7 Points For Choosing The Right Car Dealership!

By RimTim Staff Writer

September 2, 2017
Choosing the Right Car Dealer

Have you decided to make your dream come true of buying a new car? Have you decided the color, variant and your maximum budget which will help you in exploring best choice among different ones? Before you decide on the purchase, make sure to choose the right car dealer.

There is umpteen number of car dealers out there but not everyone will provide you with the best service guarantee and customer satisfaction. According to a recent consumer survey, it was found that 57 percent of car owners are satisfied with their car dealership whereas 31 percent are somewhat satisfied with the experience of their dealership. 10 percent of car owners said that they are completely dissatisfied with their dealership experience. In this way, the survey concluded that you can easily find plenty of car dealers who are selling a car but finding the right car dealer with a good dealership experience is a challenging task. Your car dealership experience should not be dependent on the stroke of luck. Having said that, you should be careful while choosing the right car dealership.

Choosing the Right Car DealerShip – 7 Points to Consider

There are 8 points which you might want to consider in your hunt for the right car dealership:

  • Ensure your buying preferences – This is the first and foremost step in searching the right dealership for your new car. You must research about the features which you want in your car. Your buying preferences might vary depending upon your basic needs. For instance, if you have a big family, you might want to purchase a sedan or any multi-purpose car. In case, you need it only to commute from your office to home or vice versa then you might want to invest in a premium hatchback variant with good mileage.
  • Check multiple dealers and draft out a list – Another important point you should consider is to make a list of multiple dealers in your location. Initially, you can make a list with their name and address. This will help you in selecting the best car-dealer among all.
  • Read online reviews – Reviews are the reflection of buyers experiences. You should read reviews on various review websites such as DealerRater, Edmunds etc. By reading online reviews, you can identify which dealer might serve you with the best dealership experience.
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  • Ask others – In case, it is hard to find any online review, you should ask others about the experience they have had with their car dealers. If someone gives you good feedback about any car dealer, then you might want to add that dealer in your list.
  • Compare prices – A lower price doesn’t guarantee you about the quality of dealership, but it is absolutely necessary that you should consider comparing the price quotes provided by dealers online. In case, the price quote seems like a hefty one then you should make sure that it is worth buying for.
  • Compare perks/ benefits – This is the most important point to consider while searching for the best car dealer. Many dealers offer attractive benefits or perks with the car purchase in the form of unique selling proposition. These benefits might be beneficial for you as they can save some chunks from your pocket every time you need service for your car. Some perks that you should consider to compare can include the car wash, pick up and drop off service, tire rotation, and internal cleansing.
  • Pay attention to the service standard and sales approachM – Last but not the least, your chosen car dealer must have a service standard and a good sales approach that could be usually identified on account of past consumers experiences. You should pay attention to the closest details such as the behavior of the salesperson. Is he paying attention to your needs and responding you quicker? Is he capable of answering your questions? You could easily scrutinize a sales person by asking him a couple of questions about the service they are offering.

Your car dealership strongly influences condition and longevity of your car. Henceforth, you must ensure that you choose the right dealer for your car.