Choose The Right Crèche For Your Child

By RimTim Staff Writer
July 9, 2016

One of the hardest things for working mothers is leaving their young child in someone’s care for the first time before heading out to work. Women face a real conflict in this situation; there is this dread of leaving their precious one with someone else, a fear that their baby is still too young; equally strong is the need to work, to supplement the family income, to provide for the family.

Necessity of crèche or day care

We live in the era of nuclear families, there’s no longer an ecosystem of grandmothers and aunts to look after the children while the mother leaves for the office. Good nannies or babysitters are hard to find. With expenses so high, especially the cost of education for their little one, mothers today cannot afford to leave work and sit at home to look after their child. That’s why finding a quality day care centre or crèche can make all the difference to working mothers.

Mothers and crèche

Many mothers wonder if their child is too young to be dropped at a daycare centre or crèche. Experts say that as long as the child is at least 4 months old, he or she is old enough to be dropped at a crèche, just for a couple of hours or so to begin with.

While it would be ideal for the mother to be with her child at least until the age of 2, this is not possible in reality. Mothers have to start leaving for office after the maximum maternity leave granted by most companies which is 6 months expires.

Advantages of a crèche

It is actually helpful for mothers to leave their children at crèches, even if they are stay-at-home moms as it would give them some time to relax and refresh themselves. Small children who spend time in crèche learn to be independent at a very early age. They are not too demanding of their parents’ time and learn to interact with other children of various age groups.

Indeed, a crèche is always preferable to leave the child rather than with a nanny or a babysitter all the time. Because nannies tend to be too lenient towards the child. They do not correct the child or explain what’s right or wrong. They are not granted this authority by the parents. Also, children learn very little when left with a nanny, but pick up social skills very quickly at a crèche.

As a mother, Snehal Avchat explains, she left her daughters Shriya and Shweta, who are now 11 and 7 years old, at a crèche, right from the time they were three months old. Snehal says, “We wanted to give our children a certain lifestyle. I had to step out of the house to support my husband. For me, the crèche was the only alternative at the time. But it was the right decision. As compared to others, I have seen that my girls are more independent, very social and sharing. They have become confident. My career rise has also been consistent and it is all because of the crèche.”

Day care

Selecting the right crèche for your child

The importance of choosing the right crèche or day care centre for your child cannot be emphasized enough.

  • First, things first, find out if the crèche is licensed or not. You must only trust a licensed crèche with your child.
  • Assess the standard of the crèche by visiting it at least twice or thrice and spending some time there before admitting your child. Only choose professionally run crèches with well-trained staff.
  • The crèche should be close to your workplace so that you can get to it quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Observe the interaction between the staff and the children and find out if the daycare facility has the minimum health and safety requirements.
  • The activities at the crèche are very important. There should be a new activity every few days, not just the same that is repeated day in and day out. Ask for a schedule of the activities and ensure that the activities are not too stressful for your child.
  • Ask the management about their recreational ideas, and closely examine the toys and picture books at the crèche.
  • Make sure that the crèche is spacious enough. You won’t want your little one to feel cramped in the day care centre.
  • Ask about the security processes in place to prevent the children from wandering out or to prevent falls. Once you choose the crèche, keep their contact information with you on your phone and leave your phone number, office address and home address with them.

Finally, stop feeling guilty about leaving your child in a crèche. Don’t pamper your child too much and don’t give in to each and every one of his or her demands. Indian parents tend to spoil their children, which affects the child’s growth in the long-run. Choosing a well managed, professional crèche would do a lot to improve your child’s social skills as it would put him or her in close contact with other children.

Creche in Chennai

Rimtimmers recommend crèche and day care centres in Chennai:

  1. Bamboola

    Address: #73 (Old #26), Venkatakrishna Road, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai – 600028
    Phone No: +919840394190
  2. Podar Jumbo Kids Plus

    Address: la celeste, 1st Main Road, Kurinji Nagar, Mugalivakkam, Chennai – 600116
    Phone No: +919841588775
  3. Kudos Play School

    Address: No: 147, Velacheri Main Road, Near Union Bank, East Tambaram, Chennai – 600059
    Phone No: +919884261592
  4. Parents Choice Day Care

    Address: 268, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Next to Panchayat office, Sholinganallur, Chennai – 600119
    Phone No: +914465212345
  5. Rainbow Pre School & Creche

    Address: No 14 vadivelu cross Near Vellayan Market, 33/12, 3rd St, Perambur, Chennai – 600011
    Phone No: +919941816156
  6. Hello Kids Coral

    Address: No. 20/19, Sri Ramar Street, Near Ragavendra Temple, Devaraj Nagar, Saligramam, Chennai – 600093
    Phone No: +919710895779
Creche in Hyderabad

Rimtimmers recommend crèche and day care centres in Hyderabad:

  1. Esperanza Day Care

    Address: Door No. 2-50/22/PH, Bhavya Sree Building, Plot No 22, Jayabheri Pine Valley, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032
    Phone No:+914064600404
  2. Kindercare

    Address: #3, Beside Hotel Radisson, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032
    Phone No:+914064525689
  3. Chipotle Kids

    Address: B-72, Madhura Nagar, Opposite to Rajdoot Hotel, Hyderabad – 500038
    Phone No:+914064557343
  4. Elly Child Care

    Address: Vinayak Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032
    Phone No:+919394999599
  5. Kidz Paradise

    Address: Ground Floor, Maximus 2B, Raheja Mindspace IT Park, Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad – 500081
    Phone No:+914042216464
  6. Little Daffodils

    Address: 7-1-217/D, Ameerpet Near, Nature Cure Hospital Rd, Rangareddy, Hyderabad- 500016
    Phone No:+914064535588

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