Diwali 2018: The Festival of Lights, Crackers and Rangolis

By RimTim Staff Writer
October 25, 2018
Diwali 2018

With pomp and vigor, everyone in India can be seen gearing up for celebrating the festival of lights – Diwali 2018. The houses are decorated with colorful Diwali lights and diyas along with beautiful rangolis and various Indian sweets adding extra sweetness to the celebration of Diwali 2018. Specifying the victory of light over darkness that is the victory of good over evil, people in India celebrate Diwali with utmost joy and happiness. Diwali is also dedicated to worshiping of Goddess Laxmi, an avatar of wealth and prosperity and thus making the festival a beautiful mixture of devotion and celebration.

Fireworks in Diwali – history and tradition

It’s a trend to use crackers in Diwali, specially by the youngsters. But traditionally crackers were never a part of Diwali celebration. There is no historical evidence or reporting of use of crackers before the Mughal period. Even during the Mughal era, Diwali was restricted to the Gujarat area and celebrated primarily using lamps until when Aurangzeb in 1667 prohibited exhibition of lamps and fireworks for Diwali.

After the Mughals, the Explosives Act restricted the sale and manufacture of the raw materials used to manufacture crackers and fireworks. The association of fireworks and crackers happened much later and can be called an act of marketing success. As stated by history, all these preparation was to celebrate the death of the enemy Raavan. Diwali is celebrated across India to rejoice the return of Ram to Ayodhya. Diwali celebration now just does not remain a day of lighting lamps, worshipping whom one considers God, wearing new clothes but it also extends to burning massive number of firecrackers. However, people should also be concerned that it affects our environment very severely and the atmosphere becomes polluted. With the growing tension in China – the radios with Diwali 2018 round the corner are full of advertisements requesting citizens to use earthen diyas or lanterns and shift the revenue towards our Indian potters and avoid Chinese light products and crackers.

Gift ideas for Diwali 2018

A token of love from a dear one on the most awaited festival of the year is awesome. On the other hand you can also gift your loved one a nice Diwali gift and make your celebration more joyful. People in India start planning about Diwali gift shopping long before the season actually starts. The gifting season is in full swing when all the marketers start their Diwali offers. This year as well, advertisements can be seen everywhere with Diwali 2018 offers on cloths, jewelleries, electronic appliances, household, furniture and other items. Here are few gift ideas that you may like in this Diwali 2018:

  • Cloths: Gifting cloths is the best option. You can even get good Diwali offers on cloths. A nice saree for your mom, shirt for your dad, salwar for your sister or a nice kurta for your brother to wear on this Diwali 2018 – what can be better than this!
  • Jewelleries: Want to gift a kurta to your friend in Diwali and do not know her size? No worry, just switch to some nice jewelleries and your friend will be even happier. Along with gold, the market has also so many options for buying jewelleries with trending designs and affordable price.This season you can even go for online shopping where good brands are giving exciting Diwali 2018 offers.
  • Sweets and dry fruits: There is tradition in India that good tasks should always start with sharing and eating sweets. Following that gifting sweets and dry fruits can also be a good choice for this Diwali 2018.
  • gift ideas for Diwali 2018
  • Diwali lights and crackers: Lamps and crackers are an essential part of Diwali celebration. So this can also be a good Diwali gift specially to kids and small children to play with. However, it is also be taken care that they use it safely and they should be gifted only the mild crackers which are not harmful.
  • A plant: We celebrate Diwali every year, lighten Diwali lamps, burn crackers and enjoy the fireworks. But are we all aware of what bad impacts our environment faces, how much our atmosphere is polluted for all the smoke emitted from the crackers? Let’s think deeper about this in Diwali 2018 and take an oath to plant at least one tree in our area. Thus, we can enjoy our festival and can also create an environmental balance. Will it not be the best thing this Diwali if you give your loved one a plant as a gift?

Firework and firecracker factories:

AyyaNadar and ShanmugaNadar two brothers who were working in a match making factory in Kolkata returned home to Sivakasi, Tamil nadu with a business plan. They set up a match making factory there. In 1940, the Explosives Act made a certain class of fireworks legal and the Nadar brothers created the first fireworks factory in Sivakasi. They used marketing strategy and worked hard to relate Diwali and firecrackers and succeeded in increasing their demand and by 1980 they had around 189 plants around Sivaski.

There are a lot of firecracker factories and markets in India. Delhi being the capital city has got a large number of firecracker shops and markets where along with firecrackers, earthen diyas and other traditional lamps and locally produced crackers are available and that too with some exciting Diwali offers. Here are some options you can try this Diwali for shopping in Delhi:

Diwali 2018 Dates in India & Calendar

Dhanteras 2018 5th November 2018
Chhoti Diwali 2018 6th November 2018
Lakshmi Pujan 2018 7th November 2018
Govardhan Puja 2018 8th November 2018
Bhai Duj/Bhau Beej 2018 9th November 2018

RimTimmers recommend the following firecracker shops in Delhi/NCR:

  1. Bedi Traders

    Address: Shop No. 1/6, Opposite Prem Nagar Gurudwara, Shivaji Marg, ChhotiSubjiMandi, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi – 110058
    Phone: +91- 9810555451
  2. Durga Fire Works Delhi

    Address: A- 18, Kabir Nagar, Main 100 Feet Road, Opposite Shiv Mandir,,Shahdara Delhi – 110094, Delhi – 110094
    Phone: +91-8071805344
  3. Dharam Fire Works

    Address: Metro Pillar No. 661, Main Road, Hastsal Road, Block A 1, Uttam Nagar, Delhi – 110059
    Phone: +91-11-25377204
  4. Jai Kishan Fireworks

    Address: 491, Gurudwara Rd, Shiv Nagar, KotlaMubarakpur, South Extension I, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
    Phone: +91-11-24690831
  5. Jaggu Mal Ved Prakash

    Address: Shop No.49-A, Central Market, Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Marg, Block D, East Kidwai Nagar, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi – 110023
    Phone: +91-9868154930
  6. Mayur Patakha shop

    Address: CSC-A-1, Shop No 1, DDA Super Bazar Market, PaschimVihar, PaschimVihar, Delhi – 110063
    Phone: +91-9313712412
  7. Mighty Fireworks

    Address: Shop no. 1, Pocket D-14, CSC-II DDA Market,, Sector 8, Rohini, Delhi – 110085
    Phone: +91-9873437299
  8. Sparkling Moments

    Address: No. 7/37-B, Yudhister Street, Vishwas Nagar, Delhi – 110032, India, Delhi – 110032
    Phone: +91-9810437143
  9. Shivam Fireworks

    Address: DMRC Pillar 661, Delhi – 110059
    Phone: +91-9958603980
  10. Vishal Fire Works

    Address: D-1/177 New-Kondli, Main Rd, MayurVihar Phase III, Delhi – 110096
    Phone: +91-9810650156

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