Visit A Fitness Centre Regularly For Good Health

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 22, 2016
Fitness centre

There’s an urgent need for health and fitness centres in India. There’s a huge demand for fitness centres in India, as 10% of the population are diabetics, 10% to 33% of men and women across different demographics suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, and 5% of the population can be considered to be obese.

It’s just a fact that most Indians do not exercise and live on the unhealthiest diet imaginable, consisting of junk food, with daily visits to fast food restaurants. If you haven’t joined a health and fitness centre or gym as yet, the question is why not.

Okay, so you’ve decided to hit the gym, finally. So the next question is how to select the right fitness centre. How to get started on your fitness journey in the right way?

Few tips that you will find useful to find the right fitness centres

  • Beware of the upsells– When you join a fitness club, you will be hit by a number of upsells. You will have the manager approaching you and trying to sell a “20 week weight loss package for just Rs. 35,000!” You will hear sales pitches like that every day. But don’t fall for that. Just stick to the essentials – regular workouts at the gym and a strict control over what you eat. You should be fine. Don’t spend anything more than the gym membership. You can choose to hire a personal trainer if you think that will help you. But apart from that, just say “no” to the upsells.
  • Required fitness equipment – The fitness centre should have the essentials such as a squat rack and bench press equipment. It should allow you to perform basic workouts such as squats. Bench press and lat pull down comfortably. It should have cardio machines such as treadmills, cycles and cross trainers. Also important – the gym should have changing rooms and showers.
  • Working hours – In India, most gyms open at 6:00 AM and run till 10:00 PM. There are a few gyms that run 24 hours. If you have unusual working hours, you may want to join a gym that suits your lifestyle. You may want to have more hours at the gym on weekends and holidays, so choose a gym plan that allows you to do so.
  • Discounts – It’s perfectly okay to ask for a discount. Most gyms offer discounts to customers on New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Diwali and other special events. The discount may consist of an extra month or two added to your annual membership for no extra charge, for example. Why do fitness centres offer discounts? They operate in a very competitive environment and have to fight for paying customers. You should take advantage of that.

Fitness centre in India

  • Bargain – This follows up from the point made earlier. Everybody bargains in India. Don’t hesitate to bargain when joining a gym. If the membership fee is Rs. 20,000 per year, bargain hard to bring it down to Rs. 18,000. Here’s a fact – most gyms in India will do anything to get new customers. In India, people generally don’t go to gyms, and the best and most expensive gyms operate at half-strength. So you can be sure that the management of the health and fitness centre will do anything to grab your business, even if it means agreeing to a lower membership fee.
  • Requirement of personal trainer -It’s not a bad idea to hire a personal trainer, but don’t do so at the time of joining the fitness centre. Get a sense of the place, talk to other people, and find out who are the best trainers. Take your time and ask for a discount on the personal training. Hire a personal trainer who is educated and understands the latest health and fitness trends, and can help you reach your fitness goals. Not all personal trainers are really knowledgeable about weight training and nutrition. Hiring the wrong trainer isn’t just a waste of your money, but you could pick up a serious injury because of their ignorance.
  • Option of opting for group classes – Many fitness centres offer group classes in aerobics, Yoga, zumba, etc. The question is should you opt for them. This is entirely up to you. If you get bored exercising by yourself, then working out in a group would make you feel more enthusiastic about the whole thing. Again, this depends on the trainer taking the group class. Ask to watch the group class first before joining. You’ll need to make sure that the trainer knows their stuff.