Dance Classes in Kolkata For Your Kids And Teens!

By RimTim Staff Writer

January 11, 2018
Dance classes In Kolkata

As the music starts to play and the catchy rhythm begins syncing with your heartbeat, you find your toes slowly tapping, urging you to get up and put out some moves!

Who doesn’t love to dance?

A beautiful art form inherently furrowed into our lifeline through the centuries, dancing can truly touch souls. If initiated with the right mindset, it uplifts the performer both psychologically as well as spiritually. Dance is a form of self-expression, much like poetry and painting.

One of the most significant benefits rendered by dancing is physical fitness. If practiced on a regular basis, it can negate the effects of several diseases associated with an unhealthy lifestyle as well as certain others attributed to inevitable causes.

Dance and dance classes have bagged immense popularity among the masses due to its all-around exhilarating nature. A report published in the IBISWorld states that dance studios in the US bring in a total revenue of about $3 billion with an annual growth rate of 3.4 % (from 2012 to 2017). There are about 8,517 businesses in the country providing employment to 69,522 people.

Dance classes in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the largest metropolitan in India as well as a major center for cultural exchange. As such, an aspiring student of dance need not look very hard to find a dance class in Kolkata of his or her choice.

The city has a large number of dance groups and independent instructors that teach for the sheer love of it. The dance schools in Kolkata teach different types of styles to people belonging to a variety of age groups. From Indian classical dances and Bollywood to hip-hop and contemporary western, this amazing confluence in the dance schools in Kolkata have all your needs covered!

Dance classes for youngsters in Kolkata

To a hardcore enthusiast, dancing is much more than merely moving the body to the beat of the music. If understood and performed with utmost sincerity, dance can help boost the performer’s physical and mental state in several ways.

Kids and teenagers are especially benefitted from dancing classes since the art offers a positive life course to the young and impressionable minds. It also helps to improve their health through fun and simple activities. According to a research report published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, in a study conducted among 149 girls aged 11 to 18 years and belonging to 11 dance studios, dance classes contributed 28.7% to the recommended amount of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA).

Why dance classes is good for kids?

  • Stability

    Children and teens up to the age of 18 belong in a stage of life where they are still learning about the world around them. They are easily affected by their surroundings and the activities they indulge in can strongly affect their future adult life.

    Dance classes in Kolkata offers a medium to the children through which they can channelize their productive energy and grow as healthy human beings. It keeps them busy and cheerful and can be a great addition to their life outside of academics.

  • Physical fitness

    Needless to say, dancing is one of the best forms of exercise in existence. It helps to improve flexibility as well as muscle strength.

    Dance classes are also wonderfully effective for weight management in youngsters. At least 3 to 4 hours of moderate to high-intensity dancing every week keeps the extra pounds at bay.

    dance classes in Kolkata
  • Creative outlet

    Different dance forms are a great way for teens as well as kids to showcase their creative talents. The outburst of energy brings about in them self-satisfaction a sense of composure.

    Dance schools in Kolkata help to boost their confidence, helping them excel in other areas of life as well. Children who are deeply involved in a creative activity are often observed to be active in grabbing new opportunities.

  • Social setting

    Taking part in an extracurricular activity helps to enhance their social skills. Meeting new people belonging to their own age group outside of school tends to broaden their perspective. The mere act of going up to and talking to a stranger is a fantastic confidence booster, especially for shy teens.

    Learning in a group requires communication among the students. A lot of the time, the kids learn more from talking to and observing each other. In the dance classes in Kolkata, they also begin to comprehend the virtue of teamwork and its importance.

Choosing a dance school in Kolkata for your child

  • Before enrolling your kid in a dance class in Kolkata, you must be clear about the style of dance your child is interested to learn. If he is unsure about his choice, then get him familiar with a few styles. Most dance schools in Kolkata offer a couple of trial classes before the formal joining.
  • Make sure that the class timings do not affect any other activity in his life, including leisure. A jam-packed schedule with no time for rest is the worst thing a child could have.
  • While choosing a dance school in Kolkata, keep in mind to ask about the certification of the institute, teachers, maintenance of hygiene and the security measures adopted by the authorities.

RimTimmers recommend the following dance schools in Kolkata:

  1. Aryas Dance Academy

    Address: #195, Rashbihari Avenue, 1st Floor, Near Gariahat Foot Bridge, Above Bank Of Baroda, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700019
    Phone: +91-9051881104
  2. Bivash Academy Of Dance

    Address: 114/A Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata – 700045
    Phone: +91-9831092666
  3. Bunty Dance Academy

    Address: P-39/1, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata – 700045
    Phone: +91-9830715577
  4. India International Dance Institute (IIDI)

    Address: BF-115, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata – 700064
    Phone: +91-9830028063
  5. Justyog Rhythm Of Life

    Address: C/O-Krishna Bose, RajaramchandraGhat Road, Kolkata – 700114
    Phone: +91-33-33018431
  6. Sukalyann D Entourage The Best dance school in Kolkata

    Address: 16/A, Nepal Bhattacharjee Street, Anami Sangha, Kalighat, Kolkata – 700026
    Phone: +91-9038723792
  7. Shatabdi Nrityayan(Odissi Dance School Kolkata)

    Address: 73, Rastraguru Ave, Clive House, Ramgarh, South Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700028
    Phone: +91-33-25498485
  8. Step Makers at Sarsuna

    Address: #6, ParuiPaka Road, Sarsuna, Kolkata – 700061
    Phone: +91-33-33137361
  9. Twist N Turns (TNT) Ballygunge

    Address: #15-B, Earle Street, Beside Maddox Square, Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700026
    Phone: +91-983101801
  10. Vive La Salsa at Sarat Bose Road

    Address: Paul Mansion, 6 Bishop Lefroy Road, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata – 700020
    Phone: +91-33-33018457
  11. SangVi Dance Centre Camac Street

    Address: #12-A Camac Street, Usha Kiran Apartment, Kolkata – 700017
    Phone: +91-9874471726
  12. Padatik dance school Kolkata

    Address: #6/7A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700017
    Phone: +91-33-22896028
  13. Twist N Turns (TNT) Dum Dum Park

    Address: Ground Floor, Usha Kiran Apartment, 75, Dum Dum Park Road, Near Das Villa Post Office, Kolkata – 700055
    Phone: +91-9831018015
  14. Shuffle Street Dance Academy

    Address: #218, FE Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700106
    Phone: +91-7715953576
  15. Fusion Step

    Address: #151, Jodhpur Gardens, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata – 700045
    Phone: +91-33-40033788
  16. Dance Factory Kolkata

    Address: #108, Santoshpur Ave, Lake Terrace, Santoshpur, Kolkata – 700075
    Phone: +91-9836700821