Tired Of Going To Gym? Buy Gym Equipments And Make Your Own Gym

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 10, 2016
Gym at Home

Does it make sense to buy your own gym equipment such as treadmill, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, etc. and build your own private gym at home? Why would you want to have a gym at home?

For one, you will save a lot of money on the gym membership fee. All you need to do is make a one-time investment on exercise equipment or fitness equipment to set up the home gym, that’s it.

Cost of gym equipments

How much does a gym or fitness centre membership cost? That depends on the quality of the gym that you go to. The annual membership in a good gym can cost up to Rs. 25,000. Add Rs. 20,000 to that if you’re going to hire a personal trainer as well.

Also, if the gym is not at a walking distance, you will need to take your car or bike to it. Make that Rs. 50/day or Rs. 1,500 a month on fuel charges. That works out to Rs. 18,000 a year in travelling expenses. Add Rs. 10,000 for miscellaneous expenses such as upsells. Every gym makes them.

So, this works out to Rs. 73,000 per year. That’s a lot of money to be paid year after year. And we haven’t even considered inflation – gym membership fees are increased by 5% to 10% every year.

Instead, you can make a one-time investment for the same amount on essential gym equipment to create your own home gym and build muscles at home. Why spend so much on the gym or fitness centre membership fees? You will end up saving anything from Rs. 70,000 to 1 lakhs each year.

Gym equipments required at home

  • For a cardio workout: A treadmill is the most expensive gym equipment you will need to buy for your home gym from a gym shop. You should warm-up with a quick walk or run on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before starting with your weight training. A treadmill costs anything from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 60,000.
    You can buy other cardio equipment from a gym shop such as a stationary cycle or a cross trainer, if you would like to. A skipping rope is one of the cheapest, simplest and yet most effective equipments for a cardio workout.
  • For a perfect abs workout: You may want to invest in a Bosu, medicine ball or gym ball for an abs workout. A Bosu can cost up to Rs. 3,500, while a gym ball costs Rs. 1000 or less. Resistance bands are useful cardio equipment as well and only cost a few hundred rupees for a whole set in a gym shop.
  • For weight training: For weight training, you will need to invest in dumbbells and barbells of various weights. These are the most basic and essential fitness equipment. Start with lower weights at the beginning, and progressively increase the weights as you get fitter and stronger. You will also need to invest in an adjustable exercise bench.

Gym Equipment at Home

Benefits of having gym equipments at home

There are many reasons why you would want to have your own gym equipments at home –

  • Privacy and freedom: For example, you probably feel uncomfortable about working out in a gym when there are so many people around you. This is especially true with women, who hate to be stared at when exercising. It’s also the case with those who have just got started on their fitness journey and feel very conscious about being surrounded by muscle-bound gym goers. It will also provide privacy which will help you to concentrate without any distractions and interference. Freedom is the other advantage in which you can play any music of your taste and can continue the workout happily.
  • Hygiene: Also, commercial gyms are not very hygienic. You are surrounded by people who are sweating all over, it can feel claustrophobic. Also, the exercise equipment such as barbells, benches and dumbbells are covered with sweat, as they are used by a lot of people. There is a risk of catching an infection or a skin disease.
  • Experience: The personal trainers in many gyms are not all that educated or knowledgeable about fitness and exercises. There is a risk that they might give you the wrong advice, which could lead to a serious injury.
  • Security: Also, from the privacy and security point of view, there’s nothing to beat having a home gym, especially for women. Travelling to and fro from a gym in a city like Mumbai or Delhi in the evening traffic is another major issue. So much of your time gets wasted on things that have nothing to do with your workout at the gym.
  • Convenience: Setting gym at home is the most convenient thing for the people who loves to workout. It will not only save our time but will also give access as per your convenience. By this you can do the workout whenever you will feel like and can continue if you wish.
  • Cost effective: Lastly is about cost saving. Setting a gym at home is a one-time investment and will save money in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Invest once and set up own gym at home with gym equipments!