Top 5 Essential Car Accessories You Can Buy Online

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 2, 2017

In the age of production and getting the most out of investments, online shopping has been able to make a great attempt to attract customers since the past few years. With people becoming tech savvy, online shopping is booming in all countries over the world including India.

People especially young generation gets attracted towards online car accessories. You do not have to invest in a new car, in fact; you can dress up the one you already own with some must-have online car accessories and essential car gadgets. From floor mats and car chargers to GPS navigators and seat covers, there are plenty of ways to make your vehicle special and your trips more convenient.

Here are some little extras you need to have as your car accessories to make traveling more gratifying through online shopping.

Top five essential car accessories you can buy online

  • Car vacuum cleaner

    Dust and dirt attached to your shoes are always transferred to floors and mats that’s when debris and dirt build up not only on the floors but on your seats too. A car vacuum can be your go-to all time favorite car accessories which are not only portable but light weight too. Try to have one with a greater suction power so it is convenient to get rid of the dirt. Here’s a tip, handheld vacuum cleaners are the best, they are equipped with a disk filter which traps dust particles and there you are all set to clean the crannies and cracks of your vehicle easily.

    Basic checks before buying

    Be mindful before having your pick. Of course, your vacuum cleaner should have a great suction power. Apart from that, make sure it is light-weight and portable. It also should be a battery powered vacuum cleaner so that you do not have to carry wires, save yourself from that hassle!
  • Car trash bin

    The collective ignorance around littering is huge, usually, people throw the wrappers of snacks or any sort of junk on the road if not then probably they find a corner to dispose it of somewhere in you car. How to get rid of this common problem? Well, every toilet has a trash bin but not your car so it’s time to get one for your vehicle. You don’t want to spoil the interior of your car by making it a trash bin itself. Car trash cans are so convenient and user-friendly on top it, they keep your car organized and can be a great car accessory.

    Basic checks before buying

    Before buying your product, here’s what you need to be aware of; check if your trash bin has enough space-efficient capacity you are looking for and ensure that any sort of liquid contents do not spill in the car. There are different kinds of trash bins from disposable bags to leak proof cans, choose whichever meets your requirements. Also, check how you can install and remove it. Now you don’t have to litter around and keep the interior of your car neat and clean.
  • Car cover

    Remember, it is important to protect your car’s interior as well as its exterior. A car cover has many advantages to offer. Apart from enveloping the outside of your car, it protects the car against harmful elements, scratches, and other damages, which may over the time, bring unnecessary expenses. A car cover can effectively prevent the vehicle from conditions like sun rays, acid rain, UV rays and others thus, protecting the paint surface from falling debris and changing climate factors. The moment you get serious about buying a car or buying car accessories and taking care of it while enhancing the value, think about giving it protection, spending some money on a car cover will always be worth a buy.

    Basic checks before buying

    Buying a car cover can be a wise decision but some general things are to be taken into consideration. Look for a renowned brand when you’re buying the covers- it should be reliable and trustworthy. You need to do some research so you get your hands on the best quality cover which lasts for a few seasons at least.
  • Car phone holders and mounts

    These clever car phone holders always come in handy. Now you can keep your smartphone within the reach while eliminating the risks of accidents and divided attention. A smartphone holder as the name suggests is used to hold a phone inside your car mainly on the dashboard of your car. It is extremely useful while using navigation which is now a part of everyone’s life. Moreover, it can be used for online connectivity and for taking important calls. With latest additions, some car mount holders come with a port to charge the phone.

    Basic checks before buying

    You really need to ensure the durability and try to get some reviews about its functionality and suction mechanism- it should work well on plain smooth surfaces. If you get lucky to have a mount which has impressive grip your phone and journey is secured!

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  • Bluetooth car kit

    A Bluetooth kit is not a luxury accessory but also safety equipment. Most of the car kits support multiple multimedia e.g. Bluetooth, plugging an AUX cable etc; they are compatible with iPhones and Androids. Stay connected to your Smartphone without taking your eyes off the road. It makes the entire journey more fun and relaxing. A good car kit is a must! According to the– “The Jabra Freeway may be the biggest visor-style Bluetooth car kit on the market, but the built-in speakers are the real deal.”

    Basic checks before buying

    While buying a Bluetooth car kit, make sure it is compatible with your devices, it should be easy to install and most importantly it should support multiple sources, receiving distance should not be less than 10m and do not compromise on the speaker performance and quality.

    Tips for buying online car accessories

    With numerous options and online websites, it can be crucial to go for the right product. There are many things you want to focus on before buying gadgets or online car accessories. Rimtimmers have created a checklist below for you to consider before buying online car accessories:

    • Check the warranty of the product
    • You must have knowledge about your car so you know what is the right pick for you
    • Compare product prices on other websites
    • Go thoroughly through the product details, zoom in the pictures and read the reviews, they help you making up your mind
    • Buy from authorized websites
    • Inspect the online car accessories before handing over the money
    • Non-branded or inexpensive car accessories can be compromising, read reviews from the customers before finalizing your decision. Don’t fall prey to new websites and low-cost products

    With online shopping sector thriving in India through sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jazzmyrideetc, it is easy and convenient to make a car accessories purchase for your car.

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