Animal Shelters in Bangalore : Love For The Lost Ones!

By RimTim Staff Writer
February 5, 2018

Over the years, people in Bangalore have become friendlier toward animals. If someone sees an injured or lost animal on the road, they’ll pick up the phone to call an animal shelter to rescue the animal right away.

When you visit an animal shelter in Bangalore you can feel the geniality in the air. The little puppies and grown dogs wagging their tails at the sight of you and the cats lovingly purring as they rub against you feels heavenly. Their innocent eyes will make you melt to the floor for some cuddles. Everywhere you look in the shelter, you will see happy little animals who have found love and affection and are ready to give it back tenfold to their future owners.

Animal shelters for the lost to be loved

The animal shelters in Bangalore rescue injured animals, provide them complete medical care and allow the public to adopt the animals if they are in need of permanent homes.

After receiving a call about a stray, a van from the animal shelter picks up the injured or lost animal and takes them first to a veterinarian for medical check up before bringing them to the animal shelter. At the animal shelters in Bangalore, when an abandoned animal is brought in, they are given care to recover physically and emotionally, and once rehabilitated, are often able to find a loving new home.

Animals in shelter home awaits for you

There are many animal lovers who come to the animal shelters in Bangalore to volunteer. When you visit an animal shelter in Bangalore you will find yourself falling in love with the animals there. We have all had memorable encounters with animals in our lives, and this is no exception.

Maybe some of us have brought home a puppy from the road side. Others have brought home a kitten found near the street drain. Still others of us have taken in wounded animals or birds and tried to give them first aid at home. We all have that compassionate feeling toward animals. Volunteering at a local animal shelter provides an opportunity for animal lovers to channel their passion for helping our furry and feathered friends at a reputable facility where they truly make a difference.

You will come across some animals that have been abandoned by their owners. Pets are often considered to be part of the family, so this can be heartbreaking to witness. Though you might wish you could adopt them all into your own family, as a volunteer in the animal shelters in Bangalore you can help these animals find loving forever homes.

Animal shelters in Bangalore

No more abandoned, injured or lost animals

In the animal shelters in Bangalore, you will find little head tilts that will steal your heart. You will see whiskers twitching with anticipation. Sadly, the reality is that only a few of the animals that land in the animal shelter will find a new home or return back to their owner. The majority of the animals that are brought to an animal shelter call it home until their last breath.

Most of the animal shelters are non-profit organizations. There are many people in Bangalore who donate generously to the noble work of the organization. There are still others who cannot contribute financially but who love the animals and want to help. These volunteers in the animal shelters in Bangalore give their time and effort for the organization by coming to the shelter and caring the animals. Helping animals is their passion, so many do it wholeheartedly.

Beyond cats and dogs

The animal shelters all over the country have other animals apart from dogs and cats. They have cows, rabbits, birds, donkeys and even horses at times. These domesticated animals are all welcome to the shelters and will be well taken care of.

If an animal is very old or too sick, they are often put to sleep by the shelter. As sad as it is, it is necessary because the shelters do not have a lot of space to accommodate all of the abandoned animals that come through the door.

The volunteers who work in the shelters in Bangalore take care of the animals as if they were their owners. They give them food twice a day, clean them regularly, walk them, give them water, clean their cages, cuddle them and take special care of those who are sick.

It’s important to note that the shelter sterilizes all of the animals that come to the shelter. This is to avoid more animals being born at the shelter, when there are already so many who need care.

A return of love and gratitude

The volunteers who work in the animal shelters in Bangalore are paid heavily, not with money, but with tail wags and purrs that mean much more to them!

Consider spending time with animals-they are so agreeable, no questions asked, no criticisms. So when you get a chance to help these furry friends, don’t hesitate!

RimTimmers recommend the following animal shelters in Bangalore

  1. Bangalore Gourkshan Sala

    Address: Outer Ring Road, Doddanakundi Industrial Area, Mahadevapura, Bangalore – 560048
    Phone: +91-9844455380
    More Details: Bangalore Gourkshan Sala
  2. Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre

    Address: Survey No. 124/1 Mittaganahalli Cross, Kogilu, Near Reva College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru – 560064
    Phone: +91-9483911110
  3. Cupa Larrc (Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center)

    Address: Mutharayana Nagar, Gnana Bharathi, Bengaluru – 560056
    Phone: +91-80-22947317
  4. Compassion Unlimited Plus Action Animal Care Clinic

    Address: No. 4, (Old No.39/1) New Devegowda Road, R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru – 560032
    Phone: +91-80-22947313
  5. Wildlife Rescue Team

    Address: Corporation Building, JC Road, Bangalore – 560002
    Phone: +91-9902794711
  6. Karuna Animals Welfare Association Of Karnataka

    Address: Kasturba Road, Opposite To Queens Statue, Bengaluru – 560001
    Phone: +91-80-22860205
    More Details: Karuna Animals Welfare Association Of Karnataka
  7. Maruthy Dog Shelter

    Address: Survey 185, Next to Thaiye Mane, Kodathi Village, Sarjapur Main Road, Bengaluru – 560035
    Phone: +91-9663384826
  8. People for Animals

    Address: Survey no. 67, Uttarahalli Main Road Kengeri, Bengaluru – 560060
    Phone: +91-80-28611986
  9. Simba’s Run

    Address: Kodigenahalli, BK Manjunatha Gowda Road, Bengaluru – 562157
    Phone: +91-9632221367
  10. Save Animals India (SAI)

    Address: Sugatta Road, Bengaluru – 560064
    Phone: +91-9886535565
  11. Animal Rights Fund

    Address: No. 10/42, 1st Floor, Comfort Manner, Kumarakrupa Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560001
    Phone: +91-9845009681
  12. Karuna Animal Shelter

    Address: Vaterinary College Campus, Near-BBMP Help Center, Hebbal, Bengaluru – 560024
    Phone: +91-80-23411181

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