Science City Kolkata: A Place For Science And Technology Lovers

By RimTim Staff Writer
February 1, 2017

The scientific curiosity of man has been one of the greatest anchors of the evolutionary process. Science has been the true companion of man, ever since the first fire was lit over which food was cooked. The keenness for knowledge has led to the establishment of centers of science for all those that wish to learn.

The Science City Kolkata is one of the largest public displays of scientific endeavors in Asia. Open since 1997 as an undertaking by the National Council of Science Museums, Government of India, it serves the purpose of bringing the core of the scientific research community to the public.

As per an Indian Tourism Statistics report published by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, for the year 2014, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Kolkata through the airport alone was estimated at 0.23 million and ranked 3% of the net Indian value. The tourism sector in Kolkata is vast, and because of this, Science City Kolkata has been a prime spot for science promotion, especially for the young generation. In fact, Science City is one of the most visited destinations in Kolkata, both by tourists and locals. According to another report published by the Indian Meteorological Department, Government of India, the best months to visit the city are between February and April, as well as August to October, with the average daily temperature being 25-26 degrees Celsius during these times.

Science City Kolkata : Popular Spot for Tourism

Science City Kolkata is one of the most popularly visited places in Kolkata by tourists. The average number of visitors every day is several hundred, the numbers escalating on weekends and holidays.

This tourist spot is filled with a variety of engagements catering to the interest of all.

  1. Earth Exploration Hall

    Earth Exploration Hall

    This is a center for information on global issues and geography and has been open since 2008. The building contains a huge model of earth depicting the two hemispheres, outlining the phenomena occurring in each hemisphere as well as resultant conditions. There are two floors, the top one for having a closer look at the northern hemisphere, and likewise. The entire building is covered in large posters and glow screens displaying written content and images as per the theme.
  2. Space Odyssey

    Space Odysee

    Serving as a center for display of information related to space projects, the Space Odyssey serves as one of the most popular sections at Science City Kolkata. The major attraction is the planetarium that puts on shows related to space exploration and research as well as a variety of other genres. There is a Time Machine which is basically a motion simulator that provides visitors with the experience of a journey in space. Other attractions include the 3D Vision Theatre and the Mirror Magic.
  3. Maritime Center

    Maritime Center

    This is a display hall for developments in the maritime sector, built in collaboration with the Kolkata Port Trust. The building itself is built in the shape of a ship and is a fascinating structure to see. The Maritime Center exhibits models and information bulletins on the history and development of maritime vessels and tidbits on the latest research.
  4. Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden

    This is a nursery for butterfly breeding and rearing and is open to the public. The life cycles of a large number of species of butterflies are on display on posters as well as for live viewing. Experts and volunteers are always walking around the center, ready to answer queries.
  5. Outdoor Science Park

    Science city outdoor park

    This is an outdoor display of scientific demonstrations and experiments. Set in a maze of greenery, the science park aims to educate people on basic principles of science through a hands-on method. There are several rides and amusement corners as well as life-size depictions of learning apparatus. A few notable sections include Caterpillar Ride, Gravity Coaster, Musical Fountain, and the Road Train, among others.

Events in Science City Kolkata

In addition to the installed demonstrations, Science City Kolkata hosts many programs and exhibitions in the Convention Center Complex. There are three sections, the Grand Theatre having a seating capacity of 2232 people, the Seminar Building with eleven halls of varying capacities and the Mini Auditorium with a seating capacity of 392.

The convention center serves as a venue for a multitude of events related to the scientific research community. National Science Day is celebrated each year on the 28th of February and events are generally arranged on a multiple day basis. Most of the programs are targeted toward school and college students, keeping in mind the importance of encouraging scientific interest in the young generation.

Other events include international seminars, talks by eminent scientists, national conferences, science exhibitions and national level literary programs.

Notes on Science City in Kolkata

The complex remains open for the public throughout the year. The price of tickets is reasonably low and food and drinks are available for purchase inside. There is also a picnic ground to relax in at the end of the tour. Entry for school students is provided at nominal rates and school buses are not charged a parking fee.

A day at Science City Kolkata is worth indulging in, and what you carry back with you is utterly invaluable.

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