Fancy Bazar Guwahati – A Shopping Destination For Girls!

By RimTim Staff Writer
October 26, 2017
Fancy bazaar Guwahati

The fancy bazaar Guwahati is one of the oldest marketplaces in Assam. If you are a tourist, your trip will remain incomplete without visiting this marketplace.

Assam’s Fancy Bazaar is home to numerous upscale showrooms and commercial buildings. However, it’s the street side stalls with vendors selling trinkets and affordable products that attract the attention of locals and tourists alike. For teenagers, mostly girls, the Fancy Bazaar Guwahati is a hot shopping destination.

Attraction at fancy bazar

Most girls love to shop because of the low pricing of the items sold here. On top of the already low prices, there is always room for bargaining which makes it such a popular destination for shopping in Guwahati.

This unique market attracts a mix of middle to upper-class shoppers. Here you will find inexpensive items as well as pricier ones, but whatever you are looking you are sure to find it here.

Whether it is everyday wear or fine jewelry, Fancy Bazaar Guwahati sells everything under the sky, including food. Shopping in Guwahati during the summer will inevitably lead to thirst and you might otherwise flounder about looking for water. Guwahati can be hot in the summer, so luckily juice stalls and shops are well-stocked with beverages to keep you going.

  • The A.C market in fancy bazar

    This is a popular place for girls as they sell quality products at an affordable price. The lure of the cool air at the shops is quite a relief for those bearing the afternoon heat. This area is even more entertaining for shoppers because the items sold here are quite eye-catching and unique.

  • The gadget lane fancy bazar

    Also known as the masjid (mosque) lane, this is a spot from where electronics and metal can be purchased. While a little less popular with the younger generation, this market has its own charm for those who are looking for household appliances and metal goods. You can find products at wholesale market rates – affordable and long-lasting.

  • Flea market fancy bazar

    Window shopping is even more popular for young girls than going on a spending spree. For this reason, flea markets like the Fancy Bazaar Guwahati area an ideal spot to look around. From accessories to clothing items, baggage and luggage, apparel, trinkets and even tribal items, you can find them all at the Fancy Bazaar.

    This flea market, to some extent, is a reflection of the city’s culture as well as the fast-developing modern city. This is clearly seen as you take a walk through the lanes and bi-lanes of the Fancy Bazaar.

  • Babu bazar

    This place attracts crowds because of the colorful trinkets sold by vendors and shopkeepers alike. This is the ideal place to polish up your bargaining skills for jewellery and clothes. Items will be over priced at the stalls lining the street. However, you’re welcome to haggle a bit to lower the price for the product you seek to buy.

Fancy bazar in Guwahati

Things you can do at fancy bazar Guwahati

  • Bargaining

    As said earlier, almost everything you desire is readily available here. The flea market’s offerings, however, can be overpriced, which is why bargaining is essential. The more you save, the more you have the money to shop for more!

  • Food joints

    One word which brings joy to a tired shopper’s face is food. Yes, the market has countless eateries with a variety of price tags. If you wish to spend more, there is always the air conditioned restaurants that serve you their cuisine; for the quick-bite lover, there is always the option of street food whose smells leave your mouth watering.

  • Girls’ day-out

    Going out with your girlfriends? This might be the ideal place for your group of friends to roam about the city while appeasing your hunger. Fancy Bazaar has everything a price conscious girl could want for a fun day out with friends.

  • Visit malls

    Fancy Bazaar offers modern-day malls for shopping as well, keeping up with the trends of emerging mall culture. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for and the flea market has left you disappointed, then there are malls like the Shopper’s Point, Akram Business, Akshay Tower and more where you’re sure to find what you want.

  • Culture

    Since most of the items lining the street-side stalls are subject to bargaining, you should make the most of it. Buy traditional items here and bring your tourist friend here to shop for unique souvenirs. Tribal items are also sold here, as well as Assam silk, eri silk, muga – which is sought after by many women who visit Assam.

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