Child Adoption Centres and Agencies In Delhi

By RimTim Staff Writer
November 9, 2016
Child adoption centres in India

There is perhaps no greater love on earth than one’s love for others. The act of sharing bestows satisfaction beyond words. There are millions of people on earth living in horrendous conditions, and helping these unfortunate souls is a blessed service.

Child adoption is an ardent form of philanthropy. It has persisted in society since Adam and remains one of the purest acts of kindness.

The urgency for child adoption in India has risen dramatically in recent years. The turbid increase in the population, improvement in the medical sector and inadequate income of parents has led to millions of children being orphaned every year.

Child Adoption in India

The act of adoption is extremely revered in Indian society. The government has an extensive and hierarchical system in the sector of child adoption to ensure a smooth and fair process.

  • The registration for adoption is an online process under the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS) that puts hopeful parents on the first plane on the path for adoption. This entity is managed by the Child Adoption Resource Agency (CARA), the fundamental body for adoption processes in India as declared by the honorable Supreme Court.

  • The parents are then visited by a social worker to ensure that the living conditions are suitable for a child. After the verification is over the parents are put on a seniority list for adoption. When their turn comes, they are shown photographs of six children to choose from. After the choice is made, CARA puts them in contact with the concerned child adoption center and then the legal proceedings are initiated.

  • Although the adoption process has been known to show some slack in the past, the Indian adoption arena is slowly improving, aided by positive reforms undertaken by the government. In a report published by the Mail Today on April 20, 2015, a total of 21,763 children were adopted in India during 2010-2014 and 2,156 of them were adopted by foreign nationals.

  • In another report by the First Post on November 13, 2015, 60% of the children adopted from child adoption centers in India during 2011-2014 were female. Out of 11,218 adopted children, 6,755 were female and 4,463 of them were male.

Groundwork for Child Adoption

To adopt a child, both parents must agree and the decision must be harmonious. Adoption is also allowed for single parents, given that they can provide a stable financial support and healthy environment for the kid to grow up in. Becoming a parent is a huge stride in the life of any individual. Although the coming of a child is a heartwarming occasion, it can have a great impact mentally and emotionally on the parent. Taking in an individual that is not biologically related to you can be an even bigger strain and the concerned parent must be sanguine and decisive before taking such a step. Most people opt for adoption in the event of unsuccessful pregnancies, infertility issues, loss of a previous child, etc. Such situations have a deep impact on the minds of the individuals. To proceed with a new life with the adopted child, the parents must make sure that all past concerns are resolved. Adoption counseling is of great help on this token. Available both through government and private agencies, it helps parents sort out any past, societal and personal issues and start afresh in a new life for themselves as well as for the child.

Beneficence of Child Adoption Centers

One of the greatest advantages of adoption through CARA is that one’s course is not confined to any one region or state. For example, a person from Delhi who wishes to adopt a child does not have to wait for a long time for a legally adoptable child to be currently residing in any of the adoption centers in Delhi. The seniority list makes prospective adoptive parents and children meet, irrespective of their location in the country. Once a child comes into the system at any of the registered adoption centers in Delhi, it is shifted forward as a choice to the next applicant on the list.

If you are in no position to adopt or have multiple children of your own but still want to help this noble cause, there are several non-profit child welfare centers in the country that allow you to donate money for the education and developing needs of a child growing up in a charitable children’s institution. Under the policy of child adoption in India, every such organization has a stipulated set of rules and required donation amount varying per the period you wish to continue. A child is a reward and a tender responsibility. If you think you have enough to spare resources and would love to take up a human being in need, go ahead and do your part in support of this worthy cause.

Child adoption centers in Delhi have played a vital role in maintaining the well being, happiness, and future of underprivileged children.

Child Adoption In Delhi

Rimtimmers recommends few child adoption centers in Delhi:

  1. Delhi Council For Child Welfare

    Address: Yamuna Marg, Prema Kunj, Civil Lines, New Delhi – 100054
    Phone No: +91-11-28524789
  2. Central Adoption Resource Authority CARA

    Address: West Block 8, Wing 2, 2nd Floor, RK Puram, New Delhi – 110066
    Phone No: +91-11-26180194
  3. Sos Children’s Villages Of India

    Address: Dr. Anita Sehgal, Delhi – 110013
    Phone No: +91-11-24649734
  4. Church of North India Shishu, Sangopan Griha

    Address: St. Michael’s Church Compound, Hospital Road, Jangpura, New Delhi – 110014
    Phone No: +91-11-24376806
  5. Welfare Home for Children

    Address: 1-B, Institutional Area, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110044
    Phone No: +91-11-26954150
  6. Holy Cross Social Service Centre

    Address: Dheer Pur, DDA Project, Near Nirankari Sarovar & ITI, New Delhi – 110009
    Phone No: +91-11-27608765
  7. Missionaries of Charity

    Address: Nirmala Shishu Bhawan 12, Commissioner Lane, New Delhi – 110054
    Phone No: +91-11-23950181
  8. Children of the World

    Address: Plot No. 5, PSP Pocket, Sector -8, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075
    Phone No: +91-11-25364467
  9. Asharan Orphanage (Hope Foundation)

    Address: A-46, New Multan Nagar Surya Enclave New Delhi – 110056
    Phone No: +91-11-25291672
  10. Sewa Bharti

    Address: 101/A, Sewa Kunj, Opp. Jhandewalan Mata Mandir, New Delhi – 110055
    Phone No: +91-11-24503778

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