Sports Academies In Guwahati For Your Child

By Ishana Deb, Contributing Writer
May 4, 2017
Sports Academy in Guwahati

As like the proverb – ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, it is also true that mental work out and no physical exercise leads to a poor health. For the overall development of a child, it is important to have both physical and mental exercise and sports is a wiser option for that. Earlier people in Guwahati and the State seemed to go opposite to this. Whenever a child was not good at studies, parents sent them for sports or for the cultural field as a secondary option.The scopes and facilities related to sports were not very well developed in the city.

Presently, the scenario has totally changed. Parents, as well as kids, are taking sports seriously. Along with the increment of medium for learning sports and to exhibit the talent, the interest of people is also growing. In most of the schools, colleges and other educational institutions in the city, sport is now a compulsory lesson. Moreover, students go to sports academies in Guwahati after schools and on weekends and they have become competitive too. Large spaces or wide open fields are no more available in city areas for children to play on their own or have fun with friends. In such situations, sports academies in Guwahati provides the option for the kids to go play in the outdoor. At the same time, they can concentrate on one game and have expertise in that. Kids prefer to go to sports academies after schools and on weekends and also on holidays.

In this digital world everything has been digitized and sports is no exception. Along with video games, kids can also play football, cricket, volleyball, badminton inside a small room on a displayed screen with friends. In the whole process, their eyes get stressed. It may help the children to utilize their brain but it does not at all help in good blood circulation of the body which is immensely important for physical fitness. A good blood circulation indeed helps in good mental health. In order to have both mental and physical work out, going to a sports academy is a must. The same is seen to have been implemented in the city and as a result, children are taking sports seriously for all over development.

Sports, as a career is a road that is less traveled and less chosen by students. But with the developing mediums, scopes and facilities in the field of sports in India, it is seen nowadays, kids have taken sports as a career goal. Students who have already made career or those who are exploring it can definitely relate and feel, that they have made or making all the difference. Furthermore, most of the colleges and universities have the system of sports quota where some of the seats are reserved for the students having good records in sports category. This encourages students to take and include sports seriously along with their academics.

Sports academies in Guwahati

In accordance with the interest of the students towards sports and simultaneously increasing a number of students in sports, academics are also increasing along with in the city. Assam Wrestling Academy (AWA) under Sports Authority of Assam, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, Mary Kom Boxing Academy, Gopichand Badminton Academy, Nagen Hazarika Table Tennis Foundation, Sports Authority of India, NFRSA Cricket Academy, Young Star Football Coaching Centre, Assam football Association, City Cricket Club are some of the salient sports academies in Guwahati city.

Rise in number of Sports Academies in Guwahati – Inception, History and Important facts

Sport academies in Guwahati have experienced a tremendous growth since past. Following are some of the interesting facts about the guwahati sport academies to prove the same :

  1. Assam Wrestling Academy

    Assam Wrestling Academy (AWA) under Sports Authority of Assam situated at Amingaon Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium is a well maintained and fully embellished institute with hostel facilities for students. It has a gym, expert coaches, nutritionist, security and all other provisions required for the students of the academy. Mr.B.Kumbang, the first international professional wrestler from Northeast leads the institute as Hon. Chief Technical Advisor and continues to focus on fulfilling the aim of AWA to create international sports stars from Assam in the field of wrestling.
  2. First International Football Academy

    The first International Football Academy in North East India has been planned to be established by the newly formed Guwahati FC merging with Delhi-based Anglian Management Group (AMG) & Brazil’s Clube Atletico Paranaense(CAP). The vision of the organization is not only to grow international football players but also to prepare for the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup going to be hosted by India. It will be the first time that India will be hosting an international tournament of this magnitude and has the potential to change the football scenario in the country. Footballers to develop their game to the global standard, Guwahati FC looks forward to maintaining the great working relationship with AMG & CAP – said Guwahati FC co-owner, Sanjiv Narain. Dhruva Ratra, CEO of Anglian Management Group said that establishing this institution would help to develop footballing and coaching talents in accordance with development of the sport in the region and as well as in the country.
  3. Iswarati Centre for Badminton

    The Iswarati Centre for Badminton is a primary Badminton coaching center in Guwahati. It has been formed by Mr. Dipankar Bhattacharjee, the three times Indian national badminton champion and two times Olympian from Guwahati. This academy in Guwahati is governed by such an experienced person is a privilege for the students of badminton in the academy.
  4. Football clubs in Guwahati

