Which Colors To Choose For Your Spring Outfits?

By RimTim Staff Writer
April 12, 2018
Spring outfit color

Gone are those chilly winter days and that heavy, dark clothing. Hello, spring! Spring is the best time of the year – not too hot, not too cold with the opportunity to wear every color in the rainbow. Spring is the perfect time for those breezy outfits that have been sitting in our closets just waiting to be worn. There is something about spring that elevates our moods and inspires us to add a splash of color to our lives.

Choosing your spring outfits:

But how much color is enough? Where should you draw the line? How does one choose the perfect spring outfit without overdoing it? What spring outfit colors are trendy this season? The classic choice for spring has always been shades of pastel. Pastels absorb less heat, keeping your body cool and helping you look fresh. These powdery shades have been an evergreen choice and never go out of style. Today’s designers are making a paradigm shift in the fashion trends, going above and beyond spring basics. Bold colors are back whereas pastels are taking a back seat this spring. Designers are challenging consumers to think outside-of-the-box, and this time spring outfits will be getting the groundbreaking glare.

Mixing the colors in spring

  • Color balancing

    But everyone can’t cover themselves up from top-to-bottom with bold colors, as all of us aren’t walking the runway. So how do you balance the whole fashion quotient for the everyday, you ask? It is simple. You can pair that bright skirt or bottom with a neutral top that will help you balance the outfit and add a pop of color to the whole ensemble. Neutral colors are your best friends for every season, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Dressing in head-to-toe neutral colors makes one look depressed and tired. At the same time, too many colors can look messy and distracting. You don’t want to look like you have run away from a circus!

  • For a special occasion

    For a special event, you can experiment with color.Patterns can be a helpful lovely option for incorporating trendy colors into your spring wardrobe. You can go for a neutral base while incorporating a bold pattern into your look, on a scarf, top or skirt (but never all three!). Floral patterns always shine in spring fashion. It is not necessary to wear big flower pattern dresses to get in on this springtime tradition, but instead, you can incorporate a small floral pattern that is subtle and classy.

Outfit color in spring

Add a beauty spot in spring outfit!

For a more conservative approach, dress-up your neutrals with some colorful accessories. A piece of bold jewelry, a scarf, hair accessory or even shoes can give you that lift of color without making you uncomfortable. And for all the neutral-lovers, that fresh, white, crisp shirt will always look bold and fresh and is perfect for spring.

You can also try different spring-appropriate fabrics for your outfits to mix things up a bit. Materials like chiffon, linen and hemp can be stylish and comfortable in the warmer spring weather. These fabrics keep you cool and comfortable without compromising on fashion.

Girls at the front seat!

One of the most timeless pieces of spring wear is the dress. Dresses are stylish, breezy and hug your figure in the best possible way. They make a girl look beautiful without trying too hard. Girls can choose between mid-length dresses, maxi dresses, and the list goes on. Skirts are also a cool option for springtime. There are many different styles of skirts available in the online shopping sites that one can incorporate into their spring wardrobe even without wasting time roaming in the market.

Let’s not forget the men in our lives. Even they are not untouched by spring fashion. The basic cotton polo t-shirt with chinos is always an easy option. For a sporty look, one can never go wrong with a casual round-neck t-shirt with jeans or shorts. Men can also use the same technique as women when it comes to incorporating bursts of color into their spring wardrobe.

Although there are no strict rules when it comes choosing colors for spring outfits, with a simple mix-and-match technique and the appropriate use of colors you can make a fashion statement while keeping comfort a priority.