Essential Equipment for Your Home Gym

By RimTim Staff Writer
December 24, 2016
Home Gym Fitness Equipments

Have you considered setting up your own home gym? There are many reasons why you would want to have a home gym of your own. You’ve probably had it with the traffic – going to and from the gym takes up more time than spent doing your workouts.

Perhaps your trainer isn’t very professional at the fitness center, and maybe you’re tired of waiting your turn for the treadmill and other gym equipment. Maybe you have small children and finding a babysitter to look after them while you are at the gym is really difficult.

At the same time, when building your home gym you shouldn’t make the mistake of overspending on fitness equipment and buying things that you hardly ever use in the first place.

Essential Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym

  • Dumbbells: There are literally hundreds of exercises you can perform with dumbbells. They are the most basic equipment you would need for your home gym. When buying dumbbells, look for those that are hex shaped and have a black rubber coating. They last the longest and are very comfortable to work out with. You should have dumbbells in different weight ranges so that they can suit different exercises. As you gain strength, you should progressively increase the weight of the dumbbells you use in your gym.
  • Treadmill: Treadmills are expensive, but they are among the most important exercise equipment that you will buy for your home gym. You are in control of your cardio workouts when you have a treadmill at home. You can set the pace of your run and increase or decrease the pace as you see fit. You can also easily measure the distance, speed and time of the run. On most treadmills, you can even check your pulse rate while running. Add resistance to your workout by setting the treadmill at an incline. A typical treadmill is an investment, costing between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 60,000.
  • Pull-up Bar: There are so many different exercises that you can perform with a pull-up bar. You can attach resistance bands to the pull-up bar, for example, and perform several different workout routines using the bands. Of course, pull-ups are the best exercises for the back and should not be neglected. Make sure that the pull-up bar that you buy fits well into the doorway of your home gym for safety.
  • Rings: Take your workouts to a whole different level with rings. You can perform a range of body weight exercises with rings. They are perfect for strengthening the core and increasing flexibility. When looking for a pair of rings, buy one that is lightweight and easy to grip.
  • Jump Rope: Like most kids, you’ve probably jumped rope when you were growing up. But don’t dismiss the jump rope as child’s play. It is not as easy as it looks, and gives you a terrific cardio workout. Jump ropes are very inexpensive. You can buy a very decent jump rope for under Rs. 500. Just buy something that is lightweight and durable and will last you for years.
Fitness Equipments for Gym
  • Medicine Ball: Medicine balls are a terrific piece of fitness equipment as they allow you to perform a range of plyometric exercises. They are great for strengthening the core and you can perform several different abdominal exercises with them. When looking for a medicine ball, buy one that is reasonably lightweight and soft, as that will help with your workouts. Medicine ball exercises are about speed and power so they don’t have to be too heavy.
  • Plyo-box: A plyo-box is a simple wooden box that you can jump on to build explosive power and speed. You can also use these boxes to perform bench dips, squats and other exercises, not only those that involve jumping. Plyo-boxes shouldn’t cost much. You can have them made by a local carpenter as an affordable custom option.
  • Barbells: Barbells are the most essential equipment for your home gym. They are similar to free weights except they add stabilization and coordination to your routines.
    When looking for barbells, select those that are sturdy and not too expensive. The bar should be thick enough to give you a good grip, but not too thick.
    Next, you will need to buy a range of weight plates to add to the barbell. You can start off with 2.5 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg weight plates and graduate to 25 kg weight plates as you get stronger.
  • Kettlebell: Kettlebells are essential equipment for the gym. They allow you to perform a range of unique movements, even more than what’s possible with dumbbells. Kettlebells are a must-have for their versatility. When looking for kettlebells, buy those that come with large, smooth handles.
  • Exercise Bench: The exercise bench is absolutely essential for performing bench presses, which are the most important exercises for the chest. There are several different types of exercise benches available, such as those that can be set at an incline and those that are completely flat. Make sure to buy a bench that is durable and can take a lot of punishment.
  • Rack: Racks, or squat racks as they are called, are a critical component of your home gym set-up. They are large in size and can be quite expensive. But if you are serious about your workouts, then you’ll want to have one. A squat rack helps you perform some of the heavier chest, shoulder and leg workouts that involve the use of a barbell. This can be very useful when you’re working out alone.
  • Stereo System: Last but not least, you will need a decent stereo system in the gym that can blare inspiring workout songs such as “Eye of the Tiger,” “Harlem Shake,” “Wake Me Up,” and all your favorite tunes.

Creating a home gym is an affordable and realistic project, provided you buy the right fitness equipment. There’s no point in having a home gym if you haven’t got all the essential gym equipment you need for a successful workout!