Do You Follow The Day Wise Clothes Colors For Seven Days ?

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 4, 2017
Clothes Colours for Seven Days

Some of you may have heard about the different “lucky colors” for each day of the week, and how some people even coordinate their outfits accordingly but have you ever wondered about the origin of this idea and the ways in which color affects our daily lives?

Each day of the week is presumed to be associated with a particular color. This belief system originated centuries ago in several different locations around the world. Slight variations in the symbolism have been noted from place to place over time, but the overall concept is fairly uniform around the world.

The notion of day wise clothes colors for seven days traces its roots back to parts of Asia, especially in South and Southeast Asia, and in the Middle East. In India, this concept is strongly supported by astrology as well as Ayurveda.

Which colors should you wear ?

Planning an outfit every day can be an arduous task for many, but wardrobe-selection can become much easier when you already know the day wise clothes colors for seven days! The idea of wearing one specific color each day of the week has been gaining a lot of popularity around the globe over the past century.

Many people, especially in the West, are now learning about astrology and are starting to follow some of its simple customs. An article published in The Hindu stated that around 21% of adults in Britain claim to read their horoscopes very often and 8 % of adults are of the opinion that horoscope readings have a scientific basis.

Another report published by The Conversation reported that, in a survey conducted in Britain among male students between the ages of 18 and 21, 98% of participants knew their Zodiac sign, and 45% of them believed that their sign accurately described their personality. It was also found that 20% of participants thought that the movement of celestial bodies affects life on earth.

Day wise clothes colors for seven days

  • Monday – White
  • Tuesday – Red
  • Wednesday – Green
  • Thursday – Yellow/Orange
  • Friday – White and blue
  • Saturday – Black
  • Sunday – Pink

A list of the seven colors to be worn each day of the week is given below. The day wise clothes colors for seven days correspond with the beliefs in the Hindu astrological system. Slight differences in meaning may come up in the interpretation between cultures.

  • Monday

    The first working day of the week, Monday is associated with the color white. This day is considered to be the day of Lord Shiva as well as that of the moon. Nevertheless, the white color worn on Monday symbolizes peace. It is believed that you will have a successful work week only if you start it with a calm temperament.

    Wearing white keeps you cool, which is extra-helpful during the summer months. If you do not have anything in white, then you can always wear a slight variation in cream or off-white.

  • Tuesday

    According to Hindu customs, Tuesday is believed to be the day of Lord Hanuman. Therefore, in keeping with the deity’s personification, the color to be worn on this day varies in a range of reds between bright orange and crimson. Red is a symbol of courage and integrity. After starting off on a peaceful front on Monday, it is now time to dive into the difficult challenges of the week with a bold and positive attitude.

    Wearing red is also known to make you feel confident, which in turn can help you perform better in your daily tasks.

  • Wednesday

    Stepping into the middle of the week, the color to be worn on Wednesdays is green. This day is associated with Lord Ganesha, who protects the course of our lives from unnecessary obstacles. It is believed that the green color symbolizes intelligence and competence, which makes sense given that much of the week’s challenges and chores are dealt with mid-week. Being an extremely sober color, green helps you remain collected in order to skillfully tackle the problems that come your way.

    The shade of green that you wear can vary from a pale, whitish hue to a deep bottle green. You can also try mixing different shades to create contrast in your outfit for a bold fashion statement.

  • Day wise clothes colors for seven days
  • Thursday

    Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter, or Brihaspati, and the color prescribed for the day is yellow.

    This color is associated with hope and prosperity. Coming to the end of the work week, yellow helps you to maintain a positive attitude toward your responsibilities. The week’s assignments start to come to a close, and you need to keep your spirits up in order to work hard until the weekend.

    When it comes to day wise clothes colors for seven days, the color yellow on Thursday can offer great variety in terms of color shade and design. All wardrobes usually contain at least one item in yellow, and the markets are filled with this color during the summer months.

  • Friday

    This day is associated with the Goddess Shakti who is recognized as a symbol of strength and courage. Friday is also known as the day of Venus. There are two colors that can be worn on Friday – white and blue.

    Both of these represent peace, perseverance and courage. They offer an excellent approach to ending the week on a high and happy note. The option of having two colors lends great opportunities to fashion enthusiasts. You can choose to wear the entire outfit in one color or mix and match between the two.

  • Saturday

    Known as the day of Lord Shani as well as Saturn, the color for Saturday is black. According to Hindu astrology, the color black is used to symbolize the driving away of negativity. On this day, devotees worship Lord Shani to keep them safe from bad elements in the environment.

    The color black can open a host of new looks for you. From a simple black or grey kurta during a daytime shopping spree to a little black dress at the club in the evening, black can carry you fashionably from day to night.

  • Sunday

    Finally a day of rest! Sunday is also known as the day of the Sun, or Surya. The color for the day is pink.

    Sundays are for lounging around at home, catching up with family and friends. Pink symbolizes happiness, which accurately describes your mood for the day!