Fitness Centre at Corporate Offices is the New Mantra

By RimTim Staff Writer
May 26, 2016
Fitness Centre

There is a great pressure among the top companies in India such as TCS, Accenture, Apollo Hospital, Godrej Industries and Wipro to hold on to their best employees. After all, we live in an employee-driven market. The best employees can basically pick and choose, and just paying them high salaries is no longer enough.

Fitness centres at corporate offices

Corporate wellness originally began in the U.S. in the 1990s, but since then has caught on in the rest of the world. India is not an exception to this. While business executives today are better paid than at any time in the past, they are also under a lot of pressure. They are expected to perform brilliantly, day in and day out.

The stress at the workplace can really be nerve-wracking. Fitness centre at corporate programs introduce a bit of variety into the executive’s busy schedule. They allow them to wind down after a particularly hectic day at work, and look forward to the next day at work with enthusiasm.

After all, exercise releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are happy hormones that make us feel happy, relaxed and less stressful. Corporate fitness programs increase productivity at the workplace, improve employee morale and decrease absenteeism as physically fitter, stronger and healthier employees are unlikely to take sick leave.

Fitness centres can prevent attrition rate

Today, the attrition rate in India is very high, for example in June quarter attrition at TCS was 15.9 per cent. To check attrition, providing fitness centres at office is a very effective measure. If your corporate office does not have a fitness centre yet, the question is why not? Most companies in India have fitness centres at their corporate premises. Many companies today have built full-service, on-site fitness centre for their executives.

These fitness centres provide excellent health benefits to existing employees, which does get appreciated, and they also act as recruitment tools to bring in the best talent into the organization. So when multiple companies offer the same position and salary package to someone who is looking to join them, the company that has a great on-site fitness centre does have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

While retention of talent and recruitment of new talent are perhaps the primary reasons to have fitness centres in a corporate office, they are not the only reasons. The fact is that most jobs today are sedentary by nature.

Health is Wealth

Benefits of using fitness centres

Most of us sit at the same desk in the same cubicle for 10 hours or more a day. We work hard, but lead a highly inactive lifestyle, physically. Very few of us really exercise. That’s why so many young people suffer from heart attacks today. Inactive people are especially vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and high blood pressure.

The employees that workout regularly at corporate fitness centres are in full control of their weight, and are unlikely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the chronic illnesses associated with these conditions. This results in lower healthcare costs, which is great, as it reduces the company’s health insurance premiums.

The employees are going to report for work on a regular basis and there are going to be fewer employee sick days. This means the organization is going to be more productive.

The benefit for employees is that joining corporate fitness centres saves them the expense of spending on a gym membership or a health club. The cost of an annual gym membership in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi runs into tens of thousands of rupees.

Fitness centre at offices

Having fitness centres at office is very convenient. Business executives spend half of their day at the office and finish work late in the day. It can be very inconvenient to have to rush to a separate facility so quickly after work, late at night. So working out at the office fitness centre itself is the best possible outcome.

However, not all companies have corporate fitness centres. In that case, you can always join corporate wellness programs at some of the biggest and best fitness chains in India, such as Talwalkars Gym, Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, Ozone Fitness and Spa and Fluid Fitness. As per experts, the fitness industry holds only 8% of the total wellness industry’s share with ample space to grow and coexist. The industry is anticipated to grow at 20% every year.

These fitness chains have multiple fitness centres and health clubs in all Tier-1 cities in India such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai and have tailored their fitness programs to cater to the needs of busy business executives.