How Mumbai Police is using Twitter in the Wittiest Way Ever Possible?

By RimTim Staff Writer
July 6, 2016
Mumbai Police

There is no doubt that the Mumbai Police is the best police force in India, which has been maintaining law and order in India’s financial capital against tremendous odds. The Mumbai Police battled underworld dons such as Dawood Ibrahim for decades, stopped communal clashes from breaking out and has put up a brave fight against terrorists, time and time again.

Who can forget how the Mumbai Police fought the terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attacks (of November 26, 2008), which killed scores of people? Mumbai Police brave hearts such as the Chief of ATS, Hemant Karkare, encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and ACP Ashok Kamte lost their lives battling the terrorists. Their heroism and courage under fire will always be remembered by the grateful people of India.

Mumbai Police and Social Media

Mumbai Police is also well known for its ability to keep with the latest trends in technology. Indeed, all police departments in the world, even those in developed countries such as the United States, can learn a thing or two from the Mumbai Police on how to use the social media. It’s not been long since the Mumbai Police took to social media, but their efforts so far have been quite sensational, especially on Twitter. Tweets by the Mumbai Police are much talked about. They are smart, funny and perceptive.

Let’s look at some of the tweets by the Mumbai Police Twitter handle, @CPMumbaiPolice.

Mumbai police tweets targeted at traffic violators

  • If you overtake from the left, you can never be right #FollowTrafficRules
  • Words when spoken and signals when broken have consequences. Don’t jump signals!
  • Your fast can make us furious #SafetyResolution

Mumbai police tweets against cyber crime

  • Your creepy comments on her photo will get you a long date with us #CyberSafetyWeek
  • An online stranger can be a potential real life danger #CyberSafetyWeek
  • Don’t let 140 characters write your destiny. Avoid cybercrime #CyberSafetyWeek
  • It feels good if people follow you online, but not in real. Share your information carefully #CyberSafetyWeek

Mumbai police tweets against drug abuse

  • If you roll, we will weed you out #HoshMeinAao
Police in Mumbai

Mumbai police and twitter

Indeed, Mumbai Police’s Twitter handles have become quite a sensation on Twitter. They are humorous, smart and very responsive to the latest trends. Mumbai Police is also known to be very responsive to complaints received on the social media.

Many of Mumbai Police’s tweets have people chuckling and even rolling on the floor with laughter for public on social media. Several of Mumbai police tweets have gone viral, not just on Twitter, but also on Facebook and Whatsapp. It’s interesting, because humour is not something you would normally associate with the police. The police are supposed to be grim and serious. But the Mumbai police are different, as they have shown with their witty, smart one-liners.

Indeed, since their Twitter debut in December 2015, Mumbai police have become one of the most popular Twitter accounts in India and have certainly stolen a march over Bangalore Police, which is the first police force in India to get on Twitter.

But it’s not just about fun and humour. Recently, there was a rumour circulating on Whatsapp that there as a terror attack in Mumbai. The Mumbai Police twitter accounts, @CPMumbaiPolice and @MumbaiPolice, quickly dispelled the rumours and squashed the misinformation before people started panicking through their tweets.

Mumbai police twitter accounts

The twitter accounts are handled by a team of police officers and social media consultants, who come up with the witty messages and puns. As Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed says in an interview to The Hindu, “The puns are hardly accidental. We were working on having on a social media presence for three to four months before things fell into place and it just took off. Since day one, the idea has been to ensure speedy, transparent and positive interaction with the people.”Mr. Javed says that there were earlier many concerns in the police department about how the Twitter account would be received. “But we have been getting only appreciation and messages of thanks,” he adds.

Social media consultant Sunchika Pandey, who works with the Mumbai Police says, “It is a continuous process. We get together every day and decide the theme for the week, and discuss how best to tweet the theme. Several tweets are discussed and the best ones are approved.”

Raheel Khursheed, who is in charge of news, politics and government for Twitter India, explains that giving a humorous slant to serious messages was one of the factors responsible for the huge popularity of the Mumbai Police Twitter handles. “It’s heartening to see the Mumbai police using the medium with humor to humanise their presence, and have serious conversations in a way that the audience understands,” Mr. Khursheed said.

There are three teams that work together in shifts to ensure that no tweet goes unnoticed and the response to a complaint or a query is quick and even instantaneous. The Mumbai Police Twitter account, @CPMumbaiPolice has close to 25,000 followers while @MumbaiPolicewell over 31,400 followers.

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