    The Guwahati Town Club and Green Valley Football Club formed in 1906 and 2010 respectively are officially certified clubs by All India Federation. Nehru Stadium is a multi-function stadium in Guwahati where along with hosting of football and cricket matches, coaching classes and training regarding football, cricket, swimming etc. are also provided for the students. This stadium was built in 1962 by Radha Govind Baruah and named as Nehru Stadium. Board of Sports under Government of Assam is now in the management.
  5. All Assam Tennis Association

    All Assam Tennis Association, Guwahati regularly conducts coaching camps and workshops in the city for better growth of the tennis players. It is a quality medium for the tennis students of the city to amplify their talents and standard to a higher level.
  6. Stag Kashyap Table Tennis Academy (SKTTA)

    Stag Kashyap Table Tennis Academy (SKTTA) is recently formed in Guwahati (Rukmini Gaon). The club comprises the top table tennis players (Anol Kashyap and Saidul Alam Ahmed) of the state who have played at national and international levels. The senior players having expertise gives training to the juniors and also serve as the practice partners. The players in the club have visited Indian community Centre (ICC) in the state of California, USA during summer camps for the improvement of their games.

    The club is thriving to produce good TT players at a state and national level. The head coach of the club, Anol Kashyap is a renowned TT player in the state with 6 years of international coaching experience in California where he had successfully produced US National team members and played as a practicing partner to TT Olympians from the USA. With the best standard of flooring, flood lights and video analyzing room, SKTTA is expected to emerge as one of the best centre for Table Tennis in Guwahati.
  7. Stag Kashyap Table Tennis Academy (SKTTA)
  8. Kung-fu and Karate academies

    Coaching classes and academies for Kung-Fu and Karate are also there in Guwahati. In the very recent times several workshops regarding Rubik’s-cube has also been held in Guwahati. Here the name of Assam teen Kabyanil Talukdar has to be mentioned who is a world champion in Rubik’s –Cube, won the gold medal in the 8th Rubik’s cube world championship held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has carried lots of success and proud of the country and along with introduced the game to the region with a better view. Rubik’s-Cube coaching camps and training are also held in Guwahati nowadays. Along with Rubik’s cube training and workshops, mind games like chess are also held here, which indeed help the students increasing their IQ level and brain sharping.

With the increasing number of sports academies in Guwahati, competition is also increasing amongst them to provide the players with great facilities including coaches, gym, security, health supports, courts and fields, nutritionist etc. to the perfect level. All he sports academies in Guwahati are trying their best to produce better sports results from their institutions.

Sports is something which is not only important for physical fitness but also for mental sharpness. For overall growth of a human being, sports whether indoor or outdoor is a prime factor and very essential for life. However, sports authorities and academies in Guwahati has been seen taking initiative for this and we expect and hope for more such academies to grow in the city.

Rimtimmers recommend the following sports academies in Guwahati

  1. Santipur Cricket Academy

    Address: Santipur Main Road, Santipur, Guwahati – 781009
    Phone No: +91-8393939797
  2. Guwahati Cricket Coaching Center

    Address: R.G. Baruah Sports Complex, Bhubaneswar Barua Road, Nehru Stadium, Ulubari, Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati – 781007
    Phone No: +91-3612450317
  3. Guwahati Young Star Football Coaching Center

    Address: R.G. Barua Sports Complex, Bhubaneswar Barua Road, Nehuru Stadium, Gandhi Basti, Ulubari, Guwahati – 781007
    Phone No: +91-9435042602
  4. Nagen Hazarika Table Tennis Foundation (NHTTF)

    Address: Opposite Kiran Petrol Pump, Near Adesa Bhavan, Wireless, Dispur, Guwahati – 781006
    Phone No: +91-7086077099
  5. Assam Badminton Association – Kanaklata Indoor Stadium  

    Address: Bhubaneswar Barua Road, R.G. Barua Sports Complex, Gandhi Basti, Sarania Hills, Guwahati – 781007
    Phone No: +91-9435044738
  6. Guwahati Chess Academy  

    Address: RG Baruah Road, Bhaskar Nagar, Guwahati – 781003
    Phone No: +91-7399460457
  7. Assam Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Association

    Address: D.S/94D, Railway Colony, Near Netaji School, Pan Bazar, Guwahati – 781001
    Phone No: +91-8474807641
  8. Shaolin Kung Fu Academy of india  

    Address: Railway Colony Road, Railway Colony, Guwahati – 781003
    Phone No: +91-9864040375
  9. Sports Authority Of Assam

    Address: Sarusajai Sports Complex, NH 37, Nalapara, Lokhara, Guwahati, Assam – 781034
  10. Saruhojai Sports Complex Guwahati

    Address: NH27, Nalapara, Lalmati, Guwahati, Assam – 781040
    Phone No: +91-9864649788

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