Chris Martin- The Superhero Raising Awareness On Development Issues In India!

By RimTim NGO Staff Writer
October 20, 2016
Social campaign in india

Advocacy campaigns have been used globally to address social issues, often organised by national or international coalitions of organisations, using electronic, print media and other strategies to communicate key messages. Campaigns do not work towards addressing a problem but it is a very good strategy to raise awareness of an issue. There have been many successful social campaigns in India and around the world.

Main goal of campaign

There have been many successful campaigns in India on various issues like education, forest rights, female foeticide, dowry, sanitation, land rights etc. What makes a campaign successful is finally the outreach of the message to the people. Various campaigns have used various creative ways to help increase the outreach numbers.

The recent Ice Bucket Challenge Campaign around the world which involved pouring a bucket of water on someone’s head helped raise awareness and donation to the research of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease in the US). This campaign targeted the youth and it was a huge success because it involved fun and it also allowed one to challenge other friends. Another very important reason for the success of this campaign was celebrity engagement. When celebrities start a viral game, it is almost certain that fans will follow.

“Selfie With Daughter” campaign

Very recently the Prime Minister of the country have started a campaign on ‘Selfie with daughter’ to stop sex selective abortion which is still in practice in large parts of the country despite the law banning the parental testing of the gender. The reason why this campaign saw a huge outreach in number was –

  • Firstly, because it was called by the prime minister himself,
  • secondly, it involved doing something which was trending all over social media -clicking selfies.
  • A campaign unlike an intervention project is for a smaller duration. A successful campaign decides on memorable or eventful start date so that it is within that day as many people come to become a part of it as possible. It then raises its outreach numbers by other activities and then there a peak time and since human attention span to an issue is short lived, the attentions get diverted. The real challenge is to make the campaign go viral during the peak time and raise as much awareness of the issue as possible.

    Campaign by Chris Martin in India

    Chris Martin stands for Social Cause

    India is again at the verge of starting a huge campaign. The campaign has laid its ground all over the internet and the social media. The target of the campaign is the youth of the country and the campaign will be inaugurated by none other than the most popularly talked about artist Chris Martin from the band Coldplay.

    Chris Martin visited the country last year to visit some rural areas and projects that Oxfam India and other superheroes of the country are doing. He was impressed and have decided to fund some of these development work in India. Although he performed an unofficial gig at a pub in Delhi, there were rumours following his departure that Coldplay will soon come back to India for an official band performance. There were speculations of the date and the venue. There were also rumours that the tickets will be priced at minimum of 25k. But finally the official news is that ColdPlay will be coming to have their first official performance in Mumbai on the 19th of November and the tickets could avail for free on completion of certain tasks.

    Coldplay performing for a cause

    What is interesting about this band performance is that they are performing for a cause- the cause for global citizen. They have launched a campaign and the idea of the campaign is extremely intriguing. They have requested people to become a part of the global citizen campaign by logging online and having an account on their official page. Through this page people will be asked to complete certain activities on four themes –

    • Quality education
    • Gender equality
    • Water and sanitation
    • Global goals.

    It feels like a huge spotlight on the development world as people and especially youth around the country are not only gaining knowledge and discussing on development issues of the country, they are also contributing a voice to activities like call on the World leaders and World Bank to prioritize sanitation, call on the chief ministers of India to adopt global goals, signing petition to the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, to provide safe and clean toilets on our highways.

    Because of the huge fan following of this band and the continuous media reports on their speculated performance, this looks like a promising campaign strategy that will draw the attention of the people in the country on development issues and global sustainable development goals. It is already great to hear so many people talk about it. Celebrity engagement to kick start campaigns and raise awareness have always been a strategy that has worked to multiply outreach numbers and the idea to get a Coldplay concert pass by participating in activities for a social cause will just be the cherry on the cake.

    So folks, if you have not already started the process of getting your pass to the Coldplay concert you can log on to Global Citizen India for all the details.