing stress: Yoga is the best way to release stress. The practice of yoga can help the mind to relax and ease out all worries and tension. This is not just a general fact but a proven one, as a recent study has shown that practicing yoga consistently for ten weeks helped people to reduce stress, depression, and physical tension. Not only did it decrease feelings of stress, but it also helped people to improve their quality of life. Hence the yoga classes in Kolkata also emphasizes on practicing special yoga asanas for releasing stress.
  • Lower anxiety:Practicing yoga can help to lower levels of anxiety.It has been observed that people, especially woman, who practice yoga at least two or three times a week experience a lower level of anxiety as compared to those who are not much into yoga. Even doctors advise patients with anxiety disorders to start practicing yoga in order to overcome their anxiety.
  • Better immune system: Practicing yoga can help to improve the immune system, as regular Yoga practice can stimulate blood flow in the body and give strength to fight many diseases.
  • Reduced risk of heart diseases: Including yoga in your daily routine helps to pump blood throughout the body bringing all required nutrients to essential organs and tissues. Studies have shown that yoga helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and problems associated with the same. It also helps to regulate and maintain healthy blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, it is highly recommended to everyone to consider joining a yoga class for better health and the yoga classes in Kolkata are an ideal place to start in.
  • Yoga courses in Kolkata
  • Better quality of life: If you practice yoga regularly it becomes part of your daily routine. It helps to control mood swings and improves your overall quality of life. Undoubtedly practicing yoga can lower stress, anxiety and tension which can lead to a better lifestyle.
  • Relieves chronic pain: Most people who suffer from chronic pain due to injury or arthritis could benefit from yoga in order to cultivate strength to fight symptoms and relieve pain. It has been observed in research studies that Yoga is far more effective than other treatments for reducing pain and strengthening grip.
  • Improves flexibility: When you join a yoga course in Kolkata you will face some difficulties initially due to a lack of flexibility. However, as time passes you will be amazed to see how flexible your body has become. Yoga helps to improve flexibility to a great extent and also improves mobility in older people.
  • Improve breathing: Various yoga asanas or poses in yoga focus on breathing. Through these poses and techniques, you can easily begin to control breathing problems. People who have any issues related to breathing are often advised to perform certain yoga poses to overcome the problem.
  • Helps in reducing weight and increasing strength: This is one of the most common reasons why people join yoga courses in Kolkata. Regular yoga practice helps to shed those extra pounds. Along with losing weight, it also helps to strengthen and tone your muscles.
  • Relieves migraine pain: People suffering from migraine headaches can find relief in yoga. Regular yoga practice helps to relieve migraine pain, and it is a proven adjacent therapy along with medication to cure this problem. A blend of proper medication and yoga can help you to get rid of this problem permanently.

Yoga is not only an exercise, but it’s also a therapy that helps you to maintain a perfect balance between physical and mental health. Everyone must make it a part of their daily routine by joining a yoga class in Kolkata!

RimTimmers recommend the following yoga centers in Kolkata:

  1. Asian Yoga Research Institute and Vocational Training Centre

    Address: 135/16, Jaigirghat Road, Thakurpukur, Kolkata – 700063
    Phone: +91-9830289218
  2. Barrackpore Yoga & Naturopathy Clinic

    Address: 72,Karunamoyee Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata – 700123
    Phone: +91-33-25927166
  3. Debjani Majumder

    Address: Sodepur Government Housing Estate Road, Sodepur, Kolkata – 700110
  4. Health Mission

    Address:Near Boral Telephone Exchange,Gitanjali Park, Boral, Kolkata – 700154
    Phone: +91-33-33019212
  5. Medicare Yoga And Physiotherapy Centre

    Address:AG 4, Near Rishka Stand, Krishnapur Main Road, Hana Para-Keshtopur, Kolkata – 700102
    Phone: +91-9830020621
  6. Prabhat Yoga Institute

    Address: 595, Ustad Amir Khan Sarani, Haridevpur, Kolkata, Near Milan Sangho – 700082
    Phone: +91-33-66343927

    Address: 11/1, Jubilee Court, HO Chi Minh Sarani, Midleton Row, Kolkata – 700071
    Phone: +91-33-40001222
  8. Temple Of Yoga

    Address: 10A, Ultadanga Main Road, Fariapukur,Near Khanna Cinema, Ultadanga, Kolkata – 700004
    Phone: +91-33-25552492
  9. Therapeutic Yoga And Exercise

    Address: #376/n, Sarkar Hut Lane, Sarsuna Main Road, Near Mahamayar Math, Kolkata – 700061
    Phone: +91-8272942548
  10. World Yoga Society in Salt Lake

    Address:No.AA-42, Salt Lake City, Near P. N. B., Kolkata – 700064
    Phone: +91-33-23347599

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