Get Bowled Over With The Bowling Alleys In Bangalore

By RimTim Staff Writer
March 1, 2017
Bowling Alley

Bowling is a new craze that has taken over Bangalore. Bowling alleys in Bangalore are generally packed with people, especially on weekends. Bowling is a very different sport from the ones that most Indians are used to playing. It’s nothing like cricket, football or tennis, but is special in its own way. Anyone can take part in bowling. It is a casual sport meant for entertainment purposes only.

The bowling alleys in Bangalore are always filled, especially on weekends. Bowling is a lot of fun for couples on a date, young people looking for a cool place to hang out with friends, and for families that are looking for an activity that’s fun and safe for kids.

Statistics of bowling alleys in Bangalore

In Bangalore, Bowling has been popular since 1999, when the first bowling alley in the city, the Mega Bowl at Old Airport Road was opened to the public. This was quickly followed by a four-lane alley at the Mota Royal Arcade, one of the oldest shopping malls in the city.

  • Popularity: Since its inception, the youth of Bangalore have taken to bowling with full force. It is truly an international sport that was a huge craze in the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Since then, the interest in bowling has dropped off in the US, but has picked up elsewhere in the world, especially in India.
  • Professional group for bowlers: In Karnataka, there is even a professional circuit for bowlers. The Karnataka State Tenpin Bowling Association (KSTB) was formed in 2003 with just 40 professional bowlers. There are close to 150 professional bowlers in Bangalore today, of whom five have gone on to become national champions.
  • Good for fitness: But the real reason bowling has become so popular in India is that it is very good for fitness. Vardhan Sardha, who has won the men’s national bowling championship several times, explains, “If taken seriously, bowling is like a personal gym. When you bowl, you are pulling and pushing simultaneously, and that too with a heavy weight. This tones various muscles trims the waistline and increases[HR1] body strength.” Girish Gaba, an avid bowler and media professional, who has represented India in the Asian Games says, “Having college tournaments is one of the best things to have happened for the sport. I was a product of one such tournament and today, I am one of the best bowlers in the country.” Girish adds that the great thing about bowling is that anyone can compete in this sport – age truly does not matter. You can have a 68-year-old taking on a 22-year-old and going on to win the contest. It’s a sport where skill and accuracy matters just as much as strength and athleticism.

    Health benefits of bowling

    Bowling in Bangalore is a sport that requires a great deal of flexibility, coordination, and strength. It is very good for cardiovascular health and improves stamina.

    • Burns calories: When you practice the sport for hours at a time, you will burn a lot of fat because of all the muscle flexing that you will be doing with every swing, twist and turn of the ball. The movements performed in bowling, because of all the flexing and stretching, provide the perfect exercise for your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.
    • Full body exercise: When you bowl, you are effectively giving a great workout for several different muscle groups in your body, including your shoulders, forearms, hips, legs, back and torso. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from knee pain or other types of joint pain.

    History of bowling in Bangalore

    When bowling was first introduced in the country back in the 1990s by US companies such as AMF Bowling and Brunswick Bowling, it was met with a tepid response from the public. Deep Kalra, Founder, and CEO of MakeMyTrip who was the head of AMF Bowling Inc.’s Indian operations in 1995 explains why: “The reason for the failure was the absence of large-scale growth. Unlike today, malls were rare then and large footfalls impossible. People were thinking small, and could not promote a family entertainment center successfully.”

    Back then, bowling alleys were not up to international standards and suffered from a serious lack of capital. Bowling is a capital-intensive sport, so it was hard for the bowling centers of the 1990’s to generate a reasonable cash flow from the business.

    Things have changed today because of the rise of shopping malls in every city in India, and because there is such a large middle class in India with higher disposable incomes. Today, bowling is the fastest growing indoor sport in the country. There are now over 400 bowling alleys in India, twice as many as in 2014.

    So, have you tried bowling yet? If not, why? Don’t you think it’s time you visited the bowling alleys in Bangalore?

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