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By RimTim Staff Writer
April 23, 2018
Gyms in Chennai

“There is more to life than increasing its speed” is a quote by an anonymous author that, in today’s life, holds true. Our daily lives have become a rat race. Stress is inevitable and increasingly a part of our everyday experience. While running on this hamster wheel, we have stopped prioritizing our own needs. We have just let ourselves go. In present times it’s not the older population that is experiencing the highest incidence of health concerns. It is actually us younger people who are facing the most health problems.

If we give a sincere look to the corporate population of today, most people are suffering from obesity. It’s said that obesity is the mother of a thousand illnesses. Even small children are gripped by obesity. Gone are the days when children used to love playing outdoors so much so that parents had to drag them inside at the end of the day; it is all about the Xboxes and Play Stations nowadays. Due to advanced technology, you don’t even need these gadgets to get hooked on games. Everything is available at our fingertips. Today’s smartphones are no less than any gaming device. Technology and globalization have given us immense opportunities, but with its pros comes its cons. Junk food has only added to the overall problem of our modern lifestyle.

“Health is wealth”

Health is becoming a national issue that needs everyone’s attention. The saying “Health is Wealth” was not used by our elders for no rhyme or reason. Without good physical and mental health, anything we gain is worthless. It is crucial that we lose all the useless weight that we have gained in favor of a healthier tomorrow. To promote this healthy message, many cities have established some of the highest quality gyms. For example, let’s consider the gyms in Chennai since Chennai as a metropolitan area is facing high rates of obesity due to the corporate life. The long hours of sitting and the stressful deadlines professionals face are impacting the health of Chennai’s population. To beat this problem, Chennai gyms are offering new types of workouts that are intended to tackle those extra pounds head-on.

Gyms in Chennai

  • Gold Gym

    Gold Gym in Chennai is famous for making its clients feel at home. It is one of India’s best gyms, with 120 franchises all over India. It customizes its programs according to of the individual needs of its clients.

  • Fitness One

    Another popular gym in Chennai is Fitness One. Fitness One is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and professional experts that enable clients to get the best workout possible. Fitness One also has a chain of gyms dedicated to women only, known as Pink Fitness.

  • Flux Fitness Studio

    Flux Fitness Studio is another gym in Chennai with a multi-facility concept. It not only focuses on physical fitness, but also addresses mental fitness. Flux Fitness Studio aims to facilitate the concept of training as a comforting experience. They deal in cardio, Zumba and weight-loss related plans.

  • Slam Lifestyle and Fitness Studio

    For people who are looking for dramatic results in their fitness level, Slam Lifestyle and Fitness Studio is the place to go. Their mantra is to keep it simple, results based, timeless and completely scalable. Their primary aim is setting fitness goals and getting results.

  • Hammer Fitness

    If you want to go the extra mile to take care of your health, then Hammer Fitness is the place to be. Clients have numerous options at Hammer Fitness when it comes to their workout. They provide boxing, plyometric, Zumba, aerobics, dance, yoga and more training options to meet their clients’ fitness goals. Its gym includes weight controls, strength training, general fitness equipment, high-intensity interval training, cardio-blast, body sculpt, personalized training and flexibility training.

  • Gyms in Chennai
  • Talwarkar Inshape

    In any list of quality gyms in Chennai you will also find Talwarkar In shape. It is one of the most excellent facilities that help people in postural problems and muscular-skeletal problems with advanced training techniques like rigger release, tapping, mobilization and manipulation. The trainers make sure they personally get to know each client and his problems before working on their fitness goals.

  • O2 Health Studio

    Hard core workout sessions, not your thing? Not to worry! Gyms like O2 Health Studio make sure you enjoy your workout. They offer a state-of-the-art gymnasium and a group of experienced trainers who make your fitness journey an interesting one. The studio has a dance school, an aerobics center, a place for physiotherapy, yoga and more. There are different programs laid out according to client preference.

    Chennai gyms have taken it up a notch in the health sector to break this vicious cycle of obesity, and are working towards a healthier tomorrow. It is necessary for this movement to spread all over the country, as being healthy and fit is not just a passing trend but is the foundation of a prosperous lifestyle.

RimTimmers recommend the following gyms in Chennai

  1. 3G Fitnezz Studio

    Address: No.27, Jayalakshmi Puram 2nd Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
    Phone:+91 90031 59754
  2. C2 Fitness Studio

    Address: No 9, Ethiraj Swamy Salai, Kodungaiyur, Chennai – 600118
    Phone: +91-44-33188473
  3. Fitness Fun

    Address: No.19, Perumbakkam Main Road, Perumbakkam, Chennai – 600100
    Phone: +91 44 3307 5235
  4. Hearthrob Family Fitness Studio

    Address: No.2/104, Kattupakkam Main Road, Kumananchavadi, Chennai – 600056
    Phone: +91-9884895766
    More Details: Hearthrob Family Fitness Studio
  5. Iron Head Fitness

    Address: No.33, 1st Floor, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Navallur, Chennai – 603103
    Phone: +91-9092444500
  6. Life Fitness Studio at Mogappair East

    Address: No.157, Srinivasan Street Church Road Golden George Nagar, Mogappair East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037
  7. Muscle Makers Gym

    Address: Kurinji Nagar, Ramapuram, Chennai – 600087
    Phone: +91-9940545377
    Mored Details: Muscle Makers Gym
  8. Maruthi Fitness Centre

    Address: No.6, Rottler Street, Choolai, Chennai – 600112
    Phone: +91-9790988008
  9. Sada Skill & Fitness Center

    Address: Old No.103, New No.234, Venkata Chalam Street, RK Salai, Chennai – 600004
    Phone: +91-8939391112
  10. Life Fitness Studio at Mogappair East

    Address: No.157, Srinivasan Street Church Road Golden George Nagar, Mogappair East, Chennai – 600037
    Phone: +91-44-33067516
  11. The Whistling Kettle

    Address: No.3/373, MCN Tower, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Mettukuppam, OMR, Chennai – 600097
    Phone: +91-8939929496
  12. Fitness Zone Gym

    Address: No.138, Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, Near Andhra Bank ATM, Chennai – 600087
    Phone: +91-44-24760563
  13. Shapeup Fitness Centre

    Address: No.89, College Road, Pazhavanthangal, Chennai – 600114
    Phone: +91-44-33069684
    More Details: Shapeup Fitness Centre
  14. Bharath Fitness Health Studio

    Address: No.15A, Balakrishnan Street, Pallavaram, Chennai – 600043
    Phone: +91-9171739993
  15. Silver Gym & Fitness Studio

    Address: No.96, Vellalar Street, Mogappair West, Chennai – 600037
    Phone: +91-9551345068

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