Keep Yourself Fit With The Best Gyms In Noida

By RimTim Staff Writer
March 14, 2017

A peaceful mind and a healthy body are the keys to a happy life. Inner harmony can be attained by the maintenance of an active lifestyle, nutritious food, and emotional well-being.

An undertow of health and body fitness has been on the surge throughout the globe, particularly over the last few decades. This rise in health-consciousness has been strongly backed by the medical community. Diseases related to obesity, cardiac disease, and muscle atrophy have become extremely prevalent, owing to a societal shift toward a more sedentary lifestyle. According to a survey report published by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, USA, more than 78 million adults were reported to be obese in 2009-2010. This number was estimated to increase up to 115 million over time, qualifying half of the country’s adult population as obese.

Fitness Today in India

  • Food Diversity: As evidenced by thousands of years of cultural traditions and festivities, food has naturally been an important part of life in India for centuries. From roti’s baked in Ghee and tall glasses of whole milk lassi, to stacks of colorful, mouthwatering sweets glistening with coats of newly churned butter, the country more often than not abides by the prescript of, “big eating and happy living!”
    Unfortunately, what used to be a nutritious and healthy meal for a person belonging to an agrarian background no longer serves a purpose to the office-going modern Indian living a fairly inactive life.
  • Fitness Awareness: With a growing awareness of the importance of living an active lifestyle, almost all Indian cities are now filled with gyms and fitness centers. As per an SMERGERS report supported by Industry Watch in India, fitness commerce is currently a mega enterprise worth more than Rs 4500 crores. This growing value is expected to rise to Rs 7000 crores by the end of 2017. The survey also reported that there were more than 21,000 health and fitness centers across India in 2014.

Gyms in Noida

One of the fastest growing cities in India, Noida is home to thousands of working professionals, business owners, and industrial enterprises. With the number of businesses and job opportunities increasing every year, more and more people are moving to the city. Noida has its fair share of gyms and fitness centers spread all over the city to serve the needs of the populace.

There is a myriad of gyms in Noida offering an abundance of services. Customers are encouraged to do thorough research to find the right gym to meet their individual needs. Much of the population in the city belongs to the busy working class and corporate sector, so making time to tour several gyms is nearly impossible. Keeping this in mind, most gyms in Noida have their own websites that display all relevant information for new customers to review before signing up.

There are hundreds of fitness centers in Noida, belonging to both local enterprises as well as national and international brand chains. The gyms vary in the types of services offered, membership fees and hours of operation. Nevertheless, a local client can choose any gym that meets their needs and be assured that the city offers only the best!

Services Offered in Gyms in Noida

Fitness centers with gym equipment in Noida offer numerous programs and services in keeping with the needs of their customers.

  • Weight loss: These programs belong to one of the most in-demand sectors in the fitness industry and compose more than 60% of the market. Weight loss programs include cardio (using machines, a running track or instructor-led classes), high-intensity aerobic exercise regimes, bodyweight support workouts, and sports, including swimming and tennis.
  • Strength training: This form of exercise includes body conditioning and muscle building. Strength training workouts are especially useful for athletes, as they help to tone a variety of muscle groups in the body that improve athletic performance.
  • Weight gain: For some, gaining weight can be difficult, and this can adversely affect the body’s overall health. Most customers pursuing weight gain are referred by a doctor and are offered assistance with strength building exercises. This includes both bodyweights supported exercises as well as using of external free weights.
  • Extras: The gyms in Noida also offer a multitude of alternative exercise forms. Some of these are Mixed Martial Arts, Zumba, Les Milles, Kickboxing, TRX, HIIT and circuit training.
    The teaching personnel are certified and fully trained and keep track of the needs of each and every customer. Another popular group exercise regimen is dancing, with varieties including freestyle, hip hop, and a mixture of African and Latin American dance forms.
  • Nutrition: Any kind of exercise regime is incomplete without appropriate nutrition. Most of the gyms in Noida have in-house nutritionists that work closely with your trainer to build the best possible food plan for you. Eating the right foods can help you achieve results faster and maintain your healthy physique.
    Industrial development has led to the increase of processed foods on the market, and this has been the cause of numerous health problems for consumers. But with mindful, careful nutritional choices, a healthy lifestyle can easily be achieved and maintained.

Gym in Noida

Rimtimmers recommends the following gyms in Noida

  1. The Top Gym

    Address: 2nd Floor, Baisoya Complex, Naya Bans Village, Sector 15, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9999900308
  2. Anytime Fitness Noida

    Address: 2nd Floor, Tulip Shopping Centre, Sector 48, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-8750444111
  3. Gold’s Gym

    Address: IHDP Business Park, Plot 7, Sector 127, Noida – 201303
    Phone No: +91-120-4557351
  4. La Fitnesse

    Address: 3rd Floor, Dharma Palace Building, Above ICICI Bank, Sector 18, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9654900575
  5. Benefit Express Gym

    Address: Plot No. 34 & 35, B1 A, Sector 51, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-7838656614
  6. Sweat Zone Gym  

    Address: A 56/1, Basement of Noddy Playschool, Sector 50, Noida – 201304
    Phone No: +91-9599246425
  7. Fitness Sanctuary  

    Address: Asain Paints Showroom Building, 2nd Floor, DND Road, Sector-22, Opp. Rajkiya Inter College, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-8506867789
  8. Bristol Gym

    Address: B 41/4, B-Block, Sector 31, Noida – 201303
    Phone No: +91-9654771699
  9. Addiction GYM  

    Address: Shop No.2-3-4-5, Main Market, First Floor, Jalvayu Vihar, Sector-25, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-9212364458
  10. Gold’s Gym  

    Address: E-16/B-2, Kirtimaan Plaza, Sector 30, Noida – 201301
    Phone No: +91-120-4247162