Eden Gardens: The Pride And Pilgrimage Of World Cricket

By RimTim Staff Writer
June 24, 2017
Eden Garden Stadium

In a country where cricket is celebrated as much as the rich cultural diversity, the Eden Gardens sit as a megastar in the hearts of zealots. More than a hundred and fifty years old, this pavilion is essentially the pride and homestead of India in the domain of cricket and one of the best cricket stadiums in India and in the world. The Eden Gardens Kolkata stadium is the second largest of its kind in the world, after the Melbourne Cricket Stadium, and is a landmark of notable reference in the world of sports. It is the largest stadium in India as well as the entire continent of Asia.

A report released by ESPN on June 21st, 2017 stated that the current capacity of the Eden Gardens stadium stands at roughly 66,000 which was a number decreased from a whopping 100,000 after the renovations in 2011.

History of Eden Gardens Kolkata

The entire acreage derives its name from the Eden Gardens Park situated near the BBD Bagh area in Kolkata. The park was built in 1841 by Governor General Auckland and named after his Eden sisters. The stadium complex was constructed in 1864 as a leading platform for hosting sporting events in the region. The layout of the stadium was designed with the purpose of holding huge crowds with ease. As one of the first mega-sporting platforms in the country, the brilliant architecture still remains unvarnished and true to its proposal.

The stadium has about 17 gates for entry to the various sections. The seating areas are divided into multiple arrays, starting from the VIP boxes to the open-air gallery. The stadium is also well equipped with medical aid facilities, police assistance as well as drinking water and other requirements.

Eden Garden as a Practice Ground

Eden Gardens Kolkata has been host to a large number of matches of both national as well as international importance. A pavilion of world class stature, it was the first stadium to host the cricket World Cup finals outside of England in 1987.

The stadium is currently the home and practice grounds for the Bengal cricket team, the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Indian national cricket team.

The first test match was held at Eden Gardens’ stadium in 1934 between India and England. However, the ground was not always used for hosting cricket matches.

In 1977, a football match was held in the Stadium between the New York Cosmos and the Mohun Bagan team with celebrated international footballer Pele playing for the foreign team. In addition to football and cricket, rugby was also once played at the Eden Gardens.

The first official One Day International Match was held at the stadium in 1987 between India and Pakistan. The platform opened its course to hosting T20 matches with the first match in 2011 between India and England.

The Bustle of a Century in Eden Gardens

A game at the Eden Garden stadium is an absolutely mind-blowing experience for both the cricket players and the spectators. Playing a match at a century-old sports ground is an adventure in itself.

For a cricket enthusiast watching a game from the stands, the passionate energy vibrating through the crowd is a different-worldly speculation. All about the gallery the fans constantly cheer the teams with an incessant vigor that lasts until the very end of the match.The roars erupting from the stands during a sixer or a wicket out are utter delights to behold. For a true cricket fan, a match at the Eden Gardens is a truly unique feat.

To Feel the Spirit in Eden Gardens

  • Bookings: Tickets to matches at the Eden Gardens are sold online and the opening dates for purchase are announced well before the scheduled time of the event.
    After buying the tickets, one can choose to have them delivered to their home or collect them at the entry gate on the day of the match.
  • Entry Rules: The Eden Gardens Kolkata upholds strict measures in terms of security. Only a handful of items are allowed inside the premises, with mobile phones, medicines and baby products to name a few.
    The interior of the complex is well equipped with food and drinking water facilities so the spectators are assured of a comfortable visit.
    For an obstacle-free experience, the authorities advise visitors to arrive at least one hour before the scheduled time of commencement of the match.
  • Additional tips: In accession to the scorching Kolkata sun, it is recommended to constantly stay hydrated and use UV-protective lotions. If you are visiting with a baby, it is best to opt for seats in the shaded sections.
    Fire alarms, medical help, and police assistance phone numbers are available at several locations inside the stadium as well as at the entry gate. In case of emergency, all spectators are advised to contact the respective service authorities immediately.
Eden Gardens in Kolkata

Eden Gardens and Its Surroundings

If you are planning a trip to Kolkata to watch an upcoming match at the Eden Gardens stadium, then you must squeeze a few destinations in to your itinerary for the complete Kolkata experience.

  • Eden Garden Park: Right next to the stadium lays the famous Eden Gardens Park. A lush green oasis in the midst of a busy concrete desert, the park is an absolute nature lover’s delight!
  • Hooghly River/Ganga: Set along the Hooghly River, it displays a beautiful array of flora planted in picturesque detail on a vast expanse of more than 50 acres of land. The most appealing section is the long avenue built for walking, lined by huge Banyan, Mahogany and Mango trees almost as old as the park itself.
  • Pagoda: Another major attraction in the park is the Golden Pagoda which stands as a monument to peace as well as a visual delight. The premises remain open all days of the week from 9 AM to 6 PM. There are several vendors stationed outside the park that sell delicious local tidbits, serving as additional allure for the visitors.
  • With years of hard work, discipline and the support of the thousands of earnest fans, a match played at the Eden Gardens is said to be an initiation of the player into the cricketing world.

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