Online Grocery Shopping From Supermarket Saves Time

By RimTim Staff Writer
February 2, 2017
Online Grocery shopping

In the age of productivity and getting the most out of investments, online shopping has been serving as a successful endeavor since the past few years. From clothes to electronics to household items, the world of e-payments and on screen shopping has managed to literally sweep the internet ridden world off its feet.

One of the latest initiatives in the sector of online business is shopping for groceries. In all crudeness, daily food shopping is a household task like any other and needs to get done. The past decade has visualized the evolution of thousands of online grocery shopping websites all over the world.

Statistics on online grocery shopping

The public has undoubtedly accepted the sheer convenience of the affair, which is reflected by the success of the businesses. According to a Forbes report published on 17 June 2015, 39% of people choosing to shop online for groceries online have admitted to liking for the time saving factor, 36% to save money, 27% to save vehicular fuel and 15% have reported to like it for the convenience of ordering in bulk.

The sphere of online grocery shopping is still centered on people with access to the internet as well as the knowledge of this facility. As per a survey report published by the Hartman Group on the US Grocery Shopping Trends 2014, most premium grocery buyers rank among college degree holders with an annual income of $100000 per year.

Benefits involved in online grocery shopping

The trend of online grocery shopping is catching up due to a variety of accounts.

  • Time saving: This is perhaps the biggest reason why ninety percent of online grocery shoppers choose this medium. Making lists, visiting the supermarket and looking through aisles and aisles of items takes time, even hours if you have a large family. On top of that, there is also the added headache of going back to the store again the next day if any of the things you have bought turn out inconsumable or damaged.
    Online grocery shopping sites select products and deliver them to your doorstep with a small delivery fee that varies per the website. Some dealers also offer free delivery on purchasing items amounting to a certain value. In case of returns, the delivery people will pick your items at the address mentioned by you.
  • Hassle free: Grocery shopping online can be a great choice for people with kids. Taking the little munchkins to the supermarket can be a daunting task, especially if they have just started walking. With each one running off in a different direction as soon as you step into the premises, you can imagine your terror as a parent. And God forbid if one of them manages to knock something over and make a mess right in the middle of the store! Online grocery is your best friend if you have got hyper active kids. You can shop for milk and cookies while you are sitting at the park keeping an eye on them playing.
  • Convenience: The delivery time slots of online grocery shops vary across a large range. Most standard stores deliver starting from 7 AM up to 11 PM, but there are several specialty stores that operate 24*7. So, you need not worry about running out of pasta right before the guest arrive, you can easily order some in within an hour. Another big benefit is the saving of car fuel. An average of four major trips to the grocery store a month probably amounts to more in terms of fuel cost than your entire month’s savings. With ordering, online grocery, you are not only saving money but also helping towards a greener environment.

Online Grocery Shopping

  • Ordering in bulk: A lot of household items are bought in bulk for the entire month and weigh up to a lot. Going grocery shopping alone can therefore be difficult in the view of carrying all that weight. Online grocery shopping helps save time and energy, as well as spares you the task of bulging down under the burden of several kilos of rice and flour. All items are delivered right to your doorstep at your convenience. You can even specify the time you wish the item to be delivered at, in case you are engaged somewhere else.
  • Money saving: Online grocery stores offer tons of sales every year, and a lot of money can be saved if planned accordingly. When bought in large amounts, certain items are rated at costs far lower than the original price. Free yearly membership schemes are also available with many stores, which further amplify your savings with members only discount. Another benefit of ordering from online grocery stores is the assurance of quality and freshness of the goods. This is particularly applicable if you are buying goods meant for short term use.
  • Online grocery

    To start buying groceries from online stores, it is essential to do some personal research. You should choose a store that serves your needs exactly and falls within your budget. Once you have a little bit of idea at hand, start enjoying the wonderful world of online grocery shopping!

    Rimtimmers recommends the following top online groceries in India

    1. BigBasket
    2. India’s one of the largest online grocery store. Along with groceries they also sell beverages, personal care products and non-veg items like meat.

    3. Nature’s Basket
    4. This retail business is of Godrej group and started in the year 2005. Presently there are 36 stores in different cities in India. Here you will get different kind of varieties in international cuisine standards.

    5. Grofers
    6. This is a mobile e-commerce platform with varieties of groceries, fruits, vegetables bakery, flowers and electronics.

    7. Grocermax
    8. Source best quality grocery directly from the manufacturers. For this reason, the groceries are more fresh and cheap as there are no middle men.

    9. Zopnow
    10. Currently it is in partnership with HyperCity and More. It was founded in 2011 and now operates in 10 cities.

    11. Aaramshop
    12. Is one of the largest online shopping platform. Presently they have 17000 stores with over 2000 brands and in more than 100 cities.

    13. Reliance Fresh
    14. The most renowned online shopping retail venture in India. Started in 2006 and now in 74 markets with more than 520 stores and approx 3 million active customers.

    15. Bazaar Cart
    16. The startup based in Delhi/NCR and has the aim to deliver more in less amount so that all the customers can get benefit out of it. It is very popular because up to 40% savings can be done.

    17. Naturally Yours
    18. Started in March 2010 with an intention that all customers will be able to get all organic stuffs under one roof. It was founded by Mr. Vinod Kumar and Mrs. Priya Prakash and is the India’s premier online platform to buy organic food products.

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