Animal Shelters In Delhi: Home For Rescued Street Animals

By RimTim Staff Writer
December 3, 2016
Animal shelters in Delhi

Do you love animals? Do you often get grief-stricken when you come across a hungry, stray dog roaming around the streets? Or, do you feel pathetic when you read about the condition of animals given away to labs for experimentation?

If, yes, then let me tell you only compassion cannot change things for these beautiful souls. Yes, sharing different posts on animal welfare on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter does create awareness to some level but it’s not enough to protect animals from the misery they undergo. They need your serious help in the form of more animal shelters and a drive that encourages people to adopt an animal so that these homeless animals can get a permanent home for themselves, perhaps, a family that looks after them like their own kids.

Need for animal shelters in Delhi

  • High numbers of abandoned animals: You’ll be shocked to know that tens of thousands of pets are abandoned & rescued in our country every day. Though, there are several wonderful people across India who invests their precious time and efforts to look after these animals, there’s always a dearth of funding & communication across the circuit of animal activists.
  • Medical assistance: Keeping this thing in mind, several animal shelters are opened across the capital city. Almost every shelter treats its animal’s minor or major health problems.
  • Facilities to adopt: In an animal shelter, animals are kept in shelter’s facility so you can always see available animals in case you want to adopt an animal. At these animal homes, processing time for adoption is normally quite smaller and has minor requirements in comparison to adopting it from some animal rescue center.
  • Knowing each other: Besides, it becomes quite easier to interact with your future pet as few of these shelters render a playroom or meeting area. So, you can meet, play and be well versed with an animal you would like to adopt. And, don’t worry, they would also deworm and spay & neuter before they hand it over to you. So, you can say these animal shelters in Delhi will help you save a sizeable amount on veterinarian fees.
  • Animal shelters in Delhi

    Here’s what you can do to extend your support to animals in pain on a personal level. For those who don’t know, there are several animal shelters in Delhi that render a home to stray or abandoned animals, or animals freed from laboratories and slaughter stores. These animal shelters or homes provide everything from vaccination, sterilization to free medical care to animals that are injured or harmed. And, these animal shelters call for volunteers who are allocated the work of taking care of these innocent souls for few hours as per their flexibility.

    It’s just like volunteering in a blind school, orphanage or an old age home. The animals who need most love and attention are deserted dogs that have no idea of how they landed up in a foreign land from comfort of their homes. These animals wait ceaselessly for their owners. For them, their owners mean a family whom they love like anything!

Reason to adopt an animal in an animal shelter

  • You save a life: All animals at these shelters are in urgent need of a second chance. They are lost, abandoned or given up by their owners. So, they all become helpless and unwanted. By adopting them you’re giving them a new life amongst new family members.
  • You avoid them from getting over-populated: Well, that’s a fact that there are not sufficient homes for all animals born in a year. So, if you’re planning to adopt an animal from an animal home, it would break the cycle of pet overpopulation. Every year more than 12 million dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are euthanized due to lack of homes for these animals.
  • You’re are helping stop cruelty amongst mass breeding houses: Throughout India, thousands of profit-making pet-breeding houses & backyard breeders bring about tens of millions of creatures for sale in pet shops and via newspaper advertisements. Often called as puppy & kitten mills, these houses frequently impregnate female dogs that waste their complete lives in cages without any companionship from humans. These unlucky animals are usually in intolerable environments, compelled to give litter upon litter, and are killed after they turn unprofitable for these mill owners. Adopting an animal from an animal shelter suggests you don’t promote such cruel habits.

Animal Shelter in Delhi

Animal Shelters: there will always be an animal for you!

Animal homes offer a facility for animals across different breeds, shapes, ages, sizes and personalities. Perhaps, they hold a wide range of pets that you are certain to find a pet that matches your lifestyle and would serve as your ideal companion.

Rimtimmers recommends the following animal shelters in Delhi

  1. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center

    Address: Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi – 110027
    Phone No: +91-11-25448062
    More Details: Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center
  2. PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society)

    Address: C-9/7, Masudpur Market, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070
    Phone No: +91-11-26895737
  3. Red Paws Rescue

    Address: Red Paws Rescue Office, 29A, Hauz Khas Village, 1st Floor, New Delhi – 110016
    Phone No: +91-9958866067
  4. Friendicoes

    Address: No 271 & 273 Defence Colony Flyover Market, Jangpura Side, New Delhi – 110014
    Phone No: +91-11-24314787 / +91-11-24320303
  5. People For Animals

    Address: 14, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, Delhi – 110001
    Phone No: +91-9810054077
    More Details: People For Animals in connaught place
  6. Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animal

    Address: SPCA, Boulevard Road, Tis Hazari, Delhi – 110054
    Phone No: +91-11-23965369
  7. Wildlife SOS

    Address: D-210, Defence Colony, Delhi – 110024
    Phone No: +91-9871963535
  8. Straw Stray Relief & Animal Welfare

    Address: D-2/2303, Vasant Kunj, Delhi – 110070
    Phone No: +91-11-46065046
    More Details: Straw Stray Relief & Animal Welfare
  9. Director Of Animal Husbandry

    Address: Room No 98-101, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110054
    Phone No: +91-11-23890485
  10. Circle Of Animal Lovers

    Address: E-67, DDA Flats, Ekta Apartments, Saket, Delhi – 110017
    Phone No: +91-9810689557

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