Kolkata Police: Men In White Keep The City In Peace

By RimTim Staff Writer
January 31, 2017

The well-being and development of any civilization depend on the public security measures enforced. For the day-to-day hassle-free running of a society, the police are the upholders of social order.

The Indian police system is one of the largest and most commendable in the world. A survey of the state wise strength of the police force in India conducted by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Government of India, stated that there were a total of 1,215,050 civil police personnel and 378,834 armed police personnel working in India as of December 31, 2011. With a country as large as India and the resultant estimated crime rates, a strong task force is indispensable. An annual statistical report published by the National Crime Records Bureau, Government of India, for the year 2015, the total number of violent crimes in India including robbery, riots, murder, dowry deaths, sexual crimes, etc., amounted to 335,901 which, at 26.7% the crime rate contributed 11.4% to the total number of reported crimes in India country for that year.

Kolkata Police

One of the oldest established orders in India, the Kolkata Police force is one of the most praiseworthy and efficient commiserates in the world. The legacy goes back to the time of the colonial period and the establishment of the city of Calcutta on the banks of the river Hooghly. Kolkata, as of today, is one of the largest cities in the eastern region of India, both in terms of area coverage as well as commercial advancement. The smooth daily functioning of a metropolis of this size is owed to the efficient security management of the police.

Initiatives of Kolkata Police

The dynamic command system of the Kolkata police is largely due to well-planned coordination designed by the authorities. The entire metropolitan area, including a little distance into the outskirts of town, falls under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata police force. The entry and exit of vehicles are well monitored at all the roads leading into the city. This ensures that the entry of suspicious people or cargo is cinched at the root.

Within the city, police officers can be seen stationed and actively working 24/7. The officers are selected through tests conducted by the government and trained for physical strength and analytical tactics before being enrolled in the task force.

The city police are further strengthened by the technological advancements made in different fields. Cyber security has been gaining immense fortitude over the past few decades and is extremely well established. The cyber crime branch of the Kolkata police is finely equipped and has been able to forgo thousands of major crimes since its inception. The department is one of the best in the entire country and stands as a role model to all.

Civilian Policy Made by Kolkata Police

  • Law and order: The police routinely issue newsletters and announcements to promote the individual safety of citizens. The fundamental aim of the system is to get the public involved in the safekeeping of law and order in the society.
  • Precautions: The police force extends warnings against touching unclaimed objects standing in public places for a long time. In addition, CCTV cameras have been installed all throughout the city to aid in the quick detection of suspicious activities and handling.
  • Emergency help lines: Safety measures and emergency phone numbers have been displayed in great density around the city so that people in need of help can always find it, irrespective of location. The response time is also quick, owing to the extremely large number of police stations in and around Kolkata.
  • Police in disguise: Certain police officers, not in uniform, are also stationed throughout the city every day. This strategy allows them to look out for suspicious activity and potential crime, and many a time has led to the resolution of criminal incidents without any public disturbance or panic.
  • Safety measures: The Kolkata police also regularly issues instructions for schools and other educational institutions that are meant to be strictly followed. Basic measures like wearing and verification of identity cards before entering the complex, the building of emergency exits at prescribed corridors, informing students and staff about safety measures in case of an emergency, displaying phone numbers of important public service departments, etc. are directed to all the presiding heads of administration.

Kolkata Police

Tourist Policy of Kolkata Police

The Kolkata police also release several safety notes for foreign tourists. The city of Kolkata is a rich center of Indian heritage and hosts thousands of tourists every year. To make sure that their stay in the city is pleasant, safe and hassle-free, the police force has issued guidelines to be strictly followed by the tourists as well as the hotels they choose to stay in. Initiatives like these are extremely helpful, especially for somebody who is visiting for the first time. All tourist spots also have continually stationed and dedicated security forces to ensure general safety.

Police of Kolkata Safeguarding the Community

  • Social initiatives: In addition to serving as security enforcements, the Kolkata police force is also involved in a lot of community welfare programs. Spreading awareness about public safety while working in welfare projects is the prime aim of these endeavors.
  • Support and cooperation: The police, in collaboration with several non-governmental organizations, work in the sector of health, education, and sports in locations near the police stations. They operate in schools and residential colonies, especially for the marginal sections of the society.
  • Organizes tournaments: The Kolkata police force also organizes football and cricket tournaments, hockey matches, and several other sports. They offer sports scholarships to hundreds of underprivileged children every year, helping them perform to full potential. A selected number of deserving children are given free training in the police sports stadiums.
  • Scholarships: The Kolkata police have also made endeavors in the sector of education. They issue scholarships to meritorious students in local schools, helping them to pursue higher studies. There have been several instances of pride for the police department when students receiving education with the aid of police scholarships have earned remarkable success and have joined the Kolkata police force as able-bodied officers.

The Kolkata police are poised as a marker for an illustrious administration of public safety while ensuring harmony in the city’s affairs. It is also the duty of all citizens to cooperate with the force and abide by all the rules laid down to ensure the peaceful running of this beautiful city.

Rimtimmers recommends the following police stations in Kolkata

  1. Amherst Street Police Station  

    Address: 57, Raja Ram Mohan Sarani, Machuabazar, Kolkata – 700009
    Phone No: +91-33-23605714
  2. Baguiati Police Station

    Address: VIP Road, Arjunpur, Raghunathpur, RajarhatGopalpur, Kolkata – 700059
    Phone No: +91-33-25598799
  3. Bidhannagar North Police Station  

    Address: Salt Lake, Bidhan Nagar, East-ps, Sector II, Kolkata – 700091
    Phone No: +91-33-23373343
  4. Beniapukur Police Station  

    Address: Gorachand Road, Beniapukur, Kolkata – 700014
    Phone No: +91-33-22844770
  5. Cossipore Police Station  

    Address: 58/A, Barrackpore Trunk Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata – 700002
    Phone No: +91-33-25566434
  6. Manicktala Police Station

    Address: No. 20, Canal Road, Canal W Road, Manicktala, Kolkata – 700006
    Phone No: +91-33-23605681
  7. RPF Booth, Belgharia Railway Station

    Address: 56, Belgaria Police Station, Belgharia, Kolkata – 700056
    Phone No: +91-33-25531717
  8. Lake Police Station  

    Address: 18, Gariahat Road South, Kolkata – 700068
    Phone No: +91-33-24292353
  9. Jorabagan Police Station

    Address: 78, Nimtala Ghat Street, Sovabazar, Kolkata – 700006
    Phone No: +91-33-22184094
  10. Tangra Police Station

    Address: 15, GobindaKhatick Road, Kolkata – 700015
    Phone No: +91-33-23297565
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