Christmas Gifts Ideas In India That You May Like!

By RimTim Staff Writer

December 19, 2017

Christmas time convoys in about of celebrations and beatitude. It is a day when we rejoice the birth of a savior of humanity, a messiah who taught people the true meaning of philanthropy. Celebrated with festivities and grandeur all over the world, it ushers a season of peace and love marking the end of a year and the advent of a new one. This holy occasion begets heart felt forgiveness, making us forget all the worries, animosity and drudgeries of the year. People thank the almighty for his blessings and what he has bestowed upon us.

The rituals and sessions differ in style all over the world, but the spirit of the season remains the same. Whether it be a summer Christmas in the southern hemisphere or a snowy, white Christmas in the north, the gaiety is remarkable.

Christmas day celebration in India

Christmas celebrations in India are extremely grand and gusty. The entire country comes together to take part in the festivities irrespective of faith. The excitement starts building up right from the end of November. The choir practice in the churches, weekly local carol meets, gift shopping, and the like keep the people engaged. Restaurants, bakeries and cafes remain extremely busy during Christmas time, with last-minute shoppers or people hanging out and having great conversations over coffee.

According to a World Bank report referenced in The Hindu on 16 April 2015, the bank account populace in the country increased from 35% in 2011 to 53% in 2014. With the uplift of economy and in turn the lifestyle standard of the people, celebrating with grandeur and bounteousness has become the disposition.

The start of December brings a rush of pre-Christmas events. People throw house parties; arrange get-togethers and picnics almost every weekend. Schools and colleges also hold their share of Christmas in India.

Many educational institutes are known to arrange Christmas galas. These are generally one or two-day fetes where the students and teachers organize musical programs, set up food stalls and mini gaming counters. Part of the money collected is usually donated to the needy people.

Token of love in Christmas day

Christmas celebrations in India are a huge deal and the festival is looked forward to with eagerness all year long. The foremost pursuit is sharing of love and fortune with those around us.

People start planning for Christmas gift shopping long before the season actually sets in. Lists are made and budgets are set. The effort put into mindful gifting brings everybody close together, for then we tend to truly attend to what our loved ones wish for.

The gifting juncture is further augmented when all the markets and malls start their Christmas sales. These usually commence at least three weeks prior and continue up to Christmas day. If you have a good eye for things, then you can get some nice presents at low prices.

During Christmas, you are usually be shopping for multiple gifts and are on a budget. So, these sales turn out to be really helpful. This is also the time when all the elite brands in the market go on sale, so you can find some beautiful pieces are a much lesser price.

The markets explode with shoppers during Christmas. According to a survey report published by Statista the retail industry in the US generated more than $3 during the holiday season alone. That accounts for 19.2% of the total industry sales in the year.

Christmas Day Gifts Ideas In India

Christmas gifts ideas

Gifts are meant to be personal, but a hint list is always welcome, especially if you are shopping last minute. Here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts in India that you may like-

  • Candy: Who doesn’t like to be presented with a bag of colorful candy on Christmas day? You can mix and match and put in a variety of gums and candies in a pouch. Jazzing it up, you can even add a couple of small jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, rings and a keychain along with the candy. Marshmallows in a candy pouch can add even more colors!.
  • Home décor : For your friend who is obsessed with decorating their home or even somebody who just moved into a new house, you can get an elegant piece of décor like colorful candles, a nice showpiece, paintings, photo frames, a vase or stars and crystal balls for Christmas decor. This could act both as a Christmas and house warming gift.
  • Baked goodies : Try your hand at baking and gift your loved ones a tin of cookies or a delicious homemade cake. It bespeaks a lot of personal effort and love and is bound to be received with utter joy along with making your foodie friends even happier!
  • Timepiece: A watch is one of the best and most useful Christmas gifts in India as well as anywhere else in the world. It is an appropriate gift for every age and gender and stays for a lifetime.
  • A sweater: This is a little broad, as you can knit one yourself or buy one. Nevertheless, a sweater is always a great gift during the winter, so it will also work well as a Christmas gift. After all, you can never have too many sweaters!
  • Santa Claus: Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus. Santa brings love and happiness for everyone with lots of gifts in his big shoulder bag. So, some gifts related to Santa to our loved ones, especially small kids, is a great Christmas gift idea. A Santa cap or costume will go well here.

Christmas: festival of decorations!

Christmas decorations in India are also something to look out for. A week or two before the big day, shops all over the country starts selling Christmas trees and décor. Tasteful strings of light in various shapes and colors are hung up in the stalls. Christmas trees are sold in different sizes, starting from small house trees to large ones that you can put up in the backyard. And the assortment of Christmas decorations in India that is sold is absolutely a treasure. Bells, rings, stars, crystal balls, wreaths and other trinkets that are on display are a delight to look at. They are inexpensive, so you can buy as much as you want to decorate your tree. The streets and shops are lit up with fairy lights and beget a dazzling sight.

Candles are a big seller during Christmas. Certain shops sell specialty candles that are made by handicapped children or destitute people of different aromas, color, shapes and sizes. Part of the amount you pay is sent by buying the Christmas candles to them. Apart from Christmas candles, they also make small decorative pieces, coin purses, packs of candy, and paper flowers.

Events and gaiety of Christmas

Christmas in India is a time for parties and celebratory meals with everybody. Schools, pre-schools and neighborhood societies organize fiestas almost every week. Pre-Christmas cocktail parties are also popular, especially office ones. You always need your dressing to be on point during this time of the year!

Pre-Christmas carnivals are also an ace event. They are usually held in open grounds and take place for a week leading upto Christmas Eve. There are tons of stalls set up by locals or some organization that sell goodies like cakes, muffins, homemade bread, freshly barbequed meat and colorful drinks. Several game stalls are also put up, balloon shooting being one of the most visited ones!

More than the attractions, you visit to indulge in a spirit of festivity and take delight in the happiness bubbling up all around you. The air is heavy with joy and kindness, and the entire community feels like a big family.

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