Is Summer Sweat Cramping Your Style? Check Out These Summer Fashion Tips!

By RimTim Staff Writer
June 14, 2018
Summer Fashion Tips

With the hot months drawing nearer, it’s the ideal time for a wardrobe check. Are you up-to-date on the most recent summer fashion trends, or is it time for a complete revamp?

Though summer fashion trends may vary, a good place to start is to center your summer look on light textures, spicing them up with some attractive accessories and footwear. Not only will this look keep you cool throughout the day, but it will also enable you to party the night away on those warm summer evenings without winding up sweating as though you’ve recently put two hours of cardio in at the gym.

Best summer fashion tips

The main tip for summer fashion attire to keep in mind this season is to use layering and light fabrics. Botanical dresses or slouchy jeans are great choices. Include a light jacket for those cool evenings and you are set to go for the night.

  • Jeans for everyday use

    Shorts are an often overlooked summer staple. In case you’ve yet to embrace shorts or don’t feel the cut works for you, try some light summer pants instead. The most important thing to keep in mind when picking out pants for summer is the length. For everyday jeans, search for wide-legged jeans in cotton or cloth. To pair with your jeans, try a light cotton shirt. This will give a lot of breathability to those warm summer days. For a business casual look, a button-down shirt is a flawless match.

  • Play with light colors

    This summer is all about soft colors. Wearing light and colorful textures in summer gives you a fresh, clean look, particularly in the sweltering summer climate. Though you can never go wrong with white, venture out and discover the colors that best suit your skin tone. On the off-chance that you are more inclined to sweating in the summer months, have a go at wearing realistic tees that will help mask those humiliating sweat marks.

  • Sport some shorts

    Wearing shorts can have a major effect on your summer outfit. When it comes to dressing up, shorts are not considered alluring, so in the event that you can’t part with them, utilize them for different things like cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. Shorts that are too long could make it appear as though you are wearing Capri jeans, while wearing shorts too short could make it look like you’re wearing bike shorts. It’s suggested that shorts be worn over the knee, depending on your personal preference.

Summer Fashion Tips

Some addition to your summer fashion attire:

  • Don some cool shades

    Buying a decent pair of sunglasses to add on to your summer outfit will shield your eyes from the sun while looking trendy. For those who thought shades were just for style, it’s important to note that sunglasses also provide critical UV protection for your eyes. Shades will dependably be a summer staple since its imperative to protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around the eyes to prevent wrinkles. Discover something that fits your face and looks great all over the structure.

  • Ditch the socks

    Wearing socks in the summer shouldn’t be permitted. The summer brings with it a sweltering climate that causes you to sweat, and your feet are no exception. Who wants to wear sweat-soaked socks? It’s justifiable on the off-chance that you are going someplace that expects you to wear shoes, but otherwise closed-toe shoes and socks are often not the best choices for the summer. Needless to say, wearing socks with sandals is a serious fashion offense!

  • Bring it together with a belt

    Switch things up with a fun, unique belt that is a change of pace from what you wear the rest of the year. Most men tend to wear calfskin belts, for example, so try a more easygoing look for summer with a canvas belt.

    These are only a few summer fashion tips– your possibilities for staying cool and stylish this summer are endless! You may decide to slip into a sun dress for the day or beat the heat in your swimwear. These are only a few of the numerous ways that you can beat the heat and still look fashionable! Just follow these fashion tips for summer and enjoy the season without worrying the heat.

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