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By RimTim Staff Writer

August 18, 2017
Loan agents in Noida

To a layman soliciting a loan, the application process seems long and complicated. One of the easiest ways to go about the procedure is to hire a loan agent.

A loan officer is a person who propitiates the meeting of a money lender and a borrower. He scrutinizes the terms and conditions laid by both parties and makes matches wherever possible. This type of meditation is extremely helpful for many clients, especially those who are applying for the first time.

Loan agents in Noida and investments

Loan agents and companies are a growing enterprise throughout the world. As per a report published in Economic Times, housing finance companies are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 40% from 2017 to 2021.

With more and more people coming into the business, the arena of loan agencies is visualizing a large increase in employment opportunities. A survey report for the year 2016 released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor stated that the median pay for a loan officer is $63,650 which amounts to $30.60 an hour. The job outlook for the term 2014-24 is estimated to grow at an average rate of 8% with a corresponding employment change of 24,500.

Loan agents in Noida

A growing civic encouraging a vast array of business opportunities, Noida harbors a large number of loan agents throughout the city. The agencies facilitate loans for a variety of purposes viz., education, property and home loan, personal, loans for two and four wheelers and other large investments.

The loan agents in Noida work in collaboration with money lenders from all over the country. This allows a large pool for the borrowers to choose from, which in turn brings about an increase in the flexibility of terms and conditions.

Procedures of loan agents in Noida

If you are exasperated with the unending paperwork involved in a loan application process, then it is time for you is to make an appointment with a loan agent.

  • Credibility: While choosing a loan agent, it is extremely important to check the credibility of the office. Ask your agent about their certificates and approval from the government.
  • Authenticity: There have been several instances of fraud detected by the courts and the customers are advised to verify their personal and financial safety before engaging in any kind of business deal.
  • Required details: In order to process your loan, the agent will require details about the exact nature of your investment, your financial background and past loan records if any. It is extremely important to maintain transparency at all times for correct approval of the request.
  • Processing: Once you have laid down all your requirements and criteria, the officer will read through your application carefully over the next few days. When an appropriate match with a lender is found, contact between you and the lending party will be facilitated.

Importance of loan agents in Noida

Appointing a loan officer has several benefits that resound with the life of many modern borrowers.

  • Future investment: By paying a small amount as the service charge, you are investing in an aid that guarantees you information about all the prospective lenders you can associate with.
  • Best deals: In addition to an access to the lenders’ pool, a loan officer creates a customized list of the best deals and conditions that match your needs as a borrower.
  • Safety and profit: Interactions between you and the lender are always mediated by the agent. This ensures safety and profit of both parties in the long run.
  • Mode of operation: A loan officer can be working in several kinds of arrangements, the common being individualized and company based.

A loan agent working as a solo operator usually has a small office where he is the only working officer. In contrast, a loan facilitating company is a firm that hires several loan agents for work. The company usually has a larger database of lenders and borrowers, facilitating a wider range of business.

Personal loan agents in Noida

Types of services of loan agents in Noida

  • Personal loan: This type of loan has challenging aspects, due to the higher interest rates and slightly complicated terms and conditions. Personal loans do not require the assignment of any collateral, and thus is subject to a higher level of inspection by the lending authorities.
  • A personal loan agent in Noida will not only tell you about the best opportunities in the market but will also assist you through the entire process at a nominal fee.

  • Education loan: With the emergence of this type of loan, favorable opportunities for higher education no longer go untapped due to a lack of finance. Your agent will make sure you receive a loan taking into account all relevant government policies that work in favor.
  • Property loan: One of the most popular types of loan usually requested for, a home and property loan stands for the establishment of a new business or a house. Loan agencies usually take you through several options to get you the lowest interest rates in the market.

Rimtimmers recommends the following loan agents in Noida

  1. Loan Broker

    Address: 408, 4th Floor, Wave SIlver Tower, Sector 18, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9716147450
  2. Victoryone Amara

    Address: F-10 1st Floor Wave Silver Tower Sector 18, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9718448844
  3. Deal 4 Loans

    Address: E-32, Ground Floor, Near Sector 6 Police Chowki, Sector – 8, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9811739782
  4. Noida Property Dealers

    Address: G 9, 1st Floor, G-Block, Sector 63, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9958345345
  5. Can Fin Homes Ltd

    Address: Plot No.C-3, first floor, Above Canara Bank, NCR, Sector 1, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-1202970164
  6. DHFL Home Loan

    Address: Plot No.6, Block – A, Ground Floor, Phase – I, Sector – 2, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-4862700
  7. LIC Housing Finance Limited

    Address: 1st Floor, Awana Market, Captain VijyantThapar Marg, Pocket E, Sector 27, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9810915069
  8. Global Immigration

    Address: Pocket I, Sector 18, New Okhla Industrial Development Area, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9555670111
  9. Biz2credit Information Services Private Limited

    Address: D -7, 4th Floor, Sector 3, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: 1800-30020653
  10. i2ifunding.com – Personal Loans and P2P Lending

    Address: Suite No.207, C-104, C- Block, Sector 65, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9717420307

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