Fire Brigades – The Services They Provide for Citizens In India

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 26, 2017
Fire services In India

Fire has been mankind’s most loyal companion ever since its discovery thousands of years ago. From protection to cooking to molding, it has made life profoundly easier. But a slight detour of attention and this faithful ally turns into a ruthless enemy that burns down all signs of existence. Fire accidents are one of the paramountpillagers of human lives and property in the world. Major international institutes mandate the establishment of well equipped fire protection agencies in all countries.

Uncontrolled fires have led to the loss of millions of lives around the globe. It is one of the most frequenting accidents in the world. According to the England Fire Statistics report 2014-15, for every million people in England, there were 4.8 fire fatalities. The same report said that 41% of the fatalities were people aged 65 years and above.

Thus, as suggested by the above mentioned report, the people most affected by fires are the elderly. The next highest affected group is the children. This can mostly be attributed to the lack of agility and alertness in the event of the disaster.

India and fire service facility

Fire service in India is well recognized and is highly functioning. The rate of fire incidents and casualties in India have decreased due to the improvements made to fire departments across the cities throughout India.

According to a statistical report of the Government of NCT Delhi, during the year 2015-16, the Delhi fire service attended 27089 calls. There were 2099 reported injuries but no serious ones.

The Fire department is nothing short of a superhero in India. There are numerous cases of bravery displayed in times of crisis by the Indian firefighters.

Major calls of fire service

Due to the multicultural nature of the country, hundreds of festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Given the congregation and merriment, there are bound to be situations where a little slip of heed has led to eruption of roaring fires. Nonetheless, the fire brigade saves as many holdings and possible.

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in India and also one of the hotspots for fire accidents. There are at least a few hundred cases of fire accidents due to malfunctioning fireworks and unattended earthen lamps each year. Diwali is then perhaps one of the busiest nights of the year for the Indian fire brigades!

Fire brigades service

Preparation time for fire service

The firefighters are well trained in all means of firefighting. They are constantly supplied with updated gear and taught about advanced fire safety techniques. It is also important that these stalwart men and women remain in proper health in order to remain active and agile during work. Hence, it is well ensured by the government that they are given good food and regular fitness training.

The employment process in the fire department is done through a series of rigorous tests, both physical and knowledge-based. This helps to make sure that the most efficient and able-bodied individuals are appointed in this risky precinct.

Working in a fire brigade requires a deep seated desire for community service. The firefighters put their own lives in peril to save the lives of those in need. They are nothing short of the military soldiers who risk their lives for their country.

In addition to the constant danger to life, there is also the lack of time to spend with family and loved ones. Job timings at the fire service are odd and demanding. When need arises, the service-people may need to spend several shifts at the department constantly working. But despite this exigent nature, all firefighters proclaim to love their job. The risk to their own life becomes much smaller when compared to the number of lives they save. There is also the exceptional feeling of satisfaction and goodwill acquired from helping others.

Activities of fire service department

The fire department also spreads awareness amongst the public about fire safety. They conduct demonstrations on fire prevention and security in localities, schools and public institutions. They preach fire avoidance and alertness instead of management. The fire department also conducts training workshops where they teach people to operate fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and other fire safety equipments.

Fire Outbreak Story

Exemplary behavior of firemen acting as SUPERHEROES!

There are countless incidents of acts of fearlessness demonstrated by the fire department. One such is intimated to the reader here.

There was a major fire accident on a December afternoon in 2015. It was a typical family house in a residential locality in Zoo Road, Guwahati. The inhabitants during that time were an old couple and their grandchildren. It was winter break in the schools in Guwahati and thus the children had been dropped off by their parents at the grandparents’ place. During the afternoon, all of them were taking a nap. The heater had been switched on for a long time in the living room and due to the prolonged drawing of high current a spark erupted on the switch board which ended in a short circuit.

The heater wire caught fire and then the flame transferred to a nearby sofa. This further spreadon to a table cloth and the wooden table caught fire as well. By the time one of the older children and the grandmother realized that a fire had erupted, almost half of the room was aflame. The only route outside from the bedroom was through the living room and now it was blocked. The kids naturally panicked and started crying but the adults were more sensible. They opened one of the bedroom windows and started screaming for help. Soon some of the neighbors heard them and called the fire department. In a mere time, span of ten minutes, the fire brigade truck arrived on the scene. Several people from the neighborhood had already started to bring buckets of water to stub out the fire. By this time, a huge part of the house was engulfed in flames.

After clearing a little bit of the fire on the main doorway, three fire fighters bravely rushed into the house to rescue the inhabitants. It took them around twenty minutes to bring all five people out safely. The children were crying and screaming in fear and clutching to the firemen for life. The grandparents were in shock. The grandmother had inhaled a lot of smoke and was quickly rushed to the hospital. The entire fire took almost forty-five minutes to extinguish. The house was completely burnt down and so was half of the garden. The victims were given food and aid by the neighbors and the parents of the kids arrived to take care.

Such selfless heroic acts require a lot of bravery and zeal. But more than those, they require an intense love for humanity. The trust of a defenseless victim while you bring them to safety is an utterly invaluable treasure. That is why, we the Rimtimmers consider fire fighters as superheroes!