Online Shopping For Used Cars In India

By RimTim Staff Writer
June 14, 2016
Used cars

Online shopping for used cars in India has never been easier. The used car market is huge in India. Till about a decade ago, the used car market in India was dominated by the unorganized dealers such as self-appointed used car dealers, roadside mechanics who were not certified by the Government of India and by the car owners themselves. Mostly, it was a word-of-mouth advertisement amongst the dealers and customers. There were not many major car brands which entered the used car market. But the entire concept and market of used car took an alarming progress by the beginning of 2011. In 2014, the number of used car sold in India per year stands at 30 lakh units, and this is growing at CAGR of 22%-24%.

The major market players in the used car market in India at present are Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota. According to India’s top market research firm CRISIL, the ratio of new cars to used cars that are sold in the market is 1: 2.2. This has led to a mushrooming of used car websites where you can buy used cars conveniently and safely. So, if you’re looking to buy a used car in India, we have listed the best used car websites for you.

Top Used Car Websites in India – is a top online shopping site for used cars that connects buyers and sellers on a very organized and well structured platform. is one of the most popular websites in India and gets 4 million visitors each month. You will find cars sold by individual sellers as well as by car dealers on You will have access to reliable used car price information, on road dealer prices and expert car reviews.

You have the option of buying certified used cars on, which is very useful indeed. The prices on offer here are among the best in the used car marketplace. – is one of the best used car websites in India with the most reliable pricing. brings buyers and sellers together, and gives them the tools to do research, buy or sell cars and engage in a friendly discussion on an online forum and on message boards about their cars.

The cars are filtered based on their prices and sorted according to their popularity. You will find the latest car news, expert reviews of new models, videos and more. You can compare cars, recommend cars, check their price, look out for new car launches, special deals and offers and more. You will have access to car loans as well. – is one of the most popular used car websites in India where you can buy a used car, sell your old car or look for the most up-to-date information about a new car. has a large community of car owners and offers excellent support to those looking to either buy or sell a car. also offers excellent recommendations as to which car to buy based on your requirements.

Under the category “Used Car”, you will find options such as Buy used cars, car loan, sell cars, recently listed, used car dealers, and used car valuation. There are useful financial options available as well, such as a car loan facility, which can be availed by prospective car buyers. You will find the latest news on the automobile industry, expert reviews of new cars and more.

India car purchase – is more than just a used car website. It is the most comprehensive auto-portal in India which covers every aspect of the automobile industry in India and abroad. You will find the latest information about both existing cars and the latest cars to hit the market. sells both new cars and used cars. You will find over 100,000 used cars listed on this website by the individual car owners. You can filter the cars by their brand, model or by price, based on your budgetary considerations.

You can get in touch with the car owners or with the dealers selling the used cars directly. There is no commission needed to be paid to You can list an old car to be sold on this platform as well and take advantage of the huge traffic that the website gets. – is one of India’s biggest marketplaces to buy and sell not just used cars, but bikes, scooters and other consumer vehicles as well. You will find all sorts of used cars here, from those that are only a few months old to vintage cars from the 1940s.

Car buyers have access to car loans as well and can benefit from tools such as the EMI calculator and affordability calculator, buyer’s guide, new car brochure, up-to-date pricing research and other useful tools.

You can bid for used cars in the Auction department on and get special offers such as launch specials, gifts, weekly and monthly specials, anniversary specials and more.

